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“What to post?” This question is inevitable for anyone who messes with blogs. Be it personal, business, business, entertainment, marketing … no matter the topic, you always reach a point where you don’t know what else to post. In the beginning it’s easy, of course, but maintaining the same frequency of posting […]

“What to post?”

This question is inevitable for anyone who messes with blogs.

Be it personal, business, business, entertainment, marketing … no matter the topic, you always reach a point where you don’t know what else to post.

In the beginning it’s easy, of course, but maintaining the same posting frequency as ever or increasing it to achieve higher traffic can be tricky.

And we know how crucial a posting frequency is, don’t we?

Thinking about your problem, today I bring a list to be your great weapon against the creative block and the lack of new themes.

Check it out now 58 post types for you to put on your blog and ensure the success of your online presence and content marketing campaigns!

58 types of posts for your blog

The idea of ​​this list is to be of great help to your blog and make your life easier when setting up the editorial calendar.

Of course, that not all types of posts will fit for every blog style, it’s up to you to decide which ones will best fit your persona profile and your digital marketing strategy

Without further ado, let’s check out this great list!

Be useful

This first series of posts helps you to conquer your persona – solving a problem of hers – and can still promote your company as a great authority in the market.

1. List posts

This is one of the most common types of blog posts. And they are not everywhere by chance!

This type of post tends to work very well and generate great engagement with the public. In addition to having a huge potential for viralization, as happened with our post: 103 free image banks

It can be a list of books, tools, events, etc. everything that is relevant to your market and your persona.

One tip is to try to make large lists with numbers that are not exact, like the one in the image banks.

Such lists tend to generate a lot more clicks!

2. Post “how to do”

A type of post that generates great engagement and that obviously helps the persona a lot, are the posts on how to do something.

How to use a tool, how to make a digital marketing campaign, how to make posts that give results, how to make a kitkat cake with nutella, etc.

The possibilities are great and the idea is to facilitate and educate the reader. Using images, prints, videos and audios are important tools that can facilitate the understanding of readers in this type of post.

To be inspired, check out our latest posts on this model and who has been quite successful:

3. Success story

Successful cases, also known as case studies, generate enormous value for your persona.

You can show in practice what you did and it worked very well, confirming your authority on a given subject.

Give details, present results and take a stand.

A successful case carries a higher perceived value than normal blog posts and even videos!

In our case, for example, we can present a successful case of the results that a Content Marketing strategy brought to us.

A great example is the post of half a million reais!

4. Post problem / solution

This type of post is relatively simple to do, but very effective.

The name is already self-explanatory and you will divide this post into two parts:

  • Present a problem for your persona
  • Present the solution to this problem

When you know the difficulties of your audience and raise this problem for them with a solution, you generate a great connection with them.

You can anticipate and present a problem that they do not yet know they have, and immediately present the solution – that solution will not necessarily be your product or service.

5. Checklist

Another post I like a lot is the Checklist.

A post where you will show a to-do list for your persona to do something in the best possible way.

We have here on the blog this SEO checklist for blog posts, for example.

People like this type of post because it is easy to be digested and understood. In addition the checklist can be checked whenever someone is going to make a blog post, for example.

Think about your persona and the type of list you can make for her!

mini blog checklist

6. Research post

This is a type of post that can be done by your team and present something exclusive to your audience.

Conducting your own research will give your brand enormous authority.

Although it is not a blog post, there is no way not to use Content Trends as an example of research done by Websites Are Us.

Of course, your search for a post doesn’t have to be huge like it, but it does need to present new and important data to your audience.

7. The definitive guide

Another post that you are very used to seeing out there are the definitive guides.

They are extremely complete and explanatory posts, which should give the reader sufficient understanding of what is covered.

An important factor is that, although very common, not every “definitive guide” you see out there is so complete.

Do not call it the definitive guide or “everything you need to know”, if you are not going to actually present an absolutely complete post to your reader.

A great example of a really complete guide is our content marketing post!

