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The saying “blacksmith’s house, wooden skewer” represents the difficulty of many technology companies. Even though they create the highest quality products and services, many do not know how to do a good marketing job and attract more customers. The good news is that marketing to tech companies can be easier […]

The saying “blacksmith’s house, wooden skewer” represents the difficulty of many technology companies.

Even though they create the highest quality products and services, many do not know how to do a good marketing job and attract more customers.

The good news is that marketing to technology companies can be easier than in other segments, especially if they decide to use the agile method, which emerged in the IT sector.

In addition, the range of digital marketing options is huge. As the technology area changes quickly and needs constant innovations, it is worth looking for the options that are better supported over time.

Another option is to look for the most promising trends and strategies for the future.

In the list below, you can find it all. So, let’s go!

Discover the main marketing strategies for technology companies

Amid so many marketing strategies for technology companies, we have divided our list into 3 categories.

Between content marketing, traditional actions and digital transformation innovations, choose which strategies to follow:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most important digital marketing strategy that a company can carry out.

Thinking about modern consumer behavior, the production of relevant content is the only way to establish and maintain lasting business relationships, mainly in the technology area, which demands an intense consumption of information.

See how many strategies are involved in successful content marketing:


The corporate blog is the first marketing asset that a company needs to invest in when starting a content planning.

Through it, it is possible to educate the public deeply, create a loyal audience and win customers.

The blog will also serve as support for the other strategies on this list.

Tip: try to understand which size of content fits best with your audience and use different post formats to increase engagement.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is an excellent channel to keep the interest of blog readers alive who liked your content to the point of subscribing to the newsletter.

Many companies maintain a newsletter, but do not dedicate enough time to email marketing, for creating nutrition flows and worrying about the correct segmentation and frequency.

Tip: stay tuned to the ideal size of email marketing to increase conversion rates.

Social networks

Social networks are, as marketing channels, like digital stages for your brand.

Much of the interactions that happen with fans and followers are seen by everyone.

This represents a great opportunity to win new fans and customers who observe your good work on the networks.

It is important to maintain a specific content strategy for social networks, and not just share links in any way, even if they look interesting.

Tip: a social media management tool is essential to efficiently organize your presence on multiple networks at the same time.


The use of videos only increases, and it is not for nothing that is considered by many as the marketing of the future.

People love multimedia content, which generates great engagement and promotes sales.

There are many types of video content that you can produce.

For example:

  • screencasts;
  • webinars;
  • video classes.

Tip: don’t just have a YouTube channel. Post natively on your blog and social media to increase engagement.

Marketing automation

Through marketing automation, it is possible to manage a large number of leads with extreme precision, leading them through the sales funnel successfully and without wasting time.

There is no point in creating valuable content for each stage of the purchase journey if it is not possible to distribute it evenly across your lead base with the necessary customization.

Tip: choose a suitable automation tool, such as RD Station or HubSpot, to get the job done completely.

Inbound actions

Who said that traditional Inbound actions cannot be innovative and bring positive results to a technology company?

Thinking about it, we continue our list with some actions that have been used for some time, and deserve to continue on the scene:


Success in content marketing depends on the traffic generated, and Google has the power to drive traffic that should not be ignored by those who invest in digital marketing. So it is essential to do a good job of SEO.

Track algorithm changes, the most relevant ranking factors and ensure that your site conforms to them.

Tip: mobile has already taken over the world. Support for mobile devices is one of the most important SEO factors today and for years to come.


Face-to-face events and fairs are a little out of the digital marketing sphere, but that does not mean that they are not of great use for your brand.

Events offer the perfect environment for networking and establishing partnerships, in addition to generating leads and closing important sales.

Tip: seek to speak or present stands at events, this helps to establish authority in the market.


Conducting and disseminating research on the technology sector is certainly an effective way to establish itself as a reference in the market.

In addition to helping your persona, such research will also be important to strengthen your own marketing strategy, with insights powerful.

There are many tools available to conduct good surveys with your audience, such as Typeform and Opinion Box.

Tip: launch your searches as rich materials (ebooks, webinars, whitepapers, etc.) to generate leads with them.

Paid Media

Paid media, that is, sponsored ads on search engines and social networks, continues to evolve to generate better results for both advertisers and consumers.

The segmentation and targeting that the main ad tools offer make more people to contact your brand and even buy your products directly, with good cost-benefit.

Tip: make the most of Facebook Ads’s targeting and custom audience options to target campaigns to people who already know your brand.

Recommendation programs

A well-designed marketing project does not only consider immediate sales, but takes into account what can be done to retain customers and turn them into brand advocates.

One of the factors that motivates customers to recommend a brand to others is to receive some reward for it. Referral programs meet this requirement and can be very profitable.

How to develop a good recommendation program? First, think about what you are going to offer as a reward. It is not always the best choice to offer money.

Technology companies like Yahoo! and Dropbox offered options for upgrade of their products and got many referrals from it.

Tip: there is a variety of software aimed only at creating recommendation programs. If you want to facilitate the implementation process, it may be a good idea to research the options on the market.

Innovations in digital transformation

The digital transformation came in full swing and brought incredible innovations to the service of marketing.

Many of them are already part of the repertoire of tactics of most companies, while others still present a great field for innovation.

Learn more about them:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already a popular concept in the digital market.

Nowadays, there are products and services of all kinds based on this technology.

But what about marketing?

Among the best uses of artificial intelligence in marketing, we can highlight the possibility of predicting consumer behavior and automating customer service and presence on social networks.

Tip: machine learning is one aspect of AI that promises to revolutionize digital marketing. Pay attention to the solutions that are being developed in this regard.

Internet of Things

Digital marketing is no longer limited to interacting with potential customers through computers or common mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

With the arrival of the Internet of Things, it is possible to create networks between wearable devices, household appliances and a number of other objects.

This allows us to collect a much larger volume of information about customers, which helps to create better personas and build integrated marketing strategies that engage more completely.

Tip: if you still can’t develop solutions for the Internet of Things, educate your persona on the subject, preparing the ground for future products and services.

Virtual reality

Have you ever considered the possibility of creating marketing experiences so immersive that they are able to transport your persona anywhere on the planet – or to other planets?

Virtual reality marketing explores the senses in a completely different way than we are used to today.

Some options for applying virtual reality in marketing are cardboards, augmented reality apps and 360-degree videos.

Tip: virtual reality cannot be sustained without content. So plan what you are going to talk about and how to make good use of VR resources to get the idea across convincingly.

Marketing to tech companies is not just about choosing a series of strategies.

Although all the tactics shown here are good for generating leads and sales, be sure to carefully execute and closely monitor the results of each one.

Do you want to know more about how to apply these strategies in your company?

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