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Having a good web hosting is essential for your brand to offer a quality service to the public. Hosting can be used for many applications, such as systems, virtual stores, blogs and websites, with advantages ranging from better performance to greater security!

When creating a website or blog, one of the most recurring questions is related to the website hosting service. After all, a great hosting is one of the fundamental parts when doing an online project, as it will store the data, making it available for viewing across the globe.

In other words, hosting is responsible for ensuring access for the entire public to the virtual address. A great advantage of having it is the guarantee that, when accessing the site, the client will have all the content available so that he can browse the sections he wishes.

Want to know more about the importance and impact of hosting on a website’s performance? So, be sure to follow the next topics. Good reading!

What determines a good website?

What would be the essential elements for a good website? Well, some characteristics may vary according to the persona, that is, your ideal client, in addition, of course, to the influence of the sector in which the company is inserted.

However, there is a very basic checklist of elements that all sites need to contain. Meet some of them below!


The speed of the website is an item that must be worked on from development to infrastructure and hosting. Speed ​​greatly influences the IF THE, and there are several elements that contribute to this, such as page size, hosting, image optimization, among others.


Google gives preference to secure pages. Therefore, the greater the risk of your site being hacked, the greater the chances of it losing out on search engines. So, the best thing to do is to prevent this from happening, after all, the recovery process can take a long time.


High quality sites prioritize user needs, not focusing on what they sell. A new and excellent quality content awakens and consolidates the interest of users, making them invite friends and family to visit the site.

Seo on page

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques that aims to improve the positioning of a website on search engines, like Google. Creating the site without considering good SEO practices is undoubtedly a lost job.

Conversion optimization

Conversion occurs when the visitor achieves one of the purposes of the site, whether filling in contact details or purchasing a service or product. There is no point in taking customers to the site if they get lost along the way, do you agree?

Optimizing a website for conversion is simply have a much better use of traffic. For this, an optimized website has conversion points strategically spread over it.

Why invest in your website’s performance?

The better the performance of the page, the greater the level of involvement of visitors. Thus, the more you invest in the speed and efficiency of the site, the greater the revenue will be, without a doubt.

When it comes to online success, know that performance is key. You will only have a few seconds to get the audience’s attention before they leave the site and never come back. So, if the site takes a long time to finish loading, it is sure that users will be well away from it.

It does not stop there. Site performance also affects search engine placement. After all, with slow loading, the site will make a bad measurement of the visitor experience metrics, which influences its ranking level.

See some positive impacts that the good performance on the site can have in some companies:

  • a well performing website helps to level the playing field against competition;
  • manages to increase credibility brand, branding and sales;
  • create more visibility for the company if optimized for search.

But don’t forget that the wrong website can kill your business!

What is the relationship between hosting and website?

Website hosting is the network environment in which website data and files are stored so that it can be found on the internet. That is, when making a file available on a server, it is allowed to be found by visitors from the domain registration.

See what are the most common types of hosting:

  • shared hosting: recommended for several sites, being the most common way, after all, it is a more affordable service and with very varied resources;
  • free hosting: some organizations offer the free service, which is indicated for initial projects and that do not have so many expectations;
  • VPS: stands for Virtual Private Server, which in London means Virtual Private Server. This is most recommended for larger projects.

The function of the hosting is to keep the website with great performance and activity. The most common features to understand are:

  • Support: essential, as many online entrepreneurs do not have much knowledge about technology;
  • uptime: it concerns the working time of the website on the air. There are companies with 99.9% uptime, which is important to not leave the user dissatisfied;
  • safety: is exactly what everyone is looking for in the virtual world and also in the physical world. It is important to choose a very secure service, which has an SSL security certificate.

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What are the advantages of a hosting service?

See now what are the main benefits of a hosting service on the web!

Better site performance

With high quality hosting, loading speeds will no longer be an issue. Don’t forget that, the better the site’s performance, the greater the level of audience engagement.

Response time

In 2010, Google stated that one of the factors that most influence the positioning of the site is its speed. Nowadays, people make decisions extremely quickly and, for that reason, want to immediate responses.

So, if your site takes too long to give answers, surely they will go to the competition. Good hosting guarantees a very short response time.

Speed ​​for e-commerce and blog

Hosting will allow you to streamline processes of your e-commerce or blog, which allows you to increase speed, optimize performance, save time in activities, reduce expenses and increase profit.

Exceptional technical support

If you have provided services or products from a website, you already know the importance of offer customer support. The hosting company also knows this. If you don’t have the technical skills, your provider will be like the technical team member for you.

Domain-associated email address

When using a hosting service provider, you will have the opportunity to create your own domain-specific email address.

Improved website security

The basis of security on a website starts with the hosting service provider. Especially because it is there that all files on the site will be stored. A quality host will have various levels of security in force.

What is the impact of website hosting on SEO?

Performance, security, in short, everything we quote here reflects directly on SEO, after all, they are all elements for search engines. In this way, website hosting has a very relevant role in relation to the positioning of the site in search engines. Here are some factors:

  • safety: secure servers, website downtime and the use of a security certificate are important in search results;
  • performance: your site will gain SEO advantage with a loading time well below the competition, with files being loaded with incomparable speed;
  • UX: large number of hits, high conversion rate and increased sales are signs of a great experience, and Google loves it.

Without a doubt, hosting affects the positioning of the site in search engines.

How to choose the ideal hosting?

See what are the relevant points that must be analyzed when choosing the best hosting for your site!

Available storage

Depending on the purpose of your website, you will need a small or large storage space for your files. The most suitable is hire the service that will meet your needs.


There is nothing more disappointing on the internet than clicking on a link and failing to open the site. So, be sure to check if the hosting service you have chosen offers better quality of availability.

Loading speed

As stated, Google prioritizes pages that load faster, in the quest to always offer the best experience for visitors. So, you need to be aware of this before launching the site!

Security of your data

Entrusting the hosting of your website to a company is not a very simple task. Therefore, you need to make sure that the provider you choose really ensure customer protection, ensuring data redundancy system and constant backups.

Payment methods

Price cannot be the only reason for your choice, but it can help in your final decision on the best service. Do not forget that a lower price is not a guarantee of a service without quality, just as a high value does not guarantee the high quality of the provider.

Finally, be aware that there are several different website hosting services. You need to understand well what your real needs are for hire the best plan that will perfectly fit your profile!

Do you want to guarantee a managed hosting with a fast, secure and always online environment? So, get to know our services right now!

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