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Google Adwords is the largest CPC (cost per click) platform in the world and is today one of the most advantageous ways to advertise your product or service. The platform has different levels of complexity, this article will focus on an initial use of this channel. Adwords has different types of campaigns, […]

Google Adwords is the largest CPC (cost per click) platform in the world and is today one of the most advantageous ways to advertise your product or service. The platform has different levels of complexity, this article will focus on an initial use of this channel. Adwords has different types of campaigns, whether on the Google search network or the Display network (partner sites). In this most basic module we will focus on the campaign made for the search network.

1 – You will understand its operation

Before creating a first Adwords campaign, you need to know exactly what your ad will look like and how a CPC campaign works. Anyone who has ever done a search through Google has come across a sponsored link. They are the first results on a search page and also the ads on the side of the page.


From the image, you can see how some ads are better positioned than others. The higher up the ad is, the more clicked it will be, in addition to gaining huge credibility for being the first, or second, result on a Google page.

This positioning is decided from the CPC. The Cost Per Click is the amount the advertiser pays for each click received by your ad, so Google makes an auction scheme and the higher the CPC value offered by the advertiser, the greater your chance of getting the ad well positioned. The advertiser also makes a daily budget, which shows Google how much it is willing to invest per day. When your ad reaches the number of clicks that exceeds your budget, Google stops generating impressions for that ad.

It is not just this criterion used by Google when evaluating the placement of ads. In addition, Google evaluates the quality index, which is determined by its clickthrough rate (CTR), the keyword’s performance, the relevance of the content, among other factors.

2 – Create your account

Creating an account with Adwords is easy and Google offers a simple and self-explanatory interface. Creating the account is the first step in creating your campaigns and ads. It is through it that you will manage the entire process and monitor the results. Having an account to advertise through Google will bring huge benefits to your product or service. CPC ads target and bring a less dispersed audience to the site, in addition to bringing short-term results.

Through your account you will also enjoy several benefits to follow the campaign. It is possible to do demand tests to see if the investment is paying off and also conversion tests, which will be very useful in future content and SEO productions (organic search results). The ads also allow scalability and if the ads are giving a positive return, they can be expanded. Good account management is essential to get the best out of Adwords.


3 – You will not put the cart in front of the oxen

While the results may be short-term, it is vitally important to be aware that you should start out calm. It is a common mistake to believe that Adwords will be the solution to the problems and, right away, to enter with a large initial budget and several keywords. The most important thing in this first moment is learning, starting with a limited budget and gradually realizing what works and what doesn’t. Google provides tools for you to track the results of your campaigns, so over time, through the results you will better understand how your campaign works, what you should avoid and how you can reach your audience more efficiently.

4 – You will choose what will be offered

It may seem like a simple commandment, but it is of fundamental importance to choose well what will be offered and its purpose with this offer. Choose what you want to advertise on your website, a product or service, a free tool or rich content, like an ebook, for example. And be aware of what you aim to achieve with the ad, the audience you intend to reach and especially the relevance of what is being announced.

5 – You will choose your keywords wisely

Every search made on Google consists of keywords and for your ad to give the desired results it is essential to know how to choose the keywords. It is through them that the public will reach your ad and mainly target it. It is very important not to be too generic, for example, if your goal is to advertise an ebook on Content Marketing, you should avoid the word “Content Marketing” and focus more on the offer, be specific. For example “what is content marketing” or “how to do content marketing”. That way you avoid clicks that will not return and do not waste part of your budget.

Through your account you can also monitor how your keywords are being used, following the number of times it has been searched for, the number of impressions of your ad (number of times it appears in the search results) and the number of clicks he has received.

6 – You will create groups of similar keywords


From your Adwords account, you can create different campaigns. Each campaign will advertise a product or service for your company. In the case of the example used earlier, an ebook on content marketing. Each should be divided into different ad groups according to the keywords. Different types of keywords will generate different results and from them you can compare the to see the way that your product is being more efficient advertising.

  • Group 1 – What is content marketing, how to do content marketing
  • Group 2 – Guide to content marketing

In the campaigns tab you will have the option to create new ad groups and compare them to understand which type is best to use and invest more in that type. As dictated earlier, the most important is the process of constant learning and studying the results is essential to create better and better campaigns.


7 – You will create an attractive title

Your product or service may be excellent, but Google will only position you well, and the public will only click on it, if your headline is convincing. Your title needs to show the customer why he should click on yours and not others available and needs to incite him in some way, pique his interest. There are some smart ways to pique people’s interest, for example:

  • Call the public – direct headlines that target you to the type of person you need. “Management for the marketer”
  • Make promises – how your product or service can be a great differentiator for the person. “Improve your writing with these tips”
  • Arouse curiosity – Nothing better than making the public curious with an answer. “Secret to losing weight”
  • Touch the wound – show the customer a problem they may have, showing that you have the solution. “Problems getting clients?”
  • Offer new information – advise the public that seeks to find information and advice on certain subjects on the internet. “How to choose a used car”, “The best ways to create an ad”.

8 – You will structure your ad well

The ads that are displayed on the organic search pages are quite simple and need to be very objective and direct. The ad consists of a headline, two description phrases and two URLs, the destination and the display.


The title is also the destination URL, which will take the customer to where your product is located. The display URL need not necessarily be the address where the person who clicked will go, but it is a fictitious URL. It is advisable to use a short address that demonstrates what the user will see when clicking on the ad.

Lines of text should demonstrate in a few characters what you have to offer with what is being advertised. You must then demonstrate the benefits concisely and clearly, describe the functionality of the service. Showing in a proposition or something different in your product is also important, as is using a status indicator to it. Another interesting way to occupy one of the description lines is also to use a call to the public, inviting them to try your service.

9 – You will not disrespect Google

In order for your ad to get impressions on the organic search page, you need to respect some Google rules when creating it. Breaking any of these rules can compromise everything you’ve done correctly before, and Google may not show your ad, so be careful not to make one of these mistakes.

  • Do not use spacing and incorrect punctuation – “M-E-L-H-O-R-E-S-P-R-E-Ç-O-S”
  • Do not use extra punctuation and do not use symbols – “Tips D +”
  • Inappropriate language and misspellings will also prevent Google from placing your ad – Example here, it is not necessary.
  • Do not use repetitions – “Download, download, download our new ebook”
  • There are phrases that are prohibited from being used by Google – “Click here”, “access our website”.
  • Do not use superlatives and comparatives in the ad, unless it can be verified on the page, such as having already received an award – “The best supplement in the world”

10 – You will create a concise landing page

One of the most serious mistakes when creating an Adwords ad is not having a landing page for it. Langing page is the page that your destination URL will take the customer to when they click on your link. It must be about the product offered and of simple access, making the customer looking for where to download the ebook or how he is going to buy the product, it can lead him to withdraw. The product and its description must be displayed on it, it must be simple and easy to navigate so that the customer can fulfill his desire quickly.


One point to note is: NEVER use your home page as the destination URL. The customer will be lost and will have to search your website for the product and will be forced to have extra work that was not in their plans. If this leads you to withdraw, you will have paid, even so for that person’s click. This makes the landing page one of the most important phases of your ad, after all it should make the customer buy your product after you have already paid for that click. This is the worst time for a withdrawal, and it can compromise your daily budget and, consequently, your campaign.

Is that you? What did you think of the commandments? Already using Adwords? Share your experience and share your results in the comments below. If you also want to know more about the tool, download now our free ebook on the topic!

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