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The film The Hunger, made me reflect for a long time how some processes, mindset and attitudes can be great differentials for a successful company. And, mainly, for a company to differentiate itself and get ahead of its competitors. And the lessons that this film brings are worth so much to owners […]

The film The Hunger, made me reflect for a long time how some processes, mindset and attitudes can be great differentials for a successful company.

And, mainly, for a company to differentiate itself and get ahead of its competitors.

And the lessons that this film brings are valid for both bistro owners and startup CEOs, or even for those who had a great idea, but are afraid of what is to come.

In this post we will see the beginning of the history of Mc Donald´s great empire and how it all started.

How my reflection started

At the beginning of my long and conflicting reflection (I confess that the film stuck like gum in my head), I have to admit that I was really mad at Ray Kroc (the creator of the Mc Donald´s franchise network). After all, he had some questionable attitudes.

But let’s focus on the good part and how he managed to turn Mc Donald´s into the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain in the world and how we can draw valuable lessons from all of history.

I’m sure that at the very least, you’ll be hungry after finishing this post!

I can already tell you, it wasn’t the best hamburger, the best milkshake or the best fries in the world that they managed to open more than 35 thousand points of sale in 119 countries.

The beginning of the empire

When Kroc first visited the Mc Donald´s restaurant in San Bernardino, California, he was in for a big surprise.

The restaurant had nothing to do with what he had seen so far on his travels around the U.S. as a salesman.

What was common in most drive-ins consisted of too many options on the menu, waitresses skating everywhere and delivering customers’ meals in their own cars. But what most characterized traditional snack bars was the delay in delivering the order and even the wrong delivery.

Nothing more boring than being hungry, waiting a long time to receive your order and still getting it wrong, right?

The great differentials of Mc Donald´s until then

What they were offering was quite different than usual. In fact, the business model was new for practically everyone who didn’t live in the city of San Bernardino.

The menu was lean, with few options, the service worked on the self-service model and, what most enchanted Kroc, an assembly line system called Speedee (which is currently still used in the vast majority of fast foods), with all very well defined processes.

Each employee knew exactly what to do and when to do it to deliver customer snacks as quickly as possible.

The founder

Source: Eventfinda

And, obviously, without losing flavor and quality, which were essential for the success of the business and for the brothers Dick and Mac.

It was like a machine. All positioned in their proper places, placing two slices of pickles on each hamburger, two jets of ketchup, two jets of mustard, the potatoes being fried over time.

The stone in the Kroc’s path

Kroc immediately imagined dozens, hundreds, thousands of these small restaurants across the country, in a franchise model.

However, the Mc Donald´s brothers did not have the same business vision as Kroc, who had to use some aggressive attitudes, to get what he wanted and create a billionaire empire.

But what can this whole story help in the growth of your company and help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Well, this is what I’m going to show you now!

11 valuable lessons from the movie Hunger for Power

1. Solve your customers’ problems

It is not just because something has always been done in the past that it cannot change or improve.

The Mc Donald´s brothers changed the way they serve hamburgers in the world and created a totally different concept with something that had been done for many years.

Innovative people refuse to think the same way. So always keep an eye out for market innovations that can benefit both your company and your customer.

And say no to the status quo!

2. Know very well what your differential

There were lots of snack bars in the USA, and the common point among them was what most bothered customers: the delay in delivering their orders.

It was exactly at this point that Mc Donald´s created his main differential at that time and solved a problem that its customers had and became a reference.

Find your differential, always focused on how you can improve your client’s day to day.

3. Processes, processes and more processes

The Mc Donalds brothers, Dick and Mac, created a process that revolutionized the segment, based on the concept of Henry Ford for the production of cars.

It was in this way that they were able to deliver their customers’ snacks quickly and with quality.

Without processes, we are unable to scale or deliver quality services to all customers, which can lead to dissatisfaction and cancellation of contracts.

4. Be competitive

Always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Spend time and effort thinking about your next innovation, how you can bring more results to your customers and differentiate yourself. Kroc brought several news for Mc Donald´s even after all the success he had already achieved.

5. If it didn’t work, go ahead!

Before Kroc managed to manage the entire Mc Donald´s network, he went through several frustrations when he was unable to approve his ideas with the brothers. But he found a bigger solution to get what he wanted.

Don’t let a frustration discourage you or make you give up on your dream.

The most successful people I know have gone through several failures. Ball forward because even better ideas will come!

6. Have a committed team at your side

Dick and Mac had major problems when they tried to open other cafeterias, as people did not follow the recommendations they passed and changed all the processes defined by them, which was the big catch and the competitive advantage of the business.

Have people on your team that you can trust and train everyone so that they can understand the ultimate goal of your work, which is the macro goal of your business.

It is important that your team also shares the same values ​​as your company so that there is harmony between everyone.

A united team always increases the chances of hit goals

7. Be persistent …

Kroc started his journey at Mc Donald’s at the age of 52. In the first 8 years of the business he did not take a dime from his work with the franchises: on the contrary, he invested everything he had and what he did not have in his dream.

Be persistent. Nobody ever said it would be easy! Good results require time, persistence and discipline.

8.… and curious

Kroc met the Mc Donald’s brothers thanks to an order they made for 6 milkshake machines from the company he was a salesman for.

He was curious about such a large order, as this was not normal among his customers, and then he went to see the diner that was hundreds of kilometers from where he lived.

Hunger for power

Source: Den of Geek

He could just celebrate the request and get on with life, but your curiosity changed your life.

Be curious about your client’s challenges and goals. Show that you are really concerned about your pain and that you want to continually improve your offer.

9. Always test

We can see how Kroc makes several tests during the film to arrive at a final decision.

That is: plan, execute and measure results. Make changes to your strategy, run again and measure. This is a cycle that should never end in a company.

10. Leave laziness aside

Unlike the brothers Mac and Dick, who were always sitting in their chair at Mc Donald’s office, Kroc was always on the street, visiting partners, suppliers and franchisees.

Thus, he experienced very closely all the problems of his business. And it was from that that came several of the great ideas he had.

That was how he had his greatest insight: the understanding that he was not simply selling hamburgers, but it was in the real estate business world.

This was his great insight, which enabled him to create another company that bought the land on which all Mc Donald’s cafeterias were located.

11. It’s never too late to start

Hunger for Power

Source: Newsweek

Your age is not a limiter so you can start from scratch and make it a huge success.

As I said earlier, Kroc started his journey with the 52-year-old Mc Donald’s franchises! And there are several examples like his out there.

Kroc was a frustrated salesman who could have focused on just retiring on a median salary. But when faced with a unique opportunity, he didn’t think he was too old to start all over again.

He rolled up his sleeves and went after what he really wanted.

There is no right date to have an idea and execute it hungry for power.

Now that you know some of the most important lessons the movie Hunger for Power can bring to your business, just put it into practice! Some of them can take time, but they are certainly worth it!

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