8. Post definition

The definition post is very important for your niche market. Are educational posts that present what are some terms and aspects of your market.

They can be more technical posts, about more specific terms and factors and others more simple, to educate people who are starting to know their market.

On our blog we have some more comprehensive examples like “what is SEO” and “what is persona”, and some more technical ones like robot.txt.

9. Glossaries

Glossaries are important posts and resemble those of definition, but in a single post you should give the concepts of all the most important terms for a specific niche or topic.

Here at WAU we have the example of the Content Marketing Glossary.

Of course, you do not need to give all the details of each term, but only a definition and you can take the opportunity to link to other more complete posts on that subject.

10. Series of posts

The series of posts is an interesting strategy that can be adopted for your blog.

Take an important topic and break it into several different posts in a series.

You can have a series of 3 posts about SEO, for example.

We recently did a series with posts about marketing professionals and vacancies. You can check out this series of posts below:

11. Statistics post

Like the research post, the statistics post works best when it is acquired by your own company. After all, they give much greater authority.

Still, you can make a post with a compilation of statistics – giving due credit – from other companies, taking important data for your niche.

You can check as an example this post of email marketing statistics.

12. FAQ

You must have heard this English expression which means: Frequently Asked Questions, that is, frequently asked questions.

Obviously this post consists of making a compilation of the main questions and doubts of your customers and answering through content.

13. SAQ

SAQ is the next cousin of the FAQ, and in English it means: Should Ask Questions, that is, questions that should be asked.

Here you will present readers with the main questions they should ask, but don’t ask.

Be human

Humanizing your company can bring a much greater emotional connection to your persona.

14. Motivational posts

Posts that inspire your readers will generate a huge connection with your audience, bringing your brand closer to your readers.

Some of the most successful content on the internet doesn’t have to be informational or entertainment, it just needs to inspire people.

They can be done in quote posts, telling someone’s success and overcoming story, the profile of someone successful in the niche, among other types.

15. Posts for holidays

For many blogs and businesses the holidays can be just a day of rest, for yours it can be an opportunity.

You can use a specific date and create a post related to that holiday. Another type of post that generates connection with the public.

Here is the example of our Valentine’s Day post, which is not really a holiday, but is a remarkable date.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, independence are several dates that you can create a post, of course, without running away from your niche and the interest of your persona. Never do anything just for doing.

Marketing Calendar Kit

16. Let your guard down

This type of post will also generate a great connection with your audience and show that you are also human.

It consists of telling a personal and profound experience, that the public can get involved and relate to.

They will not necessarily be stories with a happy ending or a great success, but they should pull to a more sincere and emotional side, bringing connection and inspiration to those who read.

17. Behind the scenes

This type of post works best if you have a really loyal audience that usually follows your brand and your posts.

You will open the doors of your company and show a little how your creation and posting process works.

18. Off Topic

A post off the subject of your main audience, but one that can shock and captivate you. This type of post can be quite risky, but it has a great potential for viralization.

Imagine you enter here in Content Marketing and see a review of Pokemon Go? Or a post talking about machismo?

It is a risky maneuver, but if used well it can be positive for your company.

19. Personal opinion

This style will depend a lot on your audience. If you think it’s relevant, it might be a good try.

The idea is to show a very human side, and express your anger or passion with something.

Obviously the subject needs to be relevant to your audience!


These types of posts can work very well depending on your niche and what your company sells. It’s about using your blog in a promotional way

20. Comparative post

The idea here is to make posts comparing your product or service with the competition in the market.

For example, we make a comparison of how the production of outsourced content is a better option than the internal one – which depends on the case, as you can see in this post.

Or comparing content marketing with traditional marketing.

For this type of post to gain even more relevance, it is interesting that you also present some cases where your product is NOT the best option.

21. Presentations

It consists of publishing presentations made by employees of your company, which may be relevant to the public.

For example, if Peçanha teaches a class about a specific tool for company personnel, we can record and post it, or transcribe it to the blog.

