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How much to invest in Google Adwords to generate good results for your business? This is a question that ranges from micro companies to multinationals, after all, everything depends on a series of factors that, when combined, put your ads in evidence. One of those factors is the keywords chosen, of course. To succeed with links […]

How much to invest in Google Adwords to generate good results for your business? This is a question that ranges from micro companies to multinationals, after all, everything depends on a series of factors that, when combined, put your ads in evidence.

One of those factors is the keywords chosen, of course. To be successful with sponsored links you must know how people search about your company, your products and services. You should know the terms that are used, the relevance of the keywords chosen to your potential customer and the minimum bid to be able to compete with the competition.

And this bidding thing, huh? For most keywords, it’s around $ 1 or $ 2. But for some, it can reach more than 50 dollars. All of this because of the competition.

That’s why you can’t say for sure how much you should invest in Google Adwords, but you can tell with every letter which keywords cost the most, and thus help you determine a sponsored link strategy that fits your budget. .

Ready to see the list of the 10 most expensive keywords on Google Adwords? These terms are in English and the values ​​in dollars, based on this research.

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1. Insurance

This is by far the most expensive keyword in Google Adwords.

It appears linked to long-tail keywords like “auto insurance”, “home insurance”, “life insurance”, “dpvat insurance” and “unemployment insurance”, among many others.

Corresponding to 24% of searches done on Google, the keyword “insurance” can cost up to 70 dollars a click, that is, much more than the usual 1 or 2 dollars that we are used to paying for our sponsored links campaigns .

2. Financing

The second most expensive keyword in Google Adwords is financing.

Whether residential, automobile or student, the financing is present in 12.8% of searches on Google and makes companies in the financial sector pay up to $ 44.28 for each click of Internet users. And you, have you done a search for funding on Google? Did you click on a sponsored link to help move all that money?

3. Mortgage

Once again, keywords catching people’s and companies’ pockets! Mortgage is the third most expensive keyword in Google Adwords, corresponding to 9% of searches. The value of PPC? No less than $ 47.12. Who else makes mortgage ads? Banks, of course!

4. Attorney

With insurance, financing and mortgage topping the list of the most expensive keywords in Google Adwords, you will certainly want a solicitor to handle all of this, right?

And prosecutors even invest in digital marketing! The cost per click for this keyword is $ 47.07 and the search volume is 3.6%, that is, quite significant for a platform that receives billions of visits monthly.

5. Credit

And to pay for all this? Credit! Bank credit, payroll credit, credit card, personal credit, corporate credit, are just some of the expressions that contain this word that costs a measly $ 36.06 per click. Do you need credit to continue reading? We hope not!

6. Lawyer

With so many debts in the way, it may be necessary to seek a lawyer, and they know it. That is why “lawyer” is the sixth most searched keyword on Google and requires a payment of $ 42.51 per click from a potential client.

7. Donation

The seventh place on our list is the keyword “donation”. To have a very visible donation announcement, you need to invest $ 42.02. Is it worth it to invest so much to convince people to donate something to you? Only with careful results analysis will you know!

8. Graduation

Increased competitiveness among educational institutions has also put them on the spot. To see their sponsored links being displayed to the public, they need to invest $ 40.61 per click, a sum that generates many doubts when investing.

9. Accommodation

If education is expensive, leisure is even more so. If you have a hotel, an inn, a summer house to rent and want to advertise on Google Adwords, you will have to pay $ 31.91 per click. The way is to convince the customer to stay a few more days to compensate for the investment that brought them to you.

10. Complaint

When business is not good, it is not good, and you need to act quickly to avoid further damage. So “complaint” is the tenth keyword on our list and having an ad with that word means two things: that you care about serving your customers and that you are willing to invest a good sum to remedy your mistakes.

Ok, but why are these keywords the most expensive on Google Adwords?

If you review our list, you will notice that most keywords are linked to finance services, such as mortgage, credit, insurance and financing. These services have high added value for customers, which justifies the investment to attract potential customers. In addition, these services have a long lifetime value, that is, the customer spends a lot of time relating to the company, generating a much higher return on investment.

Imagine you own an auto insurance broker. For each client captured, you generate, at least, a 12-month contract, which can be renewed annually. The investment made in the Google Adwords ad pays for itself in the first installment of insurance, guaranteeing another 11 months of profit.

In the educational field it is the same. As much as the investment in Google Adwords seems high, for each enrollment made you guarantee, on average, 4 years of tuition. Compensating, isn’t it?

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How to get away from the most expensive Google Adwords keywords

Is the budget tight to invest that much?

Try to focus your sponsored link strategy on long-tail keywords, that is, compound ones. In addition to optimizing your strategy to reach a more qualified audience, you can significantly reduce the costs of your campaigns.

Also, don’t forget to think about the relevance of your ad for those who are searching on the internet, after all, Google is betting more and more on the context of searches rather than on the keywords themselves.

Did you enjoy knowing the 10 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords? Did you think that a CPC could reach such a high value? Comment with us!

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