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Amid so much technology, we can sometimes be in doubt when choosing what type of media to invest in and publicize our products and services. The use of paid advertising on social networks is one of the best options in this challenge. We have already taught you the details of Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook ads. […]

Amid so much technology, we can sometimes be in doubt when choosing what type of media to invest in and publicize our products and services. The use of paid advertising on social networks is one of the best options in this challenge. We have already taught you the details of Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook ads.

Now it’s LinkedIn’s turn! LinkedIn is one of the social networks with a considerable number of users and that is always expanding. So much so that we launched the Personal Marketing Course on LinkedIn at Websites Are Us University!

With about 300 million members, it focuses on people with active careers in the labor market, thus being an excellent means of communication with potential consumers and customers of your brand or product. LinkedIn is thus positioned today as one of the best social networks for conquering valuable business opportunities.

Advertising on LinkedIn is connecting with a large network of dynamic and influential professionals.

Let’s see step by step to create and configure ads on LinkedIn.

Step 1: Create a new campaign on LinkedIn

To start a campaign, click here. When accessing this ad platform, click New Ad Campaign.

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At this stage you will be able to choose the name of your campaign, remembering that with this title you will be able to guarantee easier viewing, identification and LinkedIn also offers you the functionality to create links with other advertising campaigns.

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The choice of this name is essential for success in your work. The clearer the information, the better, both to filter the target audience and to achieve the results you expect more accurately.

Step 2: choose the language

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Choose the language you want. Remember that LinkedIn does not use simultaneous online translation tools, but offers you a good variety of languages ​​for you to choose and target your target audience.

3 ° Select the Media Type

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Keep in mind that to choose the type of media you can either select the video mode – which must be 30 seconds or less to ensure that it will not become tiring or give up before giving the complete information – or you can select an ad in text. This choice depends only on your planning.

4 ° Write your ad

There, you have arrived at the most pleasant part: time to create the image, text or ideas you want to convey to your audience. Always keep in mind who you want to reach with your media, who you want to contact or who you want to click on your ad. You can send a link so that even those who do not already have a LinkedIn account can access your ad or include a link to direct directly to the offers page on your website and also publicize your company’s LinkedIn page, blogs, area budget. There are a wide variety of options, take advantage of them to think which one best suits your planning.

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Remember: The ad headline is limited to 25 characters. The ad body is limited to 75 characters. Objectivity for creating the text is essential: the more relevant the information, the greater the demand for access.

Call-to-Action (CTA): making a CTA available within the copy of your ad, such as “Download your Ebook” or “Get a free sample”, also guarantees an improvement in the click rate on your ad.

Value: Extremely important and eye-catching information. Take advantage of it, put the discount information available to customers, gifts, set deadlines to not let the customer think too much, make him feel invited to meet you today. Let him feel that the biggest advantage for him will be entering your store now.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there is no closed rule or magic recipe for success. So try out various formats and attractive features for your ad to be successful with your specific audience. There are a huge number of variations and there are sure to be some that will give you a better result.

5th Pass: Segment your Ad

Shooting in all directions is not a good strategy. So don’t forget to target your ad! If your product is for a specific audience, targeting your ad can help increase your conversions – the more relevant your targeting, the more clicks you will get. LinkedIn makes it possible to segment your audience by location, company, position, school, group, gender and age.

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6th Step: Choose the payment method

After targeting your ad, choose your payment method.

You can choose by cost-per-click (CPC), which would be charged each time someone clicks your ad, or pay for 1000 impressions (CPM). LinkedIn itself will suggest some offers depending on your budget and the competition of your product. If you choose to pay for 1000 clicks, you will be charged each time your ad is shown to 1,000 people on LinkedIn.

Step 7: Set a budget and schedules

Before deciding on a high investment value for your ad, first test the success of your ad variations. It is not the high value that will define success, but winning and reaching your target audience.

For better planning, LinkedIn also provides a tool for contacting customers who access your ad. This way, they can request a quote, ask for other information and you can strengthen the relationship with your audience.

You can also choose when your ad will be available: continuously or at specific times. It’s up to you.

And finally: measure your results with the ad performance report

Your LinkedIn advertising campaign is ready! On the LinkedIn home screen you can follow your progress on the platform. Here you will have the mapping of graphs of your clicks, expenses, CTR, both in full and by periods. You’ll access statistics and average CPC for each campaign, thus helping your investment decision to optimize your campaigns. On LinkedIn, a good reference for a CTR is around 03% or higher.

If you find that the campaigns have low access, there are several ways to optimize and increase the view. When you click on the ad you will have all the information available and classified by variations for better analysis.

Use this tool for your benefit, because this way you can define which will be the next ads and which will be the methodologies that you will employ in them.

Have you announced on LinkedIn? Do you have any extra tips to advertise on the network? Comment on your experience, we love to hear from you!

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