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YouTube is the world’s leading video platform and competition for attention is fierce on the platform. Despite this, it is possible to increase views with simple hacks. That’s what you will learn in this article!

If you have a YouTube channel, one of the priorities in your strategy should be to increase views – and with good reason.

Video views are the equivalent of the traffic generated by blog posts and both are critical to generating brand awareness and, of course, conversions.

It is no secret that videos continue to increase in popularity and are among the main ways of doing Digital Marketing. But the question still remains: how to increase views on YouTube?

One thing is certain: if it were easy, everyone would do it. But with the tips you’ll see now, your work will be much more complete and your chances of pumping your channel will increase significantly.

Get ready and check out the 15 practical hacks that we are going to show you to make your videos better known and effective for your strategy!

1. Choose “LAVA” colors for Thumbnails

How much time do you spend preparing thumbnails for your videos? If you think this small presentation image is not important, you are wrong.

YouTube has already revealed, through the Creator Academy, that the thumb is a critical factor in attracting users to click on a video.

In fact, they are so important that 9 out of 10 of the most viewed videos on the network have personalized thumbnails!

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. After all, YouTube is a visual platform, so people will use any visual “tip” as a resource to decide what to watch (or not).

But how to create thumbnails that stand out? There are 4 good options, which we can call “LAVA” colors:

  • orange;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • yellow;

But why these colors? As the site is white, black and red, thumbnails in any of these colors could make your video “invisible”. Using one of the “LAVA” colors, which have contrast, tends to work better.

youtube thumbnail

2. Use an optimized template to describe your videos

According to YouTube itself, video descriptions allow the site to find out what your videos are about.

In other words, if you look carefully at the description, your chances of reaching the right audience and increasing views on YouTube are greater. But how to do that?

There is an optimized model that you can use. The following is:

  • strong introduction: 2 to 3 sentences. If possible, include your main keyword in the first sentences;
  • Detailed Description: Do not put lists of keywords as if they were tags. Just describe the video naturally in 150 words (or more);
  • relevant links: Links to your website or social networks help increase engagement and build relationships even outside the platform. If possible, give priority to the link to your email list.

Yes, it’s that simple. This description template will help engage your viewers and make it easier for YouTube to rank your videos.

video description

3. Create headlines that have a real impact on visitors

Like thumbnails and descriptions, good headlines are essential to impact your audience. Still doubt? So, see this quote taken from the YouTube manual for content creators, in full:

“Well-written titles can make the difference between watching and sharing your video or just going through it.”

And how to create incredible titles? Here are some tips that seem meaningless, but have been proven by studies:

Despite this, never fail to do your own tests and see what works for your audience. This is the best way to find out what will be successful in your case.

video title

4. Differentiate your playlists with a simple trick

If you have multiple playlists, there is a very simple trick to make them get more attention from those who visit your channel page.

The only thing you need to do is switch playlist layouts. For example, if one of them is in the list format (vertical), put the next playlist in a carousel format (horizontal).

playlist on youtube

Why does it matter? The simple creation of a greater visual contrast, the playlists will draw more attention.

Extra tip: If you want, you can also change the color of the thumbnail according to the playlist.

different thumbs in different playlists

5. Hack your competitors to gain traffic from them

I know you want to gain some of the traffic that your competitors are struggling to get and, honestly, there is nothing wrong with that.

YouTube itself gives you a hint on how to do this. But do you know what the secret is to “hack” your competitors’ views?

Nothing but using the same tags that they use in their videos. The platform usually uses tags as a criterion when showing the suggested videos.

If you don’t remember what it is, these are the videos that YouTube recommends that users watch next to what they are currently watching.

But is it worth it? Brian Dean’s channel, one of the world’s top SEO experts, has 38.2% of the traffic coming from suggested videos, against 34.8% from searches.

That is, not only is it worthwhile, can bring more views than searches within the platform.

6. Follow a basic structure when applying your tags

From the previous tip, you already realized how important tags are in your ability to increase views on YouTube – but it doesn’t stop there.

When analyzing 1.3 million videos in the search for the relationship between the tag structure and search rankings, the Backlinko blog observed something interesting: there is a structure to apply your tags that will make you even more successful.

The basic structure is:

  • primary keyword: the first or second tag must be your primary keyword for the video;
  • variations: Next, you include some variations of the main keyword, which can also be used to search for the theme;
  • category: Finally, apply some tags that show YouTube which general category your video fits into.

