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Discover the main attributes of the most famous business social network of the moment! In our LinkedIn guide, you will learn how to join Digital Marketing strategies and social networks in building an attractive profile.

Have you ever heard of that phrase “who is not seen is not remembered”? When we think about the universe of social networks, it makes perfect sense. Brands around the world have been investing heavily in online presence, and you can’t stay out of this.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, already positioned as major business platforms, there are other options that are worth the investment. In our LinkedIn guide, you will learn how to explore the social network that has been conquering the world and could be your new great opportunity.

In this content, we will explore many important topics on the topic. They are:

What is LinkedIn?

As much as many people believe that LinkedIn is recent – it took a while to become popular in London – the social network was created there in 2003.

A group of friends realized that, at that time, there was still no online environment focused on exchanging experiences, trends and information about the job market. From there, they invited around 300 participants to the test and founded LinkedIn.

In less than 1 year of existence, the social network already had more than 1 million users. It positions itself as a space for professionals around the world to share information about their careers and thus prosper.

We already know that this is entirely possible, since the job vacancy platform – LinkedIn Job Search – is one of the main ways of hiring many companies.

Today the network has more than 550 million users, distributed in 200 countries. In terms of number of registrants, London is in the third position, second only to the United States and India!

Social Media Trends, a survey that presents an overview of companies and users on social networks, pointed out other data that strengthen the reasons for being present on the network and investing in strategies:

  • 96.2% of internet users are on a social network;
  • 62.6% consider that social networks have a very important role for companies;
  • 67.2% of users are present on LinkedIn.

What features does it offer?

Now that you’ve understood a little about the social network landscape and realized how important it is to be there, it’s time to find out how LinkedIn’s main features work.

The platform it is not much different from other networks like Facebook, for example. In it you must choose a photo, define a name and description of the page, insert location, websites or other social networks, in addition to technical information such as company branch and number of employees.

A very important difference in the network is the existence of personal profiles and Company Pages (something like corporate profiles). In the case of companies, the ideal is to follow the second option – just as you would on Facebook.

Company Pages have a series of information and strategic reports delivered by LinkedIn at no cost. With them, it will be possible to analyze positive points or issues to be improved in the management of the page.

How to create an attractive profile on the network?

An important point for a LinkedIn guide is the main attributes of an attractive profile. Simply put, you can optimize the page to win more interested people to know your brand and, who knows, close a deal.

Creating the Company Pages

Making a professional page is very simple! First, on the LinkedIn homepage, you must click on the “Solutions” button located in the upper right corner of the page. After scrolling down to the end, you will find the “Create a LinkedIn Page” section.


Then, you will have access to a page that starts a questionnaire about the size / proposal of the company. Did you know that LinkedIn offers exclusive and optimized pages for educational institutions?


After selecting the desired profile, it is time to insert all the information that will be part of the page. It is important to add everything very complete, imagining that your reader can solve most of your initial doubts before contacting you.

The lower the information bottleneck, the greater the chances of contact being made at the time of closing the deal – or getting close to it.


After filling in the fields, your page will be ready! Remember to check all links, phone numbers, address and quality of images. These are small points that, if they go unnoticed, can generate disinterest on the part of the public.


Ready! Now it’s time to publish the content and start, in fact, winning over the public and prospecting customers.

Defining the correct image size

LinkedIn has a specific size for images or videos according to the visual needs of the profile. See the main ones below:

  • cover photo: 1400 x 220 pixels;
  • logo: 110 x 110 pixels;
  • product banner: 646 x 220 pixels;
  • posts: ideally 1200 x 627 pixels or 1.91: 1 ratio.

Keeping content up to date

Remember to keep your publication calendar up to date. Social media timelines are a kind of competition, that is, when there is no constancy, your brand and content will be lost in the middle of competition, profiles of coworkers or any other page that the user likes.

In addition to the periodicity of publications, do not forget the quality. Use creativity to develop interesting guidelines that deliver relevant content and make the audience really want to stay there.

Responding quickly

Have you heard of SAC 2.0? He says that, with the evolution of the media combined with new technologies, social networks have become one of the main customer service channels.

Never underestimate the power of an online platform to boost – or destroy – a brand’s reputation. So, deliver quick, enlightening responses and showing real concern about your users.

How to explore LinkedIn in Digital Marketing?

Now that you know the main ways to use LinkedIn in favor of your business, it’s time to develop better, more creative and conversion-capable strategies.

Digital Marketing is a strong ally in the journey of positioning itself as a highlight in the network. We will now explain how this can be done from simple steps!

Use SEO resources

SEO is important not only when we talk about ranking in search engines – something you probably already know – but it is also a powerful tool in strengthening and brand recognition strategies.

By defining a cloud of keywords that will be explored in texts, images or hashtags, for example, the public creates greater comfort with the brand and starts to associate it with those terms.

Create Call To Actions strategies

The famous CTA, a darling item – and fundamental – in Digital Marketing strategies, should also be used intelligently in content.

After all, you’re on LinkedIn for a reason! Just define the main priorities and deploy them at the end of each publication. The idea is to take it to the site? For a blog post? To any physical address?

Make creative calls and instill the reader’s curiosity. When used well, the feature is powerful in conversion!

Promote your profile on other channels

Joining the forces of several channels is essential to create a digital unit – that is, to show that your company is present in the main online channels – and also to strengthen the brand.

Create social media advertising banners and place them on the website, blog and even in printed materials. The strengthening of information makes the user of your social network “fall into the mouth of the people” instantly, that is, when someone needs your services, it will be a matter of seconds before they find your page!

Deliver relevant content

A proposal of relevant content goes beyond the promotion of a brand, its products, advantages and main attributes. She delivers content that makes sense in the user’s daily life, not just when closing deals.

When you think about where you want to go with a profile on LinkedIn – or any other social network – keep in mind that the ideal scenario is to become that partner brand, present at all times and that delivers relevant content.

This can be done by incorporating editorials containing tips, trends, relevant information about the market, curiosities of the brand / products or history of employees, for example. What matters is to generate identification and proximity.

THE value proposition behind the brand and what it offers must be priorities at any time during the performance. Closing online sales is a big challenge, however, when done with purpose, it becomes something much more pleasurable and with great chances of success!

If you liked our LinkedIn guide, make sure that there are still other very important content on this platform to learn. So, enjoy your visit and find out how to implement marketing strategies on this social network!