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Making an efficient job description can be the difference between your company retaining the best talent or having a high turnover rate. The job description must contain all relevant information for potential candidates, including a company profile and the desired skills.

When a company makes an advertisement for a product, it includes key information in the piece so that customers know that it is exactly what they need to meet their needs. When doing the job description, the reasoning must be the same.

A job description is a kind of advertisement. However, instead of a product, the company is communicating about a job. And instead of consumers, it has market professionals as its target audience.

A good job announcement can be the milestone between you being able to keep your talents or having a high turnover in your company. Continue reading this article to learn how to make a job description that will attract the right professional to you!

Why worry about the job description?

One of the peculiarities of the current market is the high turnover of professionals. Contrary to what was seen up to three decades ago, now, situations in which a person builds a career in the same company are very rare.

Professionals are looking for better wages and working conditions, but, above all, they try to feel professionally fulfilled and challenged, as well as they want growth opportunities.

This makes the competition for good professionals also very high. For this reason, your company needs to start differentiating itself when it comes to attracting talent. The job description acts exactly at that moment.

A good description of the open position will bring the most qualified professionals. In fact, that is not all: this text will also ensure that they reach your company the professionals most aligned with the organization culture and the most suitable to enrich your team.

The precision in the selection of talent will prevent that person, in the future, from feeling disappointed with the job and going in search of another one. For your company, this talent retention is extremely important, as it reduces turnover.

Losses from a high turnover

A high turnover rate – or staff turnover – is one of the biggest problems facing modern companies. Firstly, because hiring a new professional is always an investment.

In the first weeks, there are integration training, hiring charges and the person’s productivity, which will still be lower, as he is learning the service. Then, when that professional resigns or is fired, there are still termination costs.

As a result, high turnover disrupts the entire team and compromises the achievement of goals. If a job is vacant every six months and the team needs to absorb a new member, it is clear that its performance will be compromised.

Therefore, the best way to deal with this is to prevent turnover from happening. This starts with the job description, which we will present below.

How to make a good job description?

The primary objective of a good job description is to be able to attract people who have the right profile for the vacancy that your company needs to fill. That is, you need to keep in mind that your audience consists of professionals looking for work.

In addition, this text should also be a tool to optimize the process of hiring professionals. See what a good job description needs to have to achieve these goals.

A good title

The title is the first contact the candidate will have with the vacancy you are advertising. To attract the professional’s attention, this title needs to be both clear and interesting.

It is important that you put the name of the job already in the title, focusing on the role that the professional will have – you can leave the tasks for the job description later.

One tip is to think about keywords. Which terms a job search professional will use to find jobs with your profile? Use the most common and specific expressions to create the title of your job description. This will make it easier to locate the vacancy on search engines.

Job responsibilities

This is the time for you to describe in detail what will be the duties of the professional you are looking for. The tasks to be performed must be clear from the start, so that there is no frustration on either side.

If the assignments are not so clear, the potential employee may be led to believe that he or she will perform different tasks. The company may find itself with a contractor who does not have the necessary skills for what the organization needs.

Ask the help of an expert in the field. That person will be able to give an opinion if the attributions are really part of the competences of that type of professional and if they are pertinent to the open position.

Mandatory qualifications

A good job description should attract candidates who are practically perfect for the position to be filled. For this, the professional needs to know in advance what are the qualifications expected of him, if he is hired.

Make sure your job description text includes a lot of information, such as:

  • education level;
  • training area;
  • certifications or extracurricular training;
  • necessary experience;
  • foreign languages;
  • specific soft skills needed.

In the ad, be very careful not to put skills that belong to another area of ​​training. For example, if you want to hire a copywriter, you should not require that he has video editing skills.

Instead of a requirement, you can put this as a candidate differentiator. If someone has that extra knowledge, great. Otherwise, be prepared to invest in training this professional, or in hiring another specialist.

Salary range and benefits

This point is very controversial, and many companies choose to leave it out. Anyway, talking about the salary range and the benefits offered can be interpreted as a way of respecting candidates, as well as a way to optimize their search for the perfect professional.

If the salary offered by the company is well below the average desired by a certain candidate, he will not even send the CV. For him, this means not having the wear and tear involved in a possible job interview (to find out that the salary is not what he expects).

For the company, it means time gain in selection, since you will not need to interview a candidate who has a salary range as an impediment.

Company Description

According to your strategy, the company description can come at the beginning or at the end of the job description. The important thing is that this text tells the candidate why his company is a place where he would like to work.

Tell the history of the organization, the purpose, the values ​​and do not forget to highlight the market differentials.

Talk about some achievements and, mainly, describe the organizational climate. That way, the candidate will know if he wants to be part of that team, or if he doesn’t have the profile to integrate well with the team.

Bonus tip: how to do it in the text?

A job description is basically an advertisement. The “product” is the vacancy that the company needs to occupy. To win the attention of the best professionals and those who will adapt better to the culture of the organization, the text of your job description needs to be very attractive.

Invest in creating an ad that is interesting and that transpires the organizational climate. Only through this text, the candidate will be able to have an idea of ​​the type of atmosphere he can find and decide whether he wants to be part of it or not.

For that, a good Digital Marketing professional can be an excellent ally. With a refined critical vision and skills in the elaboration and revision of texts of various types, this professional will have the ability to get it right in the tone of his job description.

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