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You need to invest in marketing techniques that really make sense in your business. To help you, we have listed the 26 best techniques to apply today in your business!

How do you view Marketing in your business?

If you are aware of the most successful companies in the world, you know that you cannot survive in the market without a good attraction and retention strategy.

And so you need to select (and apply to your business!) the marketing techniques that are right for your pocket and really help to leverage your sales.

But where to start?

The first step is to know what is available on the market. So let’s show you 26 marketing techniques for you to apply to your business today!

1. Google My Business

Appearing on the first page of Google is among the main targets of marketing teams in companies of all segments and sizes.

And you have a chance to achieve that without spending anything on Google My Business.

Still don’t know what it is about? We explain!

The Google platform is used to advertise small and medium-sized local businesses in order to make searching for users simpler and more practical.

Have you ever searched for a commercial establishment or company and found a description right at the top of the search page, with address, reviews and even a map to get there?

This is an example of a business that uses this Google tool!

2. Recommendation sites

In your area of ​​operation, do you have sites for recommendations or reviews from customer to customer? take advantage of these channels to make a good impression and interact with potential customers.

One sector that benefits a lot from this type of platform is the hotel and tourism sector, sites like Yelp, Kekanto and TripAdvisor are used every day by millions of people looking for recommendations for cool places.

Reclame Aqui is also a channel that you can use to revert bad opinions from dissatisfied customers and even win defenders for your brand.

3. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translated into London means search engine optimization.

This term refers to the set of techniques that are used to optimize your web pages, such as your blog or website.

In practice this means that, with proper use of SEO, your web pages can rank well on search engines like Google.

This way you attract organic traffic, increase your leads and, consequently, your company’s revenue.

4. Blog

According to the Content Trends 2018 survey, 73% of companies use Content Marketing in London, which includes keeping blogs updated.

What are the benefits of this?

Companies that use blogs in their strategies have the twice as many visits on digital channels compared to those that do not use.

Those that publish more than 12 contents per month get almost 4 times more visits.

The solution here is clear:

Create a blog, publish only quality content for your audience (not just what you like to write about) and be patient.

5. Social networks

Social networks are online platforms where people go to connect with other individuals, or brands, that have some common factors.

Some of them can be:

  • goals;
  • interests;
  • location;
  • World vision.

Briefly, those looking for a social network are looking for a space to socialize, whether professionally or personally.

The most used social networks today are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Being present on social networks makes your company succeed maintain an open line of communication with your customers. Making good use of the tools they provide can help your brand gain a strong visibility in the market.

6. Multimedia content

When we talk about blogging, do you think about creating only written texts, of varying sizes? If that’s what comes to your mind, it’s a good idea to change your mind.

There are many content formats that are worth investing in to increase the reach of your message and the engagement of your audience.

Among them, we can highlight:

The emphasis given to videos is not without reasons, we have valid reasons to believe that this is the form of marketing of the future.

7. Guerrilla Marketing

When you have little money, a lot of creativity and need to call attention to your company urgently, what to do?

Use Guerrilla Marketing! This technique requires a certain level of boldness, but it is well worth the investment.

It has been used (and continues to be) by small businesses, big brands and non-profit organizations.

The idea is to create marketing actions, whether physical or digital, that are so interesting that they become impossible to ignore and impact your audience.

We have already shown some brilliant examples that you can use as inspiration.

8. Content Marketing

If you already follow tips # 1 and # 3, you know the potential that search engines (hello, Google!) Have to bring potential customers closer to your company.

Creating content is one of the best ways to be easily found by people who can buy from you.

For this, it is necessary to know important concepts, such as:

9. Email Marketing

To simplify the explanation well, we can say that well-done marketing involves 2 steps:

  • the first is to attract attention to the company’s message;
  • the second is to keep the interest active until the time to close the sale.

Creating an Email Marketing list is among the best techniques you can use to complete the 2nd step.

Email has several benefits that other channels, such as social networks, do not have, despite its evident importance for the strategy.

10. Creating communities

A community concerns a group of people who share common goals and tastes. The people present there have the same purpose and share some of their experiences.

It is necessary to be very clear that, for a community to exist, it is necessary to have exchange of experience, similarities between people who are part of it and a common motivating factor.

In the face-to-face world, churches are an excellent example of community. In them people have the same beliefs, experiences and concerns, that is, identify themselves as similar.

This makes it easier to understand the type of environment you want in a community.

This can be done by creating groups, such as on Facebook or Whatsapp and putting in contact people who identify with each other and with the purpose of your brand.

Remember that you need to think about how to manage the community properly. Only then will people be in an environment that passes the values ​​that your company wants.

11. Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly, which freely translated from English means friendly to mobile devices, is a way of programming websites that are responsive and easy to use both on mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, and on a computer screen.

By doing this, you focus on your customer’s experience, right from the first click on your page.

Thus, you can increase your sales, after all, the consumer will have good references from your company, and will be able to access your website easily, from anywhere.

12. Podcasts

Podcasts are about serial recorded episodes that are broadcast in the digital world.

Usually, these episodes are audios from an interview or individual recordings where a presenter talks about a specific topic and of interest to the audience.

The word podcast is the result of the combination of the words iPod (showing that it is something portable) and Brodcast (showing that it is a transmission that follows the model of a radio).

To produce this type of content you need to take into account what your persona needs are and also have a good structure to produce quality audios.

By making good use of podcasts you can add value to what is offered to your customer.

13. Webinars

Webinaris an abbreviation for web based seminar. In London, this set of words means an internet seminar.

By using it, you can generate leads or even facilitate your customer’s conversion in the next step of their journey.

