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Lead generation can be defined as a way for some organizations to acquire potential customers for the products and services they sell. For some, however, generating Leads is an art full of interesting techniques, secrets and strategies. But does winning potential customers really require so many extraordinary skills? Well, we believe that […]

Lead generation can be defined as a way for some organizations to acquire potential customers for the products and services they sell. For some, however, generating Leads is an art full of interesting techniques, secrets and strategies.

But does winning potential customers really require so many extraordinary skills?

Well, we believe that with a lot of insight, empathy and understanding of the client’s needs and demands, this is a skill that can be developed with the help of a series of techniques already consolidated in the market, such as filling out forms.

There are, however, some unconventional ways to generate leads that should be mentioned! Are you ready to become a master in this art? See our tips!

Why should I commit to lead generation?

A Lead is a person who has an interest in the company’s service or product. In this way, we fail to approach this person with ineffective strategies to make him feel attracted to the service or product we offer.

The customers’ shopping journey had drastic changes with the growth of the internet and greater accessibility to information. Companies are investigated rigorously, advertisements can be interrupted in streaming services and online advertisements are blocked with the aid of simple browser features.

This type of intrusive advertising gradually declines because of its inefficiency. In its place, the generation of Leads comes as a solution for the development of more lasting relationships with current and future customers.

Affirming that the generation of Lead occurs through the creation of relevant content for websites and blogs may not be sufficient, since there are numerous strategies behind this, and content creation is not always involved.

We can, however, claim that the original ways used by professionals to attract people to a business are seen as a generation of Leads.

And that is why we have put together a list of unconventional ways to attract potential customers to your business!

1. Gamification

Have you thought about how fun it would be to present your product or service and generate Leads through playful games with your audience?

Several professionals can be involved in a gamification strategy, from designers and copywriters to educators and salespeople, who deal directly with customers.

First, it is necessary to observe the characteristics raised during the segmentation of audiences and observe what types of entertainment content are pleasing to this audience: do your readers prefer TV shows with British humor, or are they fond of comics?

Would they take part in a quick first-person game that tested their knowledge?

You can do this in the form of a quiz, a quick game, a fun tool… you decide! The important thing is entertain your audience enough that it becomes part of your Leads base.

Your team can think, for example, of a prize for the player who gets all points right, such as a free ebook or a sample of your product or service!

2. Make use of surveys

Research takes work. The process is long and laborious, but the results that your company can gain from a well-researched research are worth the effort. A survey, in addition to being an unusual way of generating Leads, also brings authority for your brand.

After all, you are helping your market to understand the trends and projections in your area, educating the public and contributing to the increase in knowledge about a certain subject or service.

3. Create interesting tools

Like research, the process of creating a tool is quite laborious and involves a large number of people and steps.

But a tool is one of the best ways to generate Leads: You are offering something practical to your audience, something that will immediately help you with something and offer a solution to any questions. Do research on the biggest problems and issues facing your audience and create an amazing tool with that in mind.

You can be sure that your audience will be very grateful and you will generate many qualified Leads!

Marketing Research

4. Offer a free consultation

It is true that nobody wants to offer their services for nothing. However, providing free consultations encourages people to contact your company and access its contents in search of more information.

Consultancies are an important way to develop relationships with your Lead, and a relationship of trust is vital to winning over a consumer and his investment in your company’s products and services.

In addition, this way you can generate Leads who really want to know more about you and your company.

5. Lead generation with referral programs

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times you asked someone you trusted for references when you wished to purchase a product or service that caused a lot of expectations? Have you followed the recommendation of someone who felt dissatisfied with an organization?

Happy customers are one powerful feature to your marketing arsenal, as they have great potential to point you in the market.

Create a referral incentive program, offering discounts and other bonuses on the purchase of your products and services when someone recommends them.

Provide consumers with a referral link that they can share over the internet. Through this link, people can access special prices and packages.

6. Think beyond traditional promotions

The generation of traditional Leads can be quite expensive and difficult to establish in a competitive scenario. So it’s important to launch creative solutions to win potential customers and retain the ones you already have.

Sporadic shoppers, for example, may be more interested in promotions. The most loyal customers, on the other hand, can be “awarded” with some perks, such as knowing products before the entire audience, for example.

Instead of sending the same email to your entire contact base, segment your contacts and send content appropriate to the demands of these people. A creative email can make a big difference, as it “reminds” your audience that you are there, ready to offer interesting solutions and content.

ebook email marketing

7. Establishing unusual partnerships

Your relationship with your competitors need not be a medieval battle. In fact, when we team up with people who produce products and services similar to ours, we can learn different techniques and join forces to strengthen a market!

An example already consolidated in London are events and workshops. Join your competitors to promote events in your area. In this way, the public of the other speakers will have access to the services and vice versa.

It may seem daunting, but strengthening the market and bringing competitors closer together can stimulate the constant improvement of your work! And so, you generate Leads in a different way, also having access to the public of the partnership you made.

8. Create diverse content

Remember we talked up there about having a well-targeted audience in mind?

This does not mean that you need to stick to just one type of interest. After all, you are likely to have several types of customers, and each of them has its own demands and needs.

In addition, your customers are also at various stages of the buying journey, so make sure your content speaks to each stage.

Make sure your content serves them in the most multiple way possible: invest in video strategies, guest posts, shareable images, Email Marketing and even paid advertisements.

9. Watch out for the number of options!

We know: at the beginning of any project, it is difficult to control the excitement. However, a page with too many options may not sound so friendly to new visitors. So, worry about the look of your website, making it intuitive and accessible.

So, when a “freshman” comes across your site and finds useful material with just a few clicks, it is much easier to take it to the other stages of the sales funnel!


Did you just see how Lead generation can engage different types of professionals and different activities?

Leads are the foundation of any B2B company, which is why it is so important to think of unusual ways to win them over, captivate them and make them bring more people interested in your company’s work.

It is worth remembering that this is a time-consuming task that requires time, patience and an organization of data in order to facilitate the measurement of results.

Is that you? What unconventional forms of lead generation do you use?

This text was written by André Siqueira, from Digital Results.