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This post was inspired by the Contentamp infographic, which you can check here. Who has never lost or found what they would never have imagined in the fabulous world of the internet? The answer to everything seems to be there, ready for anyone who knows how to look. And anyone who deals with content marketing knows the importance of knowing all the […]

This post was inspired by the Contentamp infographic, which you can check here.

Who has never lost or found what they would never have imagined in the fabulous world of the internet?

The answer to everything seems to be there, ready for anyone who knows how to look.

And anyone who deals with content marketing knows the importance of knowing all the tools that allow your text, image or video to travel the world and win more interested parties and customers.

So, we made a post comprising many of these tools made available worldwide to broaden your horizons and help you create more and more effective strategies for your brand.

It is important to note that many amazing tools will be left out of this list for now, but this list will be updated and will continue to grow constantly.

Come on?

Global Search Tools


The global giant manages to remain, year after year, one of the favorites among the majority of users.

It uses the keywords (algorithms) and algorithms to search for results by relevance, popularity and other requirements.


Search platform created in the 90s, which fell in popularity with the emergence of other companies in the same segment, but which today still has more than 100 million visitors per day.


Guide to urban services that allow its users to make recommendations and research establishments based on the evaluation of the community itself.


Who doesn’t have a question on any topic?

Ask comes precisely to answer the most restless and curious minds on the planet.

With the right to the quiz area with questions of the most varied day (when we clicked to write this post, for example, the poll was “What does the moon smell like?”).


North American platform that sells tickets to the most different events in several (!!!) places. Just search for “maracana” (our Maracanã stadium, but without the tilde) to see that they are selling tickets to the Pearl Jam show in November.


Much like Google and Yahoo !, it has a translator that rivals Google Translate.

Aol Search

America On Line (AOL) is a large and popular provider of internet services and news portal in the United States.


One of the oldest internet portals, with twenty years of road.


Buser in the travel business. Allows you to find flights, hotels and cars worldwide.


Platform for job search, including version in London.


Rather than searching for terms and keywords, it is a mechanism for studying and sharing knowledge by processing responses extracted from a database.


ANDLondon company offering services, content and research. One of the largest in Latin America. It has the largest content in London in the world.

Searching and browsing social networks


“All tweets since 2006” is the motto. That is, it is a powerful tool to search and monitor Twitter.

Social Mention

It allows real-time search of user generated content on social networks for a given keyword and analysis of this information.

Content Creation


North American company specialized in content marketing.

It has a platform that allows companies to produce and disseminate their content to attract the target audience.


Plans, creates and amplifies the contents of companies on the internet.


Content platform that allows the management of B2B marketing strategies.

Authoring tools


Platform for creating videos with more than 13 million users. Allows you to choose a style, song, customization of details and sharing.


Dand develops a line of products for personal and corporate use to create and share the most different types of content.


Its product line offers professionals and amateurs the opportunity to create photos, videos and other diverse materials with the highest quality, being among the favorites of creative professionals.

Content Trade News

Content Marketing Association (CMA)

Representative of several agencies that produce content, with news, cases, events and others.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

The main objective is to spread the learning about content marketing with tips and practical materials for the professional to know and specialize.


It brings professionals from all over the world to disseminate research, conduct events, analyzes and allow companies and professionals to achieve success.


A community focused on developing presentations to improve understanding of complex topics.

Cool infographics

Blog specializing in infographics, content visualization and the translation of thoughts on visual platforms.

Online tool that allows the creation of infographics and graphics easily.

It allows the creation of graphics, infographics, videos and ebooks for marketing campaigns.

Blogging Platforms


Service acquired by Google a few years ago that allows the creation of blogs, mainly aimed at those unfamiliar with the subject.


A blog platform for shorter posts (although it is not a microblog) that allows users to interact like social networks, between liking and reposting.


Another platform for creating websites, blogs and ecommerce made easy for users without a specific domain


Open source content management system (Content Management System or CMS), that is, free to use.


In addition to CMS with Joomla !, wordpress is also a platform for publishing content and creating and maintaining blogs.

Content agencies


UK digital marketing agency focused on content marketing.

