The 6 biggest Content Marketing mistakes to avoid in 2020 – WAU

Find out what are the main Content Marketing mistakes you still make and learn how to solve each one of them!

The idea of ​​using content to win customers is not new, but it has only recently started to be applied on a large scale.

With the increasing importance of Content Marketing in the budget of companies, small mistakes take on large proportions and can represent the difference in the commercial goal of the end of the month.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most common mistakes and, of course, give you some tips on how to avoid them.

1. Talk only about your product or service

This is the most common mistake. Many companies forget a basic rule: the customer is not interested in their product, they just want a solution to the problem they face.

Perhaps due to the influence of advertising, some companies become addicted to using each space to talk about how their product is the best and although the advertising format has its advantages, it is totally incompatible with content marketing.


Try to understand that the process of converting leads into customers through content marketing is different. Learn how to use content to attract visitors, understand how a sales funnel works.

But the most important thing is: try to think the same way your customer thinks. Try to understand what the problems he is facing, and provide relevant information so that he can solve them.

2. Not knowing your audience well

This error is directly linked to the previous one, but, as it is a little more specific, it needs an entry just for it. Many companies, especially those at the start of the journey, have little information about the target audience.

But after all, who are your audience, target audience, avatars and personas. No matter what you use, the content shouldn’t be important to you, it should be important to your audience.


Build your buyer personas. Websites Are Us has extensive material on the topic. Don’t know what a buyer persona is? Read this article on personas.

Don’t know how to assemble and present your personas? Use our free template. Don’t know what questions to ask in an interview? We have an article with a nice script.

3. Don’t promote your content

Content promotion is a fundamental step in your strategy. Just publishing rich content and materials on the blog will not bring the best results. Your company needs to go after the audience


This topic has been addressed by Websites Are Us in several articles, but if you want to learn everything start with this article.

4. Think Content Marketing is magic.

Many companies think something like “I’ve been publishing content on the blog for a month now and I still haven’t won any customers”. Content Marketing is a process that takes time, the results will come, but your company needs to be prepared for a constant investment over time.


Plan a long-term strategy. If you need help, read this ebook on financial planning for content marketing.

5. Not having a goal

Before starting any investment, define the objective, after all, what do you want with an updated blog? Generate visits? Be on the first page of Google? None of this is relevant.

An objective must be clear, measurable and achievable within a period of time.

Selling more is not an objective, increasing the customer base by 10% in two months yes. Being on the first page of Google for a particular keyword is not an objective, growing organic traffic by 30% in three months, yes.


First of all, define what your company’s business objectives are, from them derive what are the objectives and goals of content marketing.

If your company spends a lot of money on customer service, a blog about the most frequently asked questions can be used to decrease the total time spent on customer service. If your company needs to increase revenue by 30%, define how many new customers content marketing needs to bring.

6. Don’t measure results:

Lastly, the worst of all mistakes. The lack of clear metrics undermines any content marketing strategy. How to know if your blog is not giving results if you do not measure the total number of visits and which are the most accessed articles?

Your company produces content, which attracts visitors, who turn into leads and become customers. You need to understand how much has been invested in content and how much each stock is bringing in return.


Try to understand each step of this process. From the moment that the person sees your publication on Facebook, has gone through your website, downloaded a rich material, entered into a flow of nutrition, consumed your content regularly and finally became a customer.

Measure the results of each step and understand where the holes are in your sales funnel, or where your customer gave up on the journey.

These are the most common mistakes in a content marketing strategy. The vast majority of companies commit. If the results are not showing, you may be committing one of them.

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