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Agribusiness is one of the most important sectors of the London economy. According to the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of London (CNA), the sector represented 3% of GDP in 2016. In this scenario, marketing in agribusiness gains significant importance to consolidate the presence of rural producers in the national market. The prediction of the CNA is that, even […]

Agribusiness is one of the most important sectors of the London economy. Second the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of London (CNA), the sector represented 3% of GDP in 2016.

In this scenario, agribusiness marketing gains significant importance to consolidate the presence of rural producers in the national market.

The CNA forecast is that, even with the economic recession, the sector will show a growth of 2% in 2017. However, the growth of the segment also means more intense competition.

To seek competitive advantages, many agribusinesses have identified the importance of marketing in agribusiness as an opportunity to generate new business.

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What is the importance of marketing in agribusiness?

In several segments, the use of marketing is already a consolidated reality. In the case of agribusiness, the advantages provided have been more exploited by large companies.

However, marketing strategies have solid benefits, regardless of the size of the company.

Some possible advantages to be achieved with the adoption of marketing in agribusiness are:

Interaction with the target audience

A company that never communicates with its target audience is unlikely to be remembered by them when making a purchase decision.

Interacting with the public, through content production and advertising, for example, allows the company to be remembered when buying.

Better customer relationship

The relationship with the customer consists not only of promoting the brand, but showing the customer what are the advantages that he acquires when choosing a company product.

The relationship strategy must be based on before, during and after sales, building customer loyalty.

Increased sales

A company that is not seen or remembered is unlikely to be able to maintain sales growth in an economically unstable period.

Performance with marketing, whether digital or traditional, is directly related to the ability to increase sales.

Brand positioning

Some brands have consolidated themselves in the popular imagination as a reference for quality in certain sectors.

This high capacity to attract customers is possible through a brand positioning in the market, with the help of marketing and marketing strategies. branding.

In addition to impacting customers, a company well positioned in the market also influences media guidelines, opinion makers in the area and other public references.

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What are the advantages of digital marketing over traditional?

Despite the advantages provided by marketing, before starting a strategy, it is necessary to investigate what opportunities are available.

Traditional marketing, for example, consists of forms of dissemination and attraction based on passive campaigns, such as newspapers, radio, television, etc.

Digital marketing is all campaigns carried out over the internet – such as website, e-mail and social networks – and is characterized by being active in attracting customers.

Due to the use of new technologies, digital marketