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Pay attention to this sentence: Crisis? Yes, I heard about the crisis, but I decided that my company and I are not going to participate. Sam Walton, founder of Walmart. you’re complaining about) and […]

Pay attention to this sentence:

Crisis? Yes, I heard about the crisis, but I decided that my company and I are not going to participate

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

If your company needs to save money and find suppliers to meet the difficulties that the market faces in the current situation, stop complaining (if you’re complaining) and find creative solutions, how to contract services through B2B platforms on the internet.

In fact, every day a new startup appears, taking advantage of exactly this moment of crisis as an opportunity!

In many of them, no one is desperate, on the contrary, they are growing a lot, including using excellent inbound marketing strategies to increasingly publicize their business and win customers.

Look at this case: How we grew the blog 367% with digital marketing in 3 months.

And this is another important point when advertising your business: get out of the box and add other communication tactics to those you already use!

This does not mean stopping creating flyers or renewing the company’s uniforms, especially if this is working.

This type of “economy” can be expensive for your business image! The idea is to add more and more, always looking for the best mix of initiatives and a good cost benefit.

We promise to present you the best web platforms to quote and hire services with much more agility and great prices, so, let’s go!

4 web sites to hire B2B services

We Do Logos

Not only logos, but several other communication and design materials can be created with the help of its 80,000 registered designers and copywriters.

The platform works in the creative competition scheme, in which your company places an order for design material (already with a pre-defined price) and waits to receive the designers’ proposals.

Usually this is very fast and in 24 hours it is already possible to start asking for adjustments and changes, until leaving the project according to the company’s needs.

As they also have registered editors, it is possible, for example, to buy a designer logo and create a slogan for your company on the same site.

It is an option that has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs! The site already has 35 thousand customers.


Outsourcing cleaning services is very common in many companies. But with Blumpa you can count on it whenever you need it, not necessarily hiring a monthly service.

In addition to hiring office cleaning service, in case of parties or events in the company you can hire more people. There are several professionals specialized in cleaning registered.

And if after doing a job with one of them you really liked the job, you can ask for it to be sent again, whenever you ask.


This is a gringo site that decided to bring together several solutions for companies in one place.

The idea is to make your projects come true with the help of a community that has more than 6 million professionals.

On the website it is possible to hire various services, such as designers and developers, as well as courses and tutorials, elements for graphic creation, such as vectors and templates, and it even works as a bank of images and videos.

Apparently Envato’s next move will be with a platform for building web sites. Wait and check it out!


Needing to repair the company’s roof, make a general painting, fix the air conditioning or even a renovation? Save time and get great prices by accessing Habitíssimo.

Another platform that registers professionals, a total of 3 million, available for you to hire the service you need in your business: joiners, masons, painters, plasterers and many more!

You can even build industrial warehouses with them, or even hire earthmoving services.

Well, as you saw, not only can you save a lot of money with these sites, but be inspired to have some other great idea like these and make yourself a B2B service platform on the internet, have you thought about that?

To the next!

This text was written by Pedro Renan, CMO of We do Logos, founder of Logovia, specialist in Inbound and Content Marketing.