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There are multiple types of hosting for websites. Find the one that best fits yours in our list of the 10 best website hosting in London.

Having a website on the internet is essential to the relevance of any company. However, putting a page on the air without headaches requires hiring the best website hosting.

Also called a host, this service is in charge of storing your pages and data so that your users can browse quickly and safely. The effectiveness of all this depends on the quality of the service contracted.

That is, choosing the best website hosting service is fundamental to your success. Therefore, it is worthwhile to turn your attention to the ranking of the best options that currently exist and choose the one that makes the most sense for your needs.

In order to keep you well informed on the subject, we will show below how hosting works, what are the essential resources, tips for making the right choice and the 10 best options in London. Follow us and enjoy reading!

How does website hosting work?

A website hosting service works by offering a “home” for your website and your pages to “live in”, being available for visitors to access at any time of the day.

This solution works by storing the files that make up your pages on a remote server, controlled by the hosting company you hired.

By having higher quality services, you can enjoy better performance when loading pages, more facilities at your disposal to scale your demand and access to growth strategies.

In addition, it is important to note that there are multiple types of website hosting. When looking for the service that best fits your needs, you need to keep an eye on the different solutions available in this area.

Here are the main types of website hosting to help you make your decision:

  • shared hosting: is the most used type of hosting, and consists of a server shared between several different sites, bringing excellent cost-benefit;
  • virtual private server (VPS): it is a hosting that mimics a dedicated server, but it is still shared. It is usually recommended for e-commerce or for those who need a dedicated environment with full customization;
  • cloud hosting: with the offer of high reliability and availability, it is more suitable for those with advanced knowledge to deal with the administration of this structure;
  • dedicated server: it is a type of private hosting, more expensive and that brings better performance and customization possibilities, generally indicated for large companies with high traffic expectations.

What are the essential features for hosting?

Different hosting services offer different possibilities in terms of resources. Knowing the importance of each one of them is essential for you to choose the best option for what your website and your company need.

Here are the features you should look at when choosing website hosting.


It is the disk space you have available for your pages and files. There are hosting services that offer unlimited space and others that establish this limit between 50 GB and values ​​above 100 GB.

A website with a lot of content needs more space, so be careful not to underestimate your needs in this regard.

Bandwidth or traffic

Traffic capacity or bandwidth refers to how much the server can handle access to the hosted files.

That is, if you expect to receive a large number of visitors, your contracted server needs to be able to handle it. A hosting service with unlimited traffic is the best choice in this regard.

Number of domains

Having multiple domains on your website can be strategic for your goals, so keep an eye on this criterion when analyzing possible website hosting services.

After all, it is much more convenient to centralize all your domain control in a single interface.

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Email accounts

Having your own website also involves using an email address with your brand. When hiring a website hosting service, keep an eye on the number of email accounts it offers.

So you can have one for yourself and make more available to the rest of your team.

Technical support

If something goes wrong with the operation of your website, you need to have a service team available to help.

Quality technical support, preferably, that works 24 hours a day, is essential for these moments and should be a criterion considered by you.

How to find the best website hosting?

Even with the analysis of the features that each hosting service offers, it is necessary to be cautious when choosing the best option for your company.

As in any other supplier selection process, you need to turn your attention to some very important aspects.

Here are some tips for finding the best website hosting for your company.

See company reputation

You can learn a lot about a company’s quality by assessing its reputation online. Search for reviews on hosting services considered on sites like Reclame Aqui to check what customers are saying about each possibility.

Check server stability

If your website is always down, it is impossible to succeed with it. That is why you should turn your attention to the stability of the servers when choosing your hosting service. Also called uptime, it should not be below 99.9%.

Assess server speed

A slow website will also struggle to achieve its goals and satisfy its users. Talk to a representative of the hosting service considered and find out more about the performance of the servers in terms of speed.

Learn more about data security

The data integrity of your company and its users needs to be guaranteed. When considering different hosting services, find out what resources and initiatives they have in favor of maintaining the security of your website.

