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Updating with the best newsletters is an excellent option to circumvent the day-to-day rush and get informed with relevant content. Thus, it is possible to stay on top of news in your area of ​​operation, combining practicality and quality.

Managing a business or even an important sector, such as Marketing, in a company is not a simple task: demands arrive in excess and time is never enough.

However, it is essential to find a few hours within the tight schedule to find out about news in general and subjects such as technology, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

After all, to be successful in such a competitive market, you need to be on top of news and innovations, to get information or even know new tools or strategies that can be useful for your day to day. Therefore, subscribing to some newsletters can be a way to have access to quality content and, better, without wasting a lot of time.

How about, then, update with the best newsletters on the market? To make your life even easier, we have listed the 8 main options for you to subscribe and stay informed just by opening your email inbox. Prepared? So just read on!

What is the current scenario of newsletters?

One of the main goals of companies is to get more subscribers to their newsletters.

After all, in this case, it is the user who makes the request to receive the content, a clear sign that the consumer trusts and believes that what is offered is relevant, strengthening the brand’s relevance and digital presence.

Within Inbound Marketing, the newsletter is an excellent way to make your email marketing strategy even more efficient.

The objective is to periodically offer relevant content about the company’s area of ​​activity to the customer base. Studies indicate that conversion rate of a newsletter is three times higher than in the social networks, for example.

Not for nothing, the Content Trends 2018 survey places email marketing as one of the four most used channels to find content and information, leaving ads on Google behind, for example.

In addition, newsletters appear among the main formats of content consumed, with 44.3% of users using this resource to inform themselves.

How important is it to subscribe to newsletters?

Lack of time is a very common problem, but this cannot be an excuse for not being aware of the main news about the market.

To resolve this issue, subscribing to a newsletter is an excellent alternative. This way, you already receive a separate content, with the highlights and the main news on a certain subject.

After all, if you have the objective of being seen as an authority in your area and want to educate the market, you need to have knowledge about what is being done best in your area, right?

By subscribing to a newsletter and having access to quality content on a regular basis, you are able to inform yourself to have an even greater mastery of the most relevant subjects in the sector.

Besides that, some newsletters can provide excellent insights for you to make your work even more productive and efficient. For example, if you want to gain followers on your company’s Instagram, keep up to date on what’s new in Marketing 4.0 or even learn about different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, newsletters can help.

What are the 8 best newsletters to update?

Newsletters, therefore, are an excellent way to inform and update yourself about the market and the main innovations.

Besides that, it can also be an interesting strategy to apply to your company. To make this task easier, we have separated a list for you to update yourself with the best newsletters. Check out!

1. Draft Project

Want to stay on top of everything about entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and technology? So you need to know the Draft Project. With exclusive interviews – in video or text format – with big names in the market and articles on the main news in these areas, it is a great way to get informed with relevant content.

In this newsletter you will also receive information about new strategies and innovations that can also be useful for your company.

2. Endeavor

Endeavor’s newsletter is one of the most complete for those who want to start the week with various content on entrepreneurship.

As part of this list, you will receive, every Monday morning, in London, the best articles, news, ebooks, online courses and other materials that can make your job even better.

Another differential of this newsletter is the stories and challenges of entrepreneurs who manage to stand out in such a competitive market.

In this way, readers have access to the details of their successful walks and can apply solutions that are also useful for their own businesses.

3. Digital Marketing

The collaborative portal for digital marketing professionals, called Digitais do Marketing, produces one of the best newsletters on the market.

After all, the content sent to those who subscribe to the list is full of articles, news, podcasts, analysis and studies on the area, news, important tools and even tips for you to apply within your company.

In addition, the first to register on the list earn some special benefits, such as tickets to digital marketing events, discounts on courses and so on. Finally, they contribute in several ways to make you an even better professional.

4. Growthaholics

This newsletter, published in London, is a mixture of entrepreneurship and technology and, without a doubt, should be on your list if these two subjects are of interest to you.

Weekly, the Growthaholics team provides news, articles, videos, podcasts and studies that will help you achieve your company’s growth.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you also have access to books, films and cultural events that can also be useful for the development of your company and even for your professional growth. Exclusive access to courses and events are also part of the package for those who subscribe to this content.

5. The Hustle

The content is in English, but it is worth checking out what The Hustle has to offer daily to its list of subscribers – the main news on business, entrepreneurship and technology, right in your inbox every morning.

It is an excellent way to start the day: irreverence and useful information.

newsletter the hustle

To give you an idea, the success of this newsletter in the United States is so great that there are already more than 300 thousand subscribers.

Another advantage is the formatting of the available content, which meets the main concepts of scannability, allowing you to read faster and, if you want, you can check out more complete content on that subject.

6. Quartz

For those who like to find out about news in the international market, Quartz is an excellent option.

Everything available on this list is English, but it covers the main news from the previous day, with highlights ranging from the business world to international politics and its consequences.

quartz newsletter

In a format of short and direct notes, it is very easy to absorb the content of this newsletter, which is great for those who do not have so much time available, but need to be well informed.

7. Hustlers Only

Hustlers Only’s biweekly newsletter focuses on presenting the best content on marketing and sales.

Published in London, it offers exclusive materials on both subjects, as well as access to opinions and tips from different marketing professionals, so that you remain well informed.

8. Medium

A good professional is not only informed about matters in his area. So it is important to stay on top of news from London and the world.

With this objective in mind, Meio’s daily newsletter is excellent for those who do not have much time, but want to remain well informed. You will receive news of all kinds, including new Netflix productions.

middle newsletter

To help those who do not have much time, here is another differential of this newsletter: the format is designed so that the reader can access all the content in less than eight minutes, facilitating the routine of those who have thousands of other responsibilities.

Bonus: WAUing News

The purpose of this article was to select the best London newsletters, and not to advertise Websites Are Us.

But we can not fail to highlight the WAUing News, newsletter of the Blog Community Websites Are Us, which really stands out in the national scenario of email marketing!

With an informal approach, WAUing News keeps thousands of Websites Are Us freelancers updated weekly with the best content on their blog.

The WAU Community team is not afraid to dare, and constantly surprises with subjects in caps lock, emojis, use of GIFs and even thematic newsletters.

Updating with the best newsletters doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it? By subscribing to the right content, you can get informed about the main news in the market, in addition to having access to new strategies and tools that can be useful for your business.

So take the time out of your busy schedule to enjoy reading quality content.

Now that you know the main newsletters on the market, and what they offer, how about starting to invest in the production of your own newsletter? To do so, just download our free ebook Newsletter Guide and start creating campaigns that really generate results for your business!