Super Presentations Kit

22. Showcase

Use your blog as a way to present something, some project that your company has successfully completed.

Present the process, how it was done and the results achieved.

The half million reais post can be an example.

Your company has completed a successful software implementation, improved traffic with a strategy, developed a new function for a product, in short, whatever is relevant to your audience, present it to them.

23. Revenue Report

Open the books and tell your audience a little bit about your company’s revenue.

Tell us a little about how much the company has collected, show how it uses this money, new investments, how much a strategy has brought, etc.

Again, we have the post of 500 thousand reais.

24. Updates in the company

Show your audience who your company’s new hires are, the new physical location, what new contracts it has signed, which large customer has entered, among other things.

Make the customer feel a part of the company!

25. Product updates

Similar to the previous post, product updates introduce the new features of your product or even the development of a new one.

If you have a loyal audience for your product, this will generate great engagement.

26. Your product tips

You already know that a sale never ends after payment is not it?

A good after-sale is fundamental to the success of a company. And this type of post will be of great help!

From it you will give tips for the customer to use your product in the best possible way, that way he will achieve the best results and will continue to be a loyal consumer of your company.

27. The best of…

This is a type of post that I really like. You will present what you consider to be the best posts on your blog.

A retrospective at the end of the year, for example.

You can check here the best posts of 2015 at marketingdeconteú


Creating posts that amuse and entertain can be a great differentiator for your audience. In addition to generating connection, loyalty readers to your blog and can differentiate you in a competitive market.

Posts that entertain also tend to generate greater engagement!

28. Post in storytelling

In this type of post you will tell stories to your audience that are relevant and arouse their interest.

It can be in just one post or in a series.

It can be a true story, a realistic fictional story pertaining to the audience or even a fantasy that somehow brings something new to your market.

You can check out The Marketer’s Guide to the Galaxy part 1, as a great example.

To learn more about this technique, see the presentation below:

29. Satirical post

Who doesn’t like good satire? A little humor doesn’t hurt any blog.

You can make a post in this style by being quite ironic or overdoing it with something.

This type of post works very well with politics and sports.

30. Posts with Memes

Memes are those types of simple content, an image or that go viral and transform over time.

You can understand the concept and how to use them in digital marketing strategies in this post.

You can create your own memes, or explore existing ones, as we did with Carreta Furacão and Deadpool.

31. Parody

This is a risky type of post and needs to be done very well.

The idea is to parody a celebrity in your market, reproducing something that he would do, with a lot of exaggeration and without offending him. But in a way that your audience understands and has fun.

32. Cartoons

Cartoons are a great way to entertain your audience.

You can make a series of posts playing around with known problems and difficulties in your niche market.

33. Comics and comics

They are very similar to cartoons and have a great potential to go viral and entertain your audience.

They don’t have to be the most complex designs, they can be simple strokes. The most important thing here is a good idea!

34. Movies and characters

As I always do here on the blog, take advantage of the release dates of outstanding films and relate to your market.

Here at WAU we already use Star Wars, Deadpool, Batman V Superman, Avengers, among others to teach about Content Marketing.

These posts entertain the public and generate a lot of engagement.

Don’t do it and create content only if you have a creative and new relationship with your niche.

35. Idols

In addition to the films and characters, we also have celebrities.

Great music stars, for example, can be very well used for rich content.

As an example, we have Beyoncé’s Marketing Kingdom.

36. Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes can be a lot of fun and many people want to know their results.

We have already done some with characters from series and movies here at WAU, all related to Marketing.

They generate a lot of engagement and sharing!

As examples we have those from the Justice League, Game of Thrones and, of course, from the Hurricane Cart!

Perfect timing

Timing is key to stand out online. It is one of the most assertive types of content that tends to generate great success.

And, of course, it requires a high degree of team commitment.

37. Criticism

Criticizing new products on the market or events that happen can be very useful for your company.