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The 10 best website hosting in London

The time has come to know the main hosting possibilities you can hire. See the features and advantages of each one below!

1. WAU Stage

WAU Stage is a platform for hosting and managing blogs, totally focused on WordPress.

Usually, marketers have strategic knowledge, but depend on technical support to make changes to their blog or website, directly reflecting on lost opportunities and negatively impacting the results.

What WAU Stage offers is the support these professionals need, whether to create new sites or blogs in WordPress, or to improve an existing one.

2. Hostgator

With great cost-benefit, quality support, free domain offer and absence of fines or loyalty, Hostgator stands out in the ranking as the best website hosting option in London.

With servers in London and the USA, Hostgator supports shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, in addition to having a structure dedicated to WordPress.

You can choose from three different plans to have more storage space and unlimited domains. They all have unlimited bandwidth, free email accounts and an SSL certificate.

3. Locaweb

A well-known name in the London hosting market, Locaweb was a pioneer in the service in the country, with a structure capable of rivaling great foreign names.

Those who choose Locaweb have access to technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via phone and chat. In addition, you have a satisfaction guarantee or your money back within 7 days of use.

One of Locaweb’s highlights is that all plans have unlimited storage, bandwidth and database. The service brings shared, cloud and dedicated hosting.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has one of the best cost-benefits on the list and ranks among the web hosting companies with the highest uptime rate in the world. In other words, when working with GoDaddy, your website is unlikely to be down.

The service offers a free domain and a very intuitive panel to access its functions if you upgrade to add the features you need.

Another highlight of GoDaddy is the unlimited bandwidth for data stored in the service. By subscribing to the most advanced plans, you can count on more space, multiple sites and more processing power and memory.

5. UOL Host

Another London company, UOL Host has the differential of having one of the best data centers in London, which is decisive for the reliability and performance of its website.

UOL Host’s main differential is that it offers resource isolation, which prevents a malicious website from harming others that are hosted on the same service. You can take advantage of a shared structure without taking risks.

Finally, UOL Host’s service has so much quality that it has even won a prize: it was among the top 5 in London according to Reclame Aqui. That is, if you need to, you can count on the effectiveness of UOL Host’s service team.

6. Hostinger

Hostinger promises a fast and efficient hosting on plans suitable to any size budget and project. The sites hosted by Hostinger have a free domain and SSL certificate. In addition, it is possible to test the service for 30 days and, if you are not satisfied, get your money back.

One of the highlights of the service is Hostinger’s website creator. Easy and intuitive to use, it allows even those without knowledge of web design to create their own website.

7. KingHost

By investing more and more in innovative and current technologies, KingHost is often considered the best website hosting for the most advanced developers and most demanding customers.

Among its technological possibilities are the Varnish website accelerator, the issue of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and plans that have 2 to 4 times more processing power. With KingHost, your website will be able to enjoy a superior performance and will have contact with the most modern and innovative in the segment.

8. Hostnet

With configuration based on cloud computing, Hostnet is another national option with servers in London that promises access to free domains for subscribers.

Among the possibilities of Hostnet’s plans are the optimization of mobile pages, free SSL certificate, ready-made templates and website editor.

Another valuable feature of Hostnet is the automatic migration of free websites, allowing you to professionalize your online presence without losing your digital assets.

9. Hostmedia

Hostmídia has a good selection of resources available at attractive prices. Without paying too much, you can take advantage of unlimited storage and bandwidth, automatic installer and resource isolation.

It is also important to highlight the 24-hour online technical support and 99.9% uptime, which are essential for your website to be always working well.

10. RedeHost

RedeHost brings an intuitive and practical control panel, bringing together its main features with a unified login and advanced tools. If you miss a feature, just use the application installer.

A differential of RedeHost is the connection with the email marketing platform Mailee, allowing you to make free shipments in your company, combining your website hosting structure and lead capture.

Hiring the best website hosting is something that depends a lot on your understanding of your needs. There are companies of different types and with countless possibilities, it is up to you to select the options capable of adding value to your website and your business. Take advantage of the information in this post to make the right decision!

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