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We have separated a list of the best Online Course Platforms we know. You don’t want to be out of date, right? Check out!

When we are trying to improve our knowledge on any subject, it is possible to find a huge variety of platforms that offer online courses in the most diverse areas, including Digital Marketing.

The idea of ​​today’s post is to organize some of these platforms, to help you when deciding which one best fits what you are looking for, facilitating your decision making.

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Here we go?

The online course platforms we recommend

1. Udemy

With an amazing speed of growth, adding an average of 800 new courses per month, Udemy is a very popular online course platform.

With an average price that can range from $ 10 to $ 500, one of its main advantages is a very broad and diversified portfolio:

It is possible to learn from basic HTML programming, to languages ​​like English, German and Arabic.

Its business model allows anyone to create courses and make them available on the platform, something like a C2C model, so to speak.

They offer tools for you to become an instructor, and part of the profit from the sale of the course goes to the Udemy people.

Do not be alarmed by the high number of course options, as it is possible to read their evaluation by alumni. Thus, the chances of you making a better decision are greater.

The platform has courses in our language, and subtitles for those in a foreign language.

2. Coursera

Perhaps the largest and most well-known distance learning platform, Coursera has a strategy of seeking partnerships with leading universities in the United States and the world, such as Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and the like, to offer courses in different areas of education.

Some time ago, they added the option of “specializations”: A set of courses – usually 10 – of a given subject, which takes you to a certificate from that institution.

One of Coursera’s differentials is its accessibility: Most of its courses are cheap or even free.

Only the official certificate at the end of the course, which usually has a higher cost, since we are talking about some of the main universities on the planet in most cases.

3. WAU University

UWAU is a complete platform with digital marketing courses. The certifications were designed to train and transform the student into a complete marketing professional.

The courses available are:

Other certifications will be made available, increasingly enriching the University and training professionals.

It will undoubtedly be the most complete place to train as a marketing professional. To learn more about WAU University, speak to one of our consultants!

4. Ciatech

Ciatech is a great reference in the corporate education market. They feature modern educational methodologies and use of cutting edge technologies for digital teaching.

The team is committed to preparing professional thinkers and prepared to work in complex environments, proactive and prepared to solve problems.

Ciatech already offers its business education services to the largest London companies, highly regarded. They develop customized solutions for each client, from educational consultancy and the LMS platform to the content and governance of the project.

5. UOL Eduation

UOL Education is much more than just a platform for courses. It is a real portal with everything you need to know about education, entrance exams, opportunities, etc.

However, the part of online courses is very rich. A huge variety to generate the growth of visitors in different areas. The main ones are:

TV Courses – updated channel with daily classes on the most diverse topics

English course – rich and interactive English course, divided into basic and intermediate

Own Business – school aimed at helping entrepreneurs achieve success with their businesses

6. Education Portal

Portal Educação is also part of the UOL Educação group, but it is so traditional that it deserved its own place on the list.

More than 16 years have been focused on changing people’s lives through online education. The company trains people prepared for different areas of knowledge. There are more than 1,500 courses in different areas such as:

  • Administration and management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Education and Sports
  • Psychology
  • Right
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Among many other options

Here you can see a list of the main awards that the Education Portal has already received.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a platform that offers online courses with greater focus on formal education subjects such as mathematics, biology and algebra.

It is the favorite platform among parents who work traveling and want to maintain quality education for their children.

All of its courses are free, as Khan Academy’s mission is to expand the reach of education for all audiences.

As a methodology, there is a mix between text and video content, covering from fundamental skills to more complex and innovative topics, such as:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • economy
  • History
  • Basic programming
  • Humanities
  • And much more.

In London, the Lemann Foundation, by billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann, responsible for one of the essential motivational lectures for marketers, helps the platform with financial resources and localizing all its disciplines to our language.

Around the world, the platform has strong partners such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google, in addition to having a donation system from the users themselves in order to maintain themselves.

8. Code Academy

As its name suggests, Code Academy is a platform with a focus on transmitting theoretical and practical knowledge of programming and software development.

In addition, while many platforms preach that students can learn in their own time, Code Academy puts them on a faster-paced axis, with multiple support communities, experienced mentors, and a point system that resembles gamification, to facilitate the assimilation and memorization of the content by the student.

The idea is to elaborate a programming project and execute it from beginning to end, along with the tools and resources that the platform offers.

The programming languages ​​available are diverse, such as:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript

The platform offers free plans and one paid, for $ 19.90 per month. In the paid plan you have a wider range of assistance and tools, such as mentors and project blueprints, among others.

The only however is that it still lacks courses in London, for now.

