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Twitter is a social network with a high capacity for viralizing content. The microblog format combined with the power of hashtags allows brands to take advantage of resources and create totally creative campaigns! Here, you will see some of the best success stories when it comes to campaigns on Twitter.

If you know a little about Twitter campaigns, you already have an idea of viralization power that they carry with them.

This is mainly because the whole issue of algorithms and the reach of corporate profiles has not yet been undermined as it happens on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, the chance to work with real-time content adds a sense of naturalness and humanization to brands, a characteristic that is increasingly valued by users of online platforms.

With that in mind, here are some successful cases when it comes to viral campaigns. From there, you’ll have plenty of inspiration – and lots of content – to apply to your business!

How important is Twitter in online strategies?

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has built a history of success and positioned itself as one of the main digital platforms today.

As we said at the beginning of the post, the instantaneous feature stands out in relation to other social networks.

Amid criticism about the veracity of content, superficiality and a supposedly unreal lifestyle experienced by personalities like Instagram, for example, Twitter shows itself as the opposite way.

In addition to the more “real life” content, there are other very important data that prove the fact that the social network cannot go unnoticed in its strategy:

  • the daily number of users on the network is 134 million;
  • 500 million tweets are posted every day;
  • 77% of users feel more positive about a brand when it responds to their messages;
  • 66% of businesses with 100 or more employees have an account on the social network.

In other words, those who underestimate the platform’s power and reach are missing out on an incredible chance to position themselves on a social network with a high possibility of reach, engagement and brand recognition.

The social network, perhaps, is one of the best ways to be truly close to your audience these days.

How to develop a successful Twitter campaign?

Initially, a good online campaign deserves good planning and persona study. Many brands develop action plans on specific social networks for an audience that is not present there. Thereby, incredible campaigns are lost and do not achieve the expected results.

After understanding more about the information of the people who must be reached, we list, in general, some other characteristics that must be present in the development of a successful action:

  • goal;
  • definition of metrics;
  • duration;
  • focus cities / states;
  • thematic and concept;
  • definition of the main and secondary hashtag;
  • deployment in other social networks to increase reach and dissemination;
  • possibility of partnership with digital influencers.

What are the 8 campaigns that went viral on the network?

Now that you understand good practices of using Twitter to your advantage, it’s time to get to know the best cases in terms creativity and viralization.

1. Itaú – #ViverAMusica

At the time of WAU In Rio 2017, Itaú – the official sponsor of the event – started a great campaign. The idea was to place a kind of “ATM” on the shore of the beach to attract the attention of those who passed by at a specific time of the day.

After getting closer, people discovered that they were actually facing a karaoke.

What was playing was the song “Love of My Life”, by Queen, an iconic band that was present in editions of the festival. After singing the song, some lucky ones were presented with tickets.

The action was not the only one and was part of a concept, called “What the world separates, music brings”. To publicize the campaign on Twitter and encourage readers to share their experience at the festival in real time, the idea was to publish content with the hashtag #ViverAMusica.

2. McDonald’s – Neymar’s Tweets

If you are keeping an eye on that sector of the internet reserved for the best memes and jokes, you are probably aware of the huge power of viralization that this type of content carries with it.

McDonald’s great idea was to unite the image of Neymar – which in itself already generates reach – with a meme related to his name and, finally, Twitter, responsible for achieving viralization.

The case in point was the reappearance of old player tweets. Publications made in mid-2011 show a funny Neymar, a little “clueless” and with a lot of love for the pagoda.

One of these tweets, however, made reference to McDonald’s! The brand wasted no time: amid the resurgence of various viral content, it selected what mentioned the Big Tasty, hamburger cited by Neymar, and applied a print of the tweet in all the boxes across the country.

mc donalds hamburger box

3. Magazine Luiza – #ZicaPraArgentina

Magazine Luiza, a brand known for working with its online presence very well, took advantage of the 2018 World Cup hook and created an action on Twitter.

The campaign, named #ZicaPraArgentina, influenced the fans of the page to buy new televisions in the store and send the old ones, which saw the defeat of London in the 2014 World Cup, to Argentina, with the objective of “zicar” the team and give luck to London.

The creative content of the campaign coupled with other hashtags that made reference to the competition further increased its popularity, becoming most commented subject of the network for several days.

4. Kit Kat – #PartiuCelebreak

Kit Kat has partnered with digital influencers from London to make an interesting action.

Each personality was responsible for tweeting a video with situations in the lives of those people who deserved a celebration. It was, for example, the case of an influencer, who celebrated the fact that her husband won a poker tournament.

The idea was to promote a special Kit Kat box for the action and encourage readers to post the hashtag along with everyday situations worthy of recognition. Thus, chocolate would be the perfect option to compose moments of happiness and celebration.

5. Samsung – #WithGalaxy

To strengthen the image of the Galaxy line and generate sales, Samsung created an action that has everything to do with Twitter: the Millennial generation and their lifestyle.

Three digital influencers were invited to tell a little about their story and Samsung itself released the contents on its profile. Something that made the action even richer and connected with the campaign’s objectives was the fact that the contents were filmed with Galaxy itself.

Samsung’s idea with the campaign was to use the storytelling of today’s youth and affirm its position as the perfect brand for these people: in April, the brand launched a vertical television, focused precisely on the audience in question.

6. Burger King – # LearnADifference

The fast-food chain, which often entered into advertising clashes with McDonald’s, used Twitter to prove harmful behavior on social media.

On the eve of the first round of last year’s presidential elections, the brand promoted a campaign that referred to the act of “abstaining” – relating to the “white” or “null” vote in the ballot box.

Still with the idea of ​​raising an important social debate, the brand produced another video. This time, the campaign started with tweets from people complaining about Burger King. Phrases such as “I hate Burger King”, “Only the smell makes you sick” were seen, as well as pejorative words.

Then, hate messages were seen, also posted on the social network. This time, you could read something like “Nothing against gays, but don’t tell me this is normal”.

The idea was to show that there is a very big difference between opinion and prejudice: one is always welcome, while the other is under no circumstances.

7. Budweiser – #ThisBudsForYou

Budweiser developed an innovative action in partnership with Twitter. In it, the user could order a drink by sending a direct message to the brand. It was the first delivery strategy using 100% of social networks!

Another interesting point was the use of artificial intelligence and bots: the entire chat was automated and based on the understanding of the keywords submitted.

8. Fiat – #FiatArgo

Fiat was the first brand to use Twitter Business Solutions, platform to facilitate the development of campaigns and actions between brands and audience.

The main features allow specific actions (and very important in a digital campaign) to be put into practice, such as:

  • insights and optimization of corporate profiles;
  • intelligence development from bots;
  • customer service privately and specifically for brands;
  • adding buttons to start conversations or find out more about that business’s opening hours.

From these possibilities, the car manufacturer made ation to launch Argo. When interacting with the Twitter profile, the reader would gain a lot of information about the car, benefits, doubts and other subjects.

The answers were developed and sent precisely by the artificial intelligence promoted by Business Solutions.

We can say that a common point of all the strategies – and one of the reasons that drove the viralization that we talked about so much – is the interaction with the public. Note that no hashtag was used in a loose way: they all made some sense when shared by readers.

Often, brands are wrong to promote tags that make no sense except for the company itself. Think of strategy as a way to show that the dissemination of your content deserves to be on the page of an ordinary person!

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