7. Use cards to transfer views between videos

This is a very good trick to use in old videos, in which your engagement has not been maintained until the end or the quality of the content has fallen short.

Analyze the exact moment when people usually leave the video. Then, include a card with the suggestion of another video a second or two before they click to leave.

Ready. Instead of looking for something else, they will see another video of you, but this time, a more interesting video and that you have already managed to prove the retention.

8. Taste your own poison

What is your biggest desire for a video as soon as it airs? You probably want the audience to be very engaged by commenting, liking and sharing what they saw.

But for that to happen, you are the first to have to engage and the best way to do that is for sharing each new video across all channels possible and relevant.

That includes:

  • social networks: it is worth publishing short clips (teasers) both in the feed and in groups in which you participate in the main social networks;
  • forums: Quora is a qualified traffic channel that can be useful;
  • e-mail list: if you already have an email list, you need to share new productions with your subscribers.

When it comes to promoting videos on social networks, don’t limit yourself to organic publications. Advertise to reach a wider audience and accelerate your growth.

9. Promote your videos on your blog

There are several ways to share your videos on your blog and there are good reasons to do so.

The first way is by include videos in relevant blog articles on similar topics. This can make readers feel compelled to subscribe to your channel.

promote videos on the blog is a hack to increase views on Youtube

You can also create a exclusive page with all your videos or separate pages for each playlist. What really matters is that you set up a cycle, in which you use YouTube to promote the blog and vice versa.

10. Get your videos promoted on the YouTube homepage

What would you think about having your videos promoted on the front page of the platform? In addition to being perfectly possible, know that you don’t have to pay for that to happen.

Remember that the YouTube homepage is customized to what each user usually watches (of course we are talking about people with an active login).

So, all you need to appear on the home page is promote new videos as much as possible in the first 48 hours. Only that? It seems little, but it is not.

The platform favors new and popular videos to appear on the home page. So this tip is only possible if you have already followed the others and managed to make a new video stand out.

11. Rank your videos on the Google search page

You may have read that videos are the future of marketing and one of the consequences of this is that Google searches are increasingly focusing on content of this format.

Therefore, you can’t even think of leaving the search engine out of your traffic acquisition strategy.

But do you need to rank first on YouTube to be featured on Google? A study by Perficient Digital showed that it did not.

In fact, 55.2% of the videos that rank first on Google do not have the same position in the YouTube ranking. So, what to do to win the top positions in the search engine?

First, say your keyword out loud, if possible, more than once in the video.

After, upload a transcript of the video to YouTube, so that Google understands all of your content (and your keyword).

12. Create engagement the easiest way out there

Instead of thinking of miraculous ways to increase your engagement, how about starting with the easiest way to get likes and comments?

There is no more practical and faster solution than asking viewers to interact with your videos. Explain why their interactions are important. This can be more than enough to make them feel motivated to participate.

If you think this is not enough, take a look at YouTube’s top content producers. See how they ask people all the time to subscribe to the channel and interact with the content.

engaging subscribers on youtube is a hack to increase views on youtube

13. Place viewing hooks at the end of the videos

If you are successful, you will get a lot of people who click on the video to get to the end of it. But is that all? What to do so that the person continues to consume your content?

One of the best alternatives is to put hooks for other videos at the end of each production. YouTube has cards that serve this purpose.

The secret is to include content that makes sense and is related to what the person has just seen.

hooks on videos are a hack to increase views on Youtube

14. Don’t ignore the “Community” tab

The “Community” tab is a channel offered by YouTube for you to interact with your subscribers in a more direct and personal way.

Use this space to create polls, promote short clips of content that you’ll still post, and, in general, feel what your subscribers want to see.

The more active you are, the more relevant information you’ll be able to gather to produce content that people want to see. And no hack can replace a good relationship with your audience.

15. Partner with other content producers

Last but not least, partnering with other producers is an inexpensive and simple way to spread your content to a new audience and promote your content intelligently.

Use the same principles as blog co-marketing and partner with someone who has a persona similar to yours.

YouTube is the world’s leading video platform for one reason: the company does a great job of balancing the needs of content producers and consumers. With these sure hacks, you’re ready to increase views on YouTube and get your channel off the ground.

Now that you know the hacks to increase views, you need to learn how to use that traffic in a larger marketing strategy. Download our marketing eBook on YouTube now and learn!

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