The 7 best Social Networking courses to deepen your knowledge in the area – WAU

Investing in social media courses is a way to keep up to date, differentiate yourself from other professionals and ensure the best strategies for your clients. Goobec, Websites Are Us, IBPAD, ComSchool and much more: in this text you know the main training options in Digital Marketing in the market.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the first internship, if you have just left college, if you are self-employed, or if you have more than ten years of experience in the field. Who works with Digital marketing need to constantly update.

It is worth remembering that this is a relatively new work front. Because of this, professionalization and training are increasingly sought after. So, social media courses are a way to keep up to date and follow the best market practices.

Trending Topics are an example of the speed with which things happen in this medium. What was news – and meme! – by the beginning of the day you will have lost your strength by the end of the week.

You don’t want to be left out of this and end up being left behind, are you? With that in mind, we have listed the top 7 courses that may be of interest to your curriculum. Come on?

Why train yourself?

The internet and social networks have enabled a new form of communication between brands and their audience. As we all have access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the like, at first glance it may even seem that working with Digital Marketing is something simple. However, whoever thinks that way is very wrong.

In addition to being extremely competitive, this market is also very dynamic. Facebook’s algorithm changes frequently, Instagram undergoes constant updates – remember when Stories and IGTV didn’t even exist? – and these are just a few examples.

Thus, investing in social media courses is a way to keep up to date, differentiate yourself from other professionals and guarantee the best strategies to your clients.

How to choose a course?

For those who want to train, the market offers different options. You can choose between online or in-person, paid or free courses. How do you know which one is right for you?

The main tip is to understand what your goal is. Do you just want to catch up on something you haven’t studied in a while or do you really want to delve into something totally new? Do you need a course that stimulates your creativity and brings new references or do you want to improve yourself in a specific tool?

Assess the moment of your career and what the course can add to your current job or to that future opportunity that you are already aiming for.

What are the best courses on the market?

Have you decided on training, managed to save some money, but time is running out? No problem! There are different online social networking courses that have a lot to contribute to your professional growth. Check out 7 of them right now!

1. Goobec

Goobec is an official Google partner and offers different courses in London for improvement in tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and YouTube. In addition, it is also possible to find options for training in programmatic media, Facebook and Instagram.

One of Goobec’s main differentials is that it offers three course options: in-person, online and in-company. In this last modality, it is possible to organize trainings for the employees of your company – a great advantage when it comes to ensuring that everyone is aligned in favor of the business and customer objectives.

The courses are paid and it is possible to find options from R $ 500.00. The school offers different payment possibilities and certainly makes the investment worthwhile!

2. Hupspot

HubSpot Academy is a free platform which offers different courses on Inbound Marketing, sales and consumer experience. As it is an international website, the video classes are all taught in English, but the Inbound certification course, for example, offers the option of subtitling in London.

Courses have different workloads and most offer certification. Among those, for those who master the language, an interesting option is the course called simply as Social Media.

In just over 4 hours, this course goes through different very important concepts for those who work in the area – storytelling, strategy, customer relations and measurement of results are among the topics worked on.


ESPM is a traditional college in the South and Southeast of the country, with courses focused exclusively on the area of ​​Communication. With the distance education model, it becomes relevant and brings new training possibilities to professionals from all over London.

Among the options for those looking to update themselves on market news, the Effective Communication on Social Networks course promises to bring new tools and assist in the creation of digital strategies based on monitoring and measuring results.

The course has live classes by web conference and is around R $ 900.00, which means a good cost-benefit, in view of the institution’s tradition.

4. Websites Are Us

Websites Are Us is the largest company Content Marketing From Latin America. In addition to offering content production, the mining company also provides content management and search software educate the market about the most important practices in the field through WAU University.

There, you can find free and paid courses, all online and with certification valid for one year. Among the options, it is worth highlighting the Social Media Management. In just over 3 hours of course, you understand the importance of:

  • create consolidated strategies for each channel where your brand is present;
  • listen to your audience;
  • knowing how to influence followers with relevant content;
  • create specific content for each network;
  • get to know the main social networks of today;
  • measure and monitor your results.

5. ComSchool

Since 2007 on the market, ComSchool has a menu with more than 170 courses in the areas of Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Social Networks and Digital Transformation. They are divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and there is also an area for university students who need Complementary Academic Activities. A hand on the wheel, isn’t it?

Most courses are available both in person and live online, and there is generally no wide variation in price from one to the other. The fees for each course vary greatly according to the subject’s level of expertise, with options ranging from R $ 300 to over R $ 2 thousand.

In total, ComSchool offers 20 course options related to social media. Among them, you will find: Social Media Manager, Instagram Ads, SAC 3.0, practical Youtubers course and more.


As the name implies, the London Institute for Research and Data Analysis offers courses more focused on the areas of monitoring, metrics and data collection.

Courses are available online, in-company and in person in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. In addition, the Institute also conducts research on demand.

7. Social Media Quickstarter

If you like to learn by yourself and have a good command of the English language – or think that this can be a good way to improve both at the same time – you will be grateful to have made it to the end of this list.

Social Media QuickStarter is a series of content available on the blog of Constant Contact, a gringa email marketing platform. There are several links on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and even on (almost finished) Snapchat.

They bring a content that can be considered basic and that at first glance seems to be aimed exclusively at those who are just starting out.

However, it is often these concepts from the beginning that pass us by as we gain experience in the market. So, now and then, it does a damn good to revisit them.

Professionalization and the search for new references and trends must be constant for professionals from the most diverse areas. This is even more true for those who work with Digital Marketing. Your final consumer is as active (or more) as your brand in the channels used and, therefore, it is important to always be aware of the new tools and possibilities of the networks.

Investing in social media courses is a way of not falling into sameness. These updates even increase your chances of delivering truly innovative and relevant work to your audience – increasingly demanding.

Don’t waste any more time and start your training right now! Just download our complete marketing kit on social media. Enjoy!