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Master your social media strategies with these management tools!

When it comes to evaluating the performance of your brand or service on social networks, it is not enough to just know what they say and how much they say about you.

There are several metrics that can be explored and used to measure your performance on social networks (and not just to assist customer service) and to provide data that is strategic for the business.

To help you with this task, we have separated 45 free tools for monitoring social networks that offer different analyzes and that can assist you in the production of your monitoring report, in decision making in relation to competitors, in the production of content and in the creation of new strategies to your social networks.

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Quintly allows you to track up to 3 Facebook pages, analyzing statistics about your followers and their engagement with your posts. It is possible to customize the dashboard with different widgets to follow different metrics.

Using pre-defined metrics, the LikeAlyzer tool calculates the performance of your Fanpage – comparing it with the main pages linked to your sector – and offering several good practices so that you can improve your score on the platform, which ranges from 0 to 100 .

Formerly known as Statigram, this tool offers the best of Instagram data, since the social network itself does not have an analytical panel.

Through Iconosquare you can check your fan history, the volume of likes and comments and even the number of people who are not your fans, but reached your photos thanks to third party activities.

When it comes to dashboards, Cyfe is the most robust tool on the market. Even your free plan offers a huge customization of data and metrics from the main existing social networks.

It also offers a “TV mode” that allows you to install a screen in a room or professional environment so that several people can monitor the performance of a particular brand in real time.

It offers a detailed analysis of your Twitter followers, such as the most used keywords, social relevance, how often they post links, how many times they retweet your content, when they are online, which languages ​​are most used and in which places in the world they are located.

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From the same creators of Riffle, this tool lets you know which tweets are most popular (which have the most retweets and favorites) for each profile.

In addition to helping your performance, you can offer relevant information about your competitors’ best content.

Focused exclusively on Pinterest, this tool allows you to schedule your pins, promote those that are highlighted and get new followers.

In addition, the Graffiti version displays its new followers, likes and repins. There is also a paid version, with the possibility of receiving an alert every time the content on your site becomes a pin.

In addition to being the main tool for website analysis and performance, Google Analytics also offers several social-oriented metrics, such as the number of visitors who came to your site from each network, or which blogs brought the most access to your site. brand, for example.

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Do you want to know how popular your brand is? Enter your name in this tool and receive a social ranking of the last 7 days on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter.

The most complete paid social media tool also offers a free option, which allows you to find out which brands are most popular in each social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube), divided by categories, audience or rapid growth.

Like IconoSqaure, Collecto also offers basic Instagram data, in addition to displaying your most liked and shared photos since creating your profile, which is a great help to monitor basic and important social network metrics.

SumAll’s premise is to allow you to create a dashboard to view the metrics that you consider most important for your brand / business.

The difference is due to the number of connectable social networks: more than 50, including the most popular ones.

Want to know your level of influence on social media? With Klout, you can discover your score from 0 to 100, and receive good practice tips to become increasingly relevant.

It works with all major networks, offering a performance dashboard, so you can know where your work is being best perceived.

By connecting your Fanpage for free, you will receive an extensive performance analysis, with engagement data, best times to post, frequency tips, most relevant types of posts, influencers, among others.

The tool also allows you to export the data to Excel spreadsheets, so that they can be crossed with others.

You can follow a page for free, more can be added for a variety of prices.

Made to monitor the performance of specific Twitter and Instagram hashtags, the tool allows you to track the reach, impressions, and even the topics related to each hashtag you generate.

It also brings users with more power of influence and their location.

The free version shows some results and there are several paid plans.

IceWAUet is a super complete monitoring tool and available in more than 20 languages. In addition to monitoring your social networks, it also accompanies your blog, and allows you to export graphs of results that you can adapt and customize, according to the period of time you choose.

With more than 200 million blogs in their database, they show the main trends through terms that are being used within their search.

Hootsuite is one of the best free social monitoring tools, covering major media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, Google + and Foursquare.

In addition to weekly reports, it is possible to register a marketing team, send private messages and assign tasks to each one. The free version allows you to monitor up to 3 social networks simultaneously.

Buffer, side by side with Hootsuite, is one of the most used platforms for monitoring social networks. It has all the functionality of the main platforms (post scheduling, social monitoring), and also identifies the best posting times in each of the available channels.

In the free profile, you can monitor an account via social network. There, the available ones are: Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn for free plans.

If you want to discover the impact of your tweets within your network of followers, TweetReach is the right choice! It monitors the impact and implications of your posts within the Twitter discussions.

It is an excellent option to know who your influencers, defenders and detractors are, in addition to guiding your company to interact with the right people to replicate your content online.

Social Mention is one of the best free social monitoring tools. Known as a listening tool, it monitors more than 100 social media sites and analyzes the data in more depth, dividing it into 4 categories: Strength, Feeling, Passion and Reach. (Strengh, Sentiment, Passion and Reach).

One of the tools most used by beginners, Twazzup is super simple to work with. Just enter the username you want to track and it provides real-time updates, top influencers, most shared tweets, photos, links and the 10 most relevant keywords for your search.

Simple and direct like Twazzup, Addictomatic brings an interesting reinforcement: it allows you to follow a wide variety of platforms, such as Flickr, Youtube, Twitter, WordPress, Bing News, Google, and several others. It is really useful to have an overview of your brand and keep an eye on innovations within your market.

TweetDeck is an old acquaintance of the most experienced Twitter users. Although it is already famous in the market, it is an excellent option for beginners because it is simple and direct. With it, you can schedule posts, monitor interactions, hashtags and monitor various profiles.