Velocity partners

Another UK agency focused on B2B marketing and content production

Content Sharing


North American news community, based in California.


Digital library with thousands of ebooks available for download.


Collaborative digital encyclopedia of images, with almost one million files.


A page where the user community posts questions and answers for the most diverse subjects.


It is a mix of news portal and forum, where users post news and links to be discussed among the community.

Content curation and forums

Content Gems

Company that curates content aimed at marketing companies and brands.


Content marketing tool that helps you build and manage customer experiences in real time.


Offers a centralized online platform for discussions, forums and posting comments on websites and blogs.

Branded Content Distribution


Marketing and technology company that creates tools for the production of audiovisual content.


North American advertising agency that has a platform for video advertising.


Another platform for video advertising on social networks,

Social Networks and Others

Based on the concept of questions and answers between friends to talk about yourself and meet your network friends.


Aimed at meeting new people. Nowadays it can be used from a Facebook or Google+ account.


Social network focused on the professional and business universe.


It is logical that the giant Google could not be left out of social networks. Google+ today has become a solution for many companies.


Today’s largest social network, it allows the connection between people through lists of friends and monitoring of groups and fanpages of companies and brands.


The largest network in China, quite popular among college students.


Social network for sharing photos, images and videos.


Mainly focused on meeting new people. Founded by two Harvard graduates, it now has more than 300 million users.


The famous 140-character network, which helped to raise the status of hashtags to important communication and marketing tools.


Aimed at the younger audience, it works as a virtual universe developed from pixel art.


Another social network focused on chat and bringing people together through the internet.

Social intelligence


Platform to monitor social networks that allows you to see what customers are saying about a brand and the volume of buzz generated by it.


Social media monitoring tool.

Affinity Answers

Specialized in creating and expanding the audience and generating leads based on the concept of public-brand affinity.


Social intelligence tool that allows you to know what the public thinks about a brand, analyze data and measure ROI (Return on Investment).


It provides tools for social CRM, based on analysis and engagement of the target audience.


Allows you to analyze and integrate data for managing social networks.


Platform that aims, through “social media listening”, to transform information into possibilities to expand business.

Networked Insights

Real-time analytics software that allows companies to make marketing decisions faster.


Offers cloud solutions for social media and text monitoring.


Offers a range of tools for monitoring and analyzing social networks.

Meltwater Group

Offers monitoring of social media and media intelligence products


One of the largest companies in the field of social media research and intelligence.

Sprout Social

Focused on managing customer relationships on social networks.

Social Login / Sharing


Specialized in customer identity management and network logins.

Share This

A widget that allows you to share any content by sending it via email.

Add This

It allows the creation of personalized sharing buttons, for websites and social networks.


One of the leaders in the customer identity management market.

One Site

It offers customized solutions for companies looking to establish or improve the relationship with customers online.

URL shorteners

Tiny URL

Free tool to shorten URLs. You have the possibility to create a test page, confirming the link.

Service to shorten URLs for those who have a Google account.

London shortener, offers a Premium account and several features on the tool page.

Social ranking


IS a social media game, in which players ‘count’ according to their interactions.

Peer Index

Uses brands left on major social networks to provide data and information. He recently joined Brandwatch.


Uses analysis data from social networks to rank the influence of its users.

Sharing photos


Part of Yahoo !, it offers space for managing and sharing photos.


Social network made for sharing photos and videos. Offers a series of filters within the application for image processing.

PR Distribution

Pitching Notes

Free service for people to share their experiences with other professionals in the field.

Business Wire

Global leader in distribution of press releases and regulations.

PR Newswire

Monitoring and distribution and releases and news.

Native content platforms and networks


Largest content discovery platform in the world


Tool for placing related posts on blogs.


Specializing in recommending articles and videos online.


Bluefin Labs

Uses comments on social media to measure audience engagement with US TV programming.


Analysis platform made for mobile and web.


Offers data-based solutions for companies to find more potential customers..

Search analytics

SEO Analytics

Offers solutions and tools to measure campaigns and website SEO.


Leader in search marketing intelligence.

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