For this post to work, you need to be very sincere. Wanting to be complimentary with everything and everyone can be detrimental to your credibility.

38. Coverage

Better than criticizing, it is covering major events and happenings in your market.

Not everyone can attend some lectures or events, and your blog’s coverage can bring information that the public was looking for.

39. News post

It is essential here that you are attuned to the market.

Any update on Google or Facebook, be the first to talk about it. Until another blog talks about it, you will be the one and only source.

Follow the gringos, usually everything happens there first!

40. Identify trends

If you have specialists in your market in your company who have a talent for anticipating what will happen, use this to your advantage.

Anticipate the market and present your audience to the trends for the coming years.

41. Research post 2

This is a different research than the one we talked about earlier.

Here, you will choose an important topic for your market and ask your audience about it. Through email, social networks and even corporate events.

Then compile the answers and statistics obtained and create a blog post about them.

Why do research

Generate engagement

Getting your audience engaged with your blog is absolutely positive.

Being able to make your audience interact and feel that it is part of your blog can put you one step ahead in your market.

42. Question post

This post can be very useful and surprising for your audience.

Make a compilation of the best questions received in the comments of the blog, on social networks or in forums and submit a post with these answers.

The doubts of one reader who spoke out may be the same as many.

43. Reply post

Only invest in this type of post if you have an audience that shows potential for engagement.

This post consists of a very small article that raises a question or question for your audience.

You won’t give the answer, but you will let your audience discuss it in the comments. They will be the ones who assemble the body of the text!

44. Challenge

Nothing better to generate engagement than a good challenge.

Think of something that can encourage your audience and create something for them. In this post you will only propose this challenge.

This can generate great engagement and even viralization in social networks, etc.

45. Knowledge quizz

Knowledge quizz is an excellent type of post for your blog. They generate a lot of engagement in addition to helping the reader.

Quizzes may show a greater need to improve in some areas. In addition, those who do well always want to show their friends and share the results.

As an example we have our quizz on content marketing. New quizzes are coming!

46. ​​Customer showcase

This post is both promotional and to generate engagement.

It consists of presenting results from a client or an incredible project that you did with a client and brought great results for both parties.

Be controversial

These are posts that require greater caution and wisdom.

They can generate a great momentary buzz on your blog, but it takes a degree of knowledge of the persona for it to work.

47. What if… post

Here we see a post with a huge potential for engagement and that can be very controversial.

It is about speculating what could happen if…

There you will depend on your talent and creativity to find a topic that will be relevant to your audience and generate a healthy discussion.

48. Post debate

Use your blog to present the argument for a debate.

Or, create a post with your argument and that of someone who disagrees with you and lets the public have their say.

You can do this with partners and even competitors on your blog.

49. Prediction

The name is self-explanatory.

The idea here is for you to forecast the future of your market, the professionals, the evolution of some aspects, etc.

You will show the impacts you anticipate and the changes that something can generate for your niche.

Study the market a lot before making this post. An interesting opinion can generate a lot of engagement and rich discussions.

50. Reaction post

In this post you will present some content from another blog or fact that has occurred in your market, and react to the content.

This post can generate some links to your blog as well.

Try to have positive reactions. Leave the strongest opinions for the next post.

51. Attack post

Be very careful here! Buy fight with the person / company / events etc. it will attract attention and force your audience to take sides on one side or the other.

This post can generate an even stronger connection with your audience. But of course, you need to be very wise.

Another interesting thing is to present the argument of someone who disagrees with you and present both sides in a post.

Be generous

It is in giving that one receives!

This maxim applies to the world of digital marketing and being generous can yield links, partners, engagement and great results.

52. Profile post

Present the profile of someone influential to your niche and market. Tell the story and why it is so influential.

Don’t forget to notify the person in some way, email, social media, phone, etc. Thus, they will have the opportunity to share and – who knows – send some links.

53. Interview post

It’s amazing how even the most influential people are always willing to give an interview.

And you can use that to your advantage!

Find influential people for your audience and hands