However, it is very common to be without updates for a long time and some bugs are quite common on the platform.

Mention monitors millions of content sources in more than 42 languages! It is excellent to let you know about all your brand mentions on any digital channel.

You can also monitor your team’s actions, create and share alerts, and assign tasks. It is possible to create reports with mentions of your company and it facilitates the monitoring of citations in a certain period of time.

They offer a 14-day trial and the basic plan allows for a per-user alert.

Twitonomy is a very robust analytics platform for Twitter. Just log in with the account you want to track and have access to various metrics, for free. It shows details of your Twitter lists, followers, who you’re following, popular tweets, engagement and much, much more! It is also possible to track conversions through hashtags, users or lists.

There is also a premium plan that releases even more features.

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Simply Measured is a tool that allows you to create very interesting reports on the main social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It shows the main content of Facebook, analysis of competitors, page and much more.

It is also a tool for monitoring and analyzing your activity, but these features are released in a paid version of the tool.

AgoraPulse is a rich tool for monitoring social networks. It is free and has a paid version for companies.

The tool is similar in function to Hootsuite and also serves the main social networks used in the world.

Buzzsumo offers several insights on what content is working well on social media and who is helping to disseminate it.

It identifies content that has its keyword defined, and even when a competitor posts new content.

The comparisons are very detailed and the monitoring of sharing on different social networks is very interesting.

The free version allows only a few daily searches, but it is already a good way to keep track of its main contents.

WhosTalkin is a source of insights and knowledge for social media professionals. With data from more than 60 social networks it is possible to track the main interactions around a given topic.

Pluggio is a management tool for Facebook and Twitter that automatically tracks and generates charts, with the main metrics of your social media.

With it, it is very easy to analyze the performance of your channels and the growth of the audience.

It also has an integration with that allows you to track clicks and the impact that your posts are having.

Shared Count is a service that tracks how many times a URL has been shared on major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

In addition to sharing URL’s, he also tracks likes, tweets and more. The free plan allows up to 10,000 consultations per day.

Social Searcher is a real-time search within the main social networks along with an analysis tool.

You can search, without the need to login, for data on Twitter, Google + and Facebook, in addition to creating alerts and saving your searches.

The premium service expands these possibilities to save histories, integration with the program’s API and much more.

Edgerank Checker is an analysis tool from Social Bakers that monitors, ranks and analyzes your Facebook page.

It provides a variety of information to optimize your fan page and helps you define the best strategies for your online actions. You can also test specific days to know that your fans are most active on Facebook.

Want a simple and straightforward tool to monitor and boost your social networks? Social Oomph tracks keywords, mentions, retweets, followers, publications and more, on various social networks.

Google also has a really cool tool that can be used for social media.

Google Alerts can be used to monitor any online interaction, including mentions on social media and other updates within your social channels.

Social Bro, now has a new name, Audiense.

This tool helps you to manage, explore and analyze your Twitter accounts. It analyzes interactions in real time and also stores a history with all the most relevant data about your channels.

It is possible to do very complete searches by crossing various data through hashtags, mentions and keywords.

The free version allows up to 5,000 interactions.

With a very cool dashboard panel, you have access to real-time information and diverse insights about your users, with detailed data about your audience and your content.

Despite being paid, it is very worthwhile to try the 14-day free trial.

The Buzz Bundle covers a variety of social networks and you can schedule posts, comments and responses on various channels, without leaving the dashboard. An interesting function is the possibility of creating different personas and leaving a department responsible for each one. The free version gives only a sample of each feature, but it is still quite interesting.

Over-graph allows you to post on different social networks and still respond to interactions without leaving the dashboard. It also offers analytics to track user engagement and reports that can be sent directly to your email.

Keeping track of your channel’s influencers is very important, and Kred is an excellent tool for anyone starting out in influencer marketing. You can tag users, based on their mentions, retweets, responses and the likelihood of replicating your content. It is an excellent tool to identify which users are influential among your followers.

Correlations are always important for digital marketing. Onalytica is a very interesting tool that looks for your tweet’s nouns, compares these nouns with your tweets over 12 months and suggests relevant influencers based on this correlation.

The algorithm suggests 50 influencers, but double-checking all of them is an idea.

Woo Rank provides statistics on its social networks, as a comparison between 3 competitors about the engagement of posts, details of the Twitter account and details of the Facebook fan page.

Yoono is a tool for tracking social interactions that alerts you when new interactions happen and even allows you to update different social networks at once. However, it is not possible to schedule posts on Yoono.

Rapportive closes our list in a slightly different format.

It provides details about the social profile and email data of everyone who emails you via Gmail.

You can even connect with LinkedIn without leaving the Gmail interface. And it is made available as a free plugin for Google Chrome!

Trends is completely free and allows you to analyze the most searched terms and most popular terms in a given period of time. As the most searched subjects on Google also reflect on social networks, it is an incredible tool to understand and monitor what your audience is talking about.


We know that some of the tools we quote are very specific and meet different needs, which means that not all of them can be useful for your brand at the moment.

But uniting those that best suit your current goals for your social networks, it is possible to extract a lot of strategic data without additional costs.

And remember: monitoring well done and according to what you want to achieve is essential for success on social networks. Never forget to evaluate your results and, from them, analyze what is working for your company.

Is that you? Do you know of any other free tool that can be complemented with any of the ones presented above, or that offers data that has not been presented?

Leave your suggestion in our comments!

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