The webinar is also very effective for dealing with people in the last stage of your sales funnel, that is, in the decision stage. This is because you are able to take more direct approaches that lead your potential customer to purchase action.

One way to enrich your customers’ experience is by offering exclusive webinars, real-time interactions and tutorials that help your persona’s day-to-day life. This makes room for loyalty.

14. Sponsored links

The well-known ads did not die, but they have evolved a lot. If your company still invests in pamphlets, sound cars or radio ads, how about choosing a more effective way to promote yourself?

Sponsored links, as the ads made on Google and on social networks are called, present great potential to accelerate your sales process.

Why use this technique?

Because it is increasingly difficult to create a loyal audience on social networks without investing in paid advertising, and even a good SEO strategy takes time to reach the first Google results.

15. Events

If your company sells to other companies, events can be good opportunities to showcase your products and services and to close valuable sales and partnerships.

Still thinking about this scenario of B2B companies, industry events can be good occasions to learn from other companies in the sector the best ways to find and convert new customers.

If you do not have major events in your market sector or region, take the opportunity and organize your own event, this will place your business as a market reference.

16. Partnerships

We are so used to talking about competition and competitiveness that it is easy to develop a certain spirit of independence, that is, to think that the only way to achieve your goals is to do everything yourself.

In the clearest possible London: this is the biggest nonsense!

Developing strategic partnerships is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to increase sales.

You can create content, specific marketing actions or even products and services in conjunction with other companies.

17. Referral program

Many companies depend 100% on referrals to remain active. This is not healthy, as it is out of the entrepreneur’s control, and referrals can fail at any time.

But this idea is quite valid as a marketing technique to be combined with several others, such as those mentioned so far.

One way to make referrals more predictable and scalable is to create a referral program.

Companies like Hotmail and Dropbox have become successful cases worldwide for using well-designed referral programs.

It is worth remembering that they used this technique when they did not yet have all the current firepower for marketing actions.

18. Customer service

Even a good product, a qualified Marketing team and a good sales process can be condemned for poor service.

Service is still disregarded as a marketing technique, because entrepreneurs do not stop to think about what happens after the interaction between company and customer.

If the problem or question is solved with agility, friendly language and willingness to help, he will be satisfied and even tell others about it.

The opposite is also true:

Slow, robotic service with no clear solution will cause frustration and make the client share the negative feeling with others.

Which of the 2 do you think will help increase your sales and keep your current customers happy?

19. Landing pages

Landing Pages are web pages that can appear on your blog or on your website, with few elements. Her focus is to have a primary call to action – CTA – and to avoid distractions to increase the chances of conversion.

It is a great ally for visits to your web pages to pass the stage of attracting your sales funnel.

But how do landing pages work?

In a page without distractions, simple and objective, your potential customer offers personal information, name and contact email, in exchange for some valuable content for him.

This opens up the opportunity for you to have a closer contact with the people interested in your products until they make the purchase.

20. Audio marketing

Audio marketing is a type of content that people can consume while doing other things, such as physical activities, cleaning the house, driving or even eating.

This term, audio marketing, refers to a voice marketing. To make good use of this sales technique you can:

  • create radio-like programs;
  • narrate
  • create the possibility for a person to hear your content instead of reading.

This strategy also helps you to make your posts more accessible.

21. Digital influencers

Digital influencers are people who have a large and engaged audience on their social network. There are influencers from different segments, such as entrepreneurship, education, humor, aesthetics and others.

You can make good use of them by offering payments for them to advertise your products.

For this strategy to work you need to find a digital influencer who has an audience similar to yours and has credibility in the market.

Therefore, he must test his products or make use of his services before indicating this to other people. So the audience will have confidence and willingness to know what you offer.

22. Link building

In summary, link building refers to your commitment and tactic to acquire links from other sites and also become links to external pages.

This is important because works as a referral system. The more different pages indicate what you say, the more the search engines understand that the content you offer is good.

One way to start doing this is to link older blog posts to newer ones.

23. Viral marketing

Viral marketing is the content you create to encourage people to get your message across, so that it gains a lot of popularity.

It is focused on quality, after all, this is what your audience seeks to share what you want.

In other words, Viral marketing will only work if your products or services meet your audience’s expectations.

24. Sponsorship

To use sponsorship, your company must provide a resource for an activity or event. In exchange for that, you form an association with that activity you sponsored.

A very common example of this in London are companies that sponsor soccer teams. On the players’ shirt or even on the poster behind the interview area, the brand names appear.

There are many ways to do this, some of them are:

  • pay a quota;
  • offer staff to work on the site;
  • help organize the activity;
  • donate the necessary materials for the event.

This is an excellent way to gain visibility. For this to work, you need to research the events compatible with your niche and see which one is worth supporting.

25. Press office

All the time we see news and stories from companies that reach their goals and impact the market, but have you ever stopped to think about how this news is discovered?

It is true that some content goes viral, however, most of the time, there is the careful work of professionals specialized in putting the news in front of the right people.

Hiring a press office can leverage your presence in the media, blogs and social networks that your ideal customer follows.

26. MerchandisinWe are a family owned and operated business.g

Merchandising is an English word to describe the activity of promoting products at your point of sale.

In other words, merchandising is a marketing technique that presents and passes on product information in its own environment to convince your customer to buy.

By using merchandising you decrease your costs and increase your profitability, after all, for this marketing technique to work, you need to attract customers and understand their buying behavior.

As you have seen, there are many marketing techniques for you to attract and retain customers. Select the one that best fits your profile and start applying right now.

Did you like to know these marketing techniques to apply in your business? Do you want to know more about this subject? See now how to plan and conduct these surveys to achieve great results!

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