9. Eduk

The Eduk course platform, operates on a model similar to the American Netlix. You pay a monthly fee – plans start at R $ 19.90 – and have access to the platform’s portfolio of courses and videos.

The categories range from aesthetics and gastronomy to business and dentistry, among many others.

You can stay on the free plan, but there is a limitation of not having access to the collection of recorded classes, being limited to the live content being made available at that time.

This “freemium” model is a way for the platform to justify its investment, before asking for it. A way to introduce what you can have if you subscribe.

10. Prime Courses

Similar to the Coursera model, Prime Cursos is a platform that offers an extensive range of specializations, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Gastronomy
  • Safety at work
  • And much more

The courses are free, with the possibility of acquiring the certificate for values ​​between R $ 49.90 and R $ 69.90, and a good place to have access to Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship and other more specific courses.

Perhaps it is not the most different from those listed here, but it has a reasonable collection and very affordable prices for a practical and rich content.

11. EAD Box

EAD Box is more like an LMS – Learning Management System – as it is aimed at companies providing videos and training for large-scale distribution.

The idea is to facilitate the distribution of these courses and classes to employees, customers and partners, through a platform with several integrations and tools.

The company has several services added to the platform, such as gamification techniques and access from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

It is an interesting solution for small and medium-sized companies, especially strong with startups, and has integrations with other software and platforms, such as RD Station, for example, to facilitate the training of employees and external training for partners.

12. Veduca

With MBA, extension and free courses, the distance learning and education platform, Veduca, is very complete and has more than 300 courses in different areas, but with a more academic and even “university” bias.

There are about 20 areas of knowledge that you can search for courses that are offered in partnership with major universities, such as Harvard, MIT and USP.

There are free and paid courses, such as more specific and complete extension courses. It also works on a model similar to that of the popular Coursera.

13. Udacity

With a more condensed volume of course options, and highly qualified teachers who operate in renowned companies such as Google, Facebook and Salesforce, Udacity is a platform for online courses with a strong inclination towards technology, data analysis and many more equally innovative areas.

The courses are designed in partnership with these institutions, aiming to train professionals according to what they seek in the job market.

Despite the leaner portfolio, they are more in-depth and intend to explore and deepen skills highly rated by companies with Silicon Valley DNA.

You can try some courses and others on a “tasting” model for a period. After that, they charge monthly fees.

14. HTML Dog

To be even more specific, there are some places for online courses for website development, such as HTML Dog.

It focuses on 3 very important languages ​​that complement each other when creating a website: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, some of the main attributes that a good digital marketer must have, at least, basic notions.

As very well justified by the staff of Resultados Digitais in this post.

The portfolio is not exactly composed of traditional courses, but topics more focused on practice combined with instructions. Available services include:

  • Tutorials: Guides on how to perform a function, step by step.
  • Techniques: How to combine HTML, CSS and Java for best results and effects.
  • Examples: How the codes behave in practice.
  • References: Properties, values ​​and attributes of codes already ready to facilitate their application in your experience.

If language is not a barrier – courses are available in English only – this platform is an excellent alternative for marketing and web design professionals to improve these skills, which are often underestimated by professionals.

15. Big Data University

Now available in London, Big Data University is one of the largest educational portals on the theme of Big Data.

We have already addressed the importance of using Big Data in strategies to leverage your business, but it is still a topic that generates many doubts among most people, and it is still a market in need of courses and content about it.

This platform offers online courses ranging from fundamentals of Big Data to more advanced techniques and how to make real use of tools such as Pig, Hadoop and HBase to take advantage of big data in the best possible way for your business.

With mentors with practical experience in giants like IBM and Microsoft, free and paid courses are available, the most introductory are free and, as you deepen your knowledge, more advanced and paid courses will be offered.

16. Hack Design

Unlike practically everything we’ve seen so far, Hack Design was built by several design professionals, that structured a teaching plan with about 50 units, each with one or more articles, videos and other materials, about web design, platforms, apps for mobile devices, and so many other applications of business design fundamentals.

These professionals curate various content on the subject on the web: eBooks, blogs, tutorials, videos, games, etc.

And they apply a learning methodology, thus formatting these modules.

In addition, on their website there is a list of essential tools for those working in the area, with links to downloads and trials of the most varied.

Despite being another platform that still doesn’t have subtitles or classes in London, all of this (for now) is available for free and can be an excellent start to apply growth hacking techniques.

17. HubSpot Academy

Although not the focus of its business, the giant HubSpot, one of the largest marketing automation tools in the world and one of the marketing companies we most admire, also offers some courses in the area of ​​marketing and sales, with free certifications, in your learning space on the website.

Some already have subtitles in London, and all deliver a certificate that is increasingly appreciated and even required by recruiters in the area,