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With the proliferation of videos, music has been increasingly sought after by those working in digital marketing, as they convey emotion and help to communicate the brand. Having free and legal access to the tracks allows you to achieve your goals without sacrificing your budget.

Since the arrival of streaming platforms on the market, fewer people feel the need to download music. But actually having the files saved can be critical in some cases, such as those in which you are doing video editing.

If you have already started thinking about the dollar signs you will spend to buy the tracks you need, you can relax: there are ways to download free songs, and everything legally! Were you curious to find out where these soundtrack mines are?

To get inside and have access to artists of various styles, just read this post until the end and choose the option you like best. Good reading!

Why download free music?

In today’s market, access is more important than ownership. The number of people who would rather have access to a car than own one, for example, is already considerable.

With music, it works the same way: most people already prefer to have access to the works of their favorite artists, instead of having a bookcase full of their discs or an external HD full of files.

Even so, for some things, you still need the songs themselves, and not only to be able to hear them. Think about who has videos for social networks in their digital marketing strategy and, even more, who has a video channel.

Certainly, these people need free music to compose the soundtracks for their posts. As much as the materials are short, the songs in the audiovisual are essential to capture the public’s attention and also to help transmit the brand identity to those who follow it.

Another profile that needs to have the files are the Professional or amateur DJs, who like to create new sounds from samples of tracks by other artists. This skill, which often starts as fun, can become a new professional activity.

We can’t stop talking about those who have fun building playlists for every special occasion in life.

Dating or wedding anniversary, family celebrations, company celebrations and other events demand a special soundtrack, and many people make a point of producing their own.

Most streaming platforms offer the possibility for the user to make their playlists. But this usually involves subscription costs for these tools, and not everyone is willing or able to pay.

Luckily, there are options to download free music and be able to carry out all these projects.

How to download music?

Downloading music is not so different from downloading files from other formats. The first step is to find sites and apps that have the music to download – and we’re going to give you great tips on that now.

These tools have track links that you can click on. It is common to see a pop-up dialog box that allows you to choose the destination where you want to save the files.

The ideal is to have a folder organized by names of artists and / or albums, to facilitate the search later, when you want to use the tracks.

Once the destination is chosen, just click on “save”. In some cases, the platform may offer a Zip file, which is a compressed format.

In that case, if you don’t already have a file unpacking software, you’ll need to download one, such as WinZip.

But don’t worry: the installation is quite simple and the operation of the software is very intuitive. The exact instructions on how to unzip the file vary depending on your operating system – especially if it is iOS or Windows.

Basically, what you need to do is to open the compressed file with the unzipper. Then, just follow the instructions of the software itself.

Where can I download music from?

Fortunately, there are several software options, websites and apps that allow you to download tracks of different styles and artists for free and legally. Continue reading the post that we will present the main ones below.

1. Artist’s website

The technological revolution and digital transformation have changed the way we view the world and, with music, it was no different.

Since the creation and popularization of sound in MP3 format, the physical supports of music – vinyl records, CDs and the already almost finished cassette tapes – have become collector’s items.

Very few people buy records, and this forced the recording industry to rethink all your logic.

If before, the biggest sources of income were the sales of copies of the albums, now, it has become the realization of shows. In this scenario, the protection of music becomes less important.

In fact, on the contrary: the more people who know the songs, the more people go to the shows – and the higher the incomes of record companies and artists. Therefore, songs can and should be distributed freely to as many listeners as possible.

Following this reasoning, several artists make entire albums available for download on their official websites. All you need to do is go to the website, find the material you want to download and follow the steps we described earlier.

2. YouTube audio library

Did you know that the very YouTube has an extensive collection of music tracks available for free download? Yes, it is a surprise for many people! In this collection, the user finds thousands of tracks by different artists.

After accessing the YouTube Audio Library, you can search by song name, artist, or genre.

And the most fun thing is that, there, you also find a long list of sound effects that can be used in editing new tracks or soundtracks for video content.

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a platform that could be compared to the musicians’ LinkedIn. In it, artists can create their own channels and make their work available to the public.

In addition to the songs, they can also publish podcasts, interviews and other types of audio files that help them showcase their work.

But the platform is not only made up of artists. On the contrary, many music lovers are there to meet new names, to relate to their favorite artists and, of course, to have access to quality music.

After registering on the platform, you have two options: you can create your playlists to listen to in streaming, or you can download tracks that are available for download.

4. Public domain music

That the songs are protected by copyright, everyone knows. What may be new to many people is that these rights are guaranteed for a number of years.

After that period, the work becomes what we call the public domain, that is, it can be used freely, without users having to pay for it.

If you are a fan of jazz, blues, old rocks and other more traditional music genres, you can find real jewels on public domain music platforms.

The Free Music Archive offers numerous options that can be searched by genre, artist or track, and you can find different styles indexed on the platform. Another good option is the Petrucci Music Library, a repository of copyright-free music.

As the platform accepts that the artists themselves contribute to the collection, making their own works available, you can also find more contemporary music.

5. Amazon Music

Amazon has become the largest sales platform in the world in the past decade, and you can find almost everything being marketed on its pages. Of course, music is also on the menu.

The most interesting thing is that Amazon has a collection of music files that are available for free download. To do this, simply access Amazon Music and search for prices. Then, just choose the free files and download.

6. SoundClick

SoundClick is one of the biggest music delivery platforms on the internet. The operation is very simple: artists upload tracks and albums, which fans can listen to in streaming or download.

In the website, it is possible to find tracks for personal use and enjoyment, and others with rights released for commercial use.

To have access, the user needs to register for free. Then, you can start searching for your favorite songs by genre, artist name, album or track. Those who wish can encourage the production of their favorite artists by making a donation for the music.

It is not mandatory, but it is a very nice gesture, both to thank for the material made available and to make the work of those who have music as a way of life viable.

Downloading free music can be a great way for you to carry out projects that depend on a soundtrack and that were kept in a drawer for lack of money to pay copyrights.

The platforms we present here give you the possibility to experiment, test and create various audiovisual products which can then also be made available to others.

If you liked the tips we brought you in this post, we are sure you will like to know a little more about video marketing. The good part is that we have a complete e-book on the subject here. Download it and create a killer strategy for your company!