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Structuring a good marketing team makes a big difference to a company’s success. With that in mind, we created this material that shows the structure of real marketing teams, with lessons and challenges. Check out!

Are you thinking about creating or increasing your Digital Marketing team, but are not sure which paths to follow? One thing I guarantee you: regardless of the stage you are in today, we have already been in your place.

Like any company, Websites Are Us did not start big. We were 3, today we are more than 300 and we keep growing. Believe us: we understand how challenging it is to structure and scale a team.

So we will help you understand what are the stages of a Digital Marketing team, and what are the challenges and characteristics of the professionals of each stage.

If you want to understand not only the stages of development, but also how these teams are structured in London, how to hire and qualify your team and what are the main positions within Digital Marketing, I recommend reading our complete material on Marketing Teams.

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But then: what are the stages of a Digital Marketing team and what are its challenges?

Initial Team: up to 5 Digital Marketing employees


The main challenge for an initial digital marketing team is to prove and succeed with their first online acquisition channel. At this moment, the team is still establishing itself, defining main objectives and metrics, choosing where and how to invest.

If the chosen channel is a blog, for example, the biggest challenge for this team will be to make the blog a scalable success that converts traffic into customers.

Profile of the professional sought:

Generally, this team starts with a versatile professional and “does it all” and moves laterally to the main responsibilities of Digital Marketing.

As the team does not yet have such clear and divided roles, it is important that the first people are very proactive, able to learn fast, get their hands dirty and be able to solve problems quickly.

An interesting tip for teams of up to 5 people is to specialize for the moment in the purchase journey.

A day in the professional’s life:

In an initial team it is extremely common for a corporate blog analyst, for example, to make calls from social networks, occasional email marketing campaigns and even the creation of ebooks / landing pages.

This is because the focus is that each person takes care of an important part of this process, but very well.

The ideal is not to be present in as many channels as possible, but to have a good presence in a few channels, which really generate results and impact your audience.

With the time and the development of the company and the team, people will naturally specialize in an area, opening space – and also the need – for new hires.

Most common metrics at this stage:

The metrics and objectives in this stage of the Digital Marketing team are more basic: it focuses on:

# Increased traffic;

# Lead generation;

# Conversion of leads into customers.

Therefore, with a team of 3 people, for example, each of them can focus on one stage of the funnel, both to ensure that everyone has clear responsibilities and objectives, and to ensure that no fundamental stage is being left out.

Featured Team: 12 Minutes

The 12min is a platform for dynamic readings. The 12min folks read and summarize the most important points of nonfiction books in critical analyzes that are simple to understand so that you can capture the most important points of the content.

Team Size: 4 People

Team structure 12min

In their case, as they are still a small team, it is the CEO who plays the role of CMO, but supported by a coordinator, which is quite common in smaller companies.

The responsibilities are divided by area of ​​focus: organic and paid – which proves that you can think big, even with reduced teams.

Two analysts are responsible for Marketing actions focused on Inbound and, especially, attraction of organic traffic. Each of them focuses on one aspect of this acquisition: partnerships, content – and all the channels it encompasses – and the other is responsible for finding new opportunities.

On the other hand, they have 1 specialist focused on paid media to ensure that the capture of opportunities is completely surrounded.

Time 12min

Featured team: Xerpa

Xerpa is the human resources platform for you who don’t have time for anything. Simple and easy to use, Xerpa simplifies the process of hiring, firing, scheduling vacations, distributing payslips, communicating with accountants and more.

Team Size: 3 People

Xerpa marketing team structure

In this case, with an even leaner team, but also obtaining incredible results, the great differential of Xerpa’s Marketing structure is the focus.

With 3 professionals they manage to have a good management and, at the same time, 2 very well executed Marketing actions: Content and Paid Media.

Remember when we said that it is more important to have a good performance on a few channels? The idea here is exactly that: to determine which Marketing strategies can bring the most results to your business.

Xerpa marketing team

Growing team: from 5 to 20 employees


After the first stage, the marketing team will face new challenges.

The team is growing, the goals and targets have increased and all Digital Marketing professionals are bogged down with tasks. You need to grow and hire new people to join the team.

At that time, the team will return its efforts to grow other acquisition channels, in addition to the first proven channel.

Example: If the company had its blog and social networks as the first successful acquisition channel, it may be time to start investing in paid media.

If the company has been successful with Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, it may be time to explore content marketing, and so on … it is time to grow and increase reach beyond the first proven marketing channel.

Professional profile:

The professional of a growing team has an average level of specialization. He comprehensively understands several areas, but does not necessarily focus on only one of them yet.

This is one of the essential moments to invest in training and specializing the team and preparing them for what is to come.

Here at Websites Are Us we understand that this specialization does not normally happen through the training of professionals, and with that we perceive the need – and also the opportunity – to create our own certifications, both to disseminate what we learn, and to train the next people who enter .

That is why we created the Websites Are Us University and we use our own certifications and classes on YouTube a lot as training tools and team development.

At this stage, there is also the need for a second layer of hierarchy in the team. If you have successfully passed the first stage, the oldest team members take on new responsibilities, are promoted and new hires are made.

The spirit of leadership and the ability to manage people is also essential: with a larger team and more people within your team, a good internal organization process is inevitable. Therefore, invest a lot in meetings, process and in the development of an editorial calendar and activities for your team.

A day in the professional’s life:

In a growing team it is extremely common for a content manager to interact with the content producer, an email marketing analyst and a social media analyst on a typical day to launch an ebook for lead generation, for example. example.

This means that all team members need to relate directly to maintain the cohesion and coherence of the actions, ensuring the same language for the same purpose.

The team’s goal is generally increasingly focused on the number of qualified leads and the cost for each new business generated in the company.

Most common metrics at this stage:

In addition to the metrics of the start-up team (increased traffic, lead generation and customer acquisition), here are new important metrics, focused on bringing explosive growth, exponential:

# Cost Per Lead per Channel

# Conversion rate for each stage


Featured team: Viva Decora

Viva Decora’s goal is to help people create their dream home.

Currently they have more than 129,010 photos for inspiration divided into more than 40 environments, and they also help architects and interior designers with content related to management, innovation and marketing.

In addition, people can register their portfolio for free and be seen by more than 1.7 million people monthly.

Team Size: 13 People

Viva Decora team structure

Viva Decora’s team is structured in 2 large groups, separated by the main persona of its offer: B2B and B2C.

For the team focused on attracting architects, designers and other professionals, they have a slightly smaller structure, but extremely focused on organic attraction.

As for the team focused on the final consumer, the slightly more robust team focuses its efforts on a Content Marketing strategy.

This idea, of separating teams by persona, helps both in the specialization of professionals and in the refinement of communication with each audience, which improves the generation of results for all and ensures that each focus is well worked.

Viva Decora marketing team

Featured team: Samba Tech

Samba Tech is a company that operates in the online video market.

Team Size: 13 People

Contrary to what many people imagine, Samba opted for a reduction in Marketing, moving the outbound team to the sales team and focusing its own team 100% on Inbound.

With that, Marketing went from 21 people to 14, and was structured according to the acquisition funnel, each with its own OKRs: top, middle and bottom.

Marketing team structure Samba Tech

Apart from that, the design team – formed by a Head of Design, an Analyst, an Intern, an Audiovisual Analyst (video) – provides support for all subdivisions.

These changes helped to make the team more targeted, optimized and focused on results, and even improved the monitoring of each professional.

We are not telling you to fire a part of your team – realize that they didn’t. But a good restructuring can have a big impact on the organization and the results of your team, and Samba understood this possibility and is reaping great benefits from it!

Samba Tech marketing team

Established team: more than 20 employees


Wow!! Now his team is established and he already has a considerable number of talents. There’s a lot at stake here: if something goes wrong, you have a lot to lose as a company.

Therefore, the main challenges involve the control and monitoring of all previous channels that were the focus of your attention and investment. Now that you’ve tried and conquered these channels, you need to keep them running and running as smoothly as possible, with increasing efficiency.

If in the previous phase it was important to discover new channels, in this phase, in addition to discovering new channels, you have to increase the efficiency of all previous channels. Data and results analysis will be your digital marketing team’s best friends.

Professional profile:

Yes, the dreamed hour has arrived. Your marketing management team and team are mature.

The team members are highly specialized and are some of the greatest exponents of their respective areas. Here also comes the importance of the investment in qualifying your team – it is at that moment that this investment will prove more and more its value.

The profile of an established team is highly productive, analytical, focused on data, testing, reporting and analysis.

Most common metrics at this stage:

The metrics of this established team join the metrics of the other moments of the team. They are much more focused on efficiency and steady growth than on explosive growth from the previous stage:

# Organic traffic

# Lead generation

# Customer acquisition

# Cost Per Lead per Channel

# Conversion rate for each stage


# Market Share

# Inbound Links

# Reach

# Marketing CAC cost (not counting sales)

Featured team: Websites Are Us

From the launch of the 1st edition of this ebook in 2016 so far, our team has moved from the middle stage to an established team, which has been an incredible experience for all of us.

We went from 11 to 26 people in just over a year, which has changed both the dynamics and the structure of our team.

Rock Content marketing team structure

Today we are able to structure our team in two basic ways: by funnel and by channel. On the one hand, we have the Acquisition, who is responsible for the top of the funnel, taking care of our content strategy through our blogs for the different personas.

We also have the Product, responsible for the middle and bottom of the funnel, also separated by our blogs for each persona, and focused on turning our contacts into opportunities for our sales team.

On the other side we have our teams of Communication, responsible for our social networks, branding and audiovisual communication, and Intelligence, focused on market research and generation of relevant data, both for internal use and to offer to our public.

And finally, a team responsible for WAU University and other education channels in our market, and also the paid media team, which coordinates all ad campaigns across all of our acquisition channels.

Rock Content marketing team

With so many people, today we have managed to expand our performance in several channels, and still have people focused on finding new opportunities to increase our metrics of acquisition, conversion and generation of contacts for the sales team.

And, even with so many people, we still find possibilities for growth that end up appearing as new demands appear to turn our team into a standard of international levels.

But it all started with 2 people generating good results, you know? The big difference was that we were able to prove our value to the company and the natural need to grow and strengthen our strategies.

Marketing teams do not need to represent 70% of your company, or have more than 30 employees. They need to be organized and focused on bringing results with existing resources.

If you want to understand everything about how to structure, hire and scale your digital Marketing team, we have prepared a complete Ebook, with data on the organization of marketing teams in London companies, which are the main qualifications and positions to be sought.

Download the complete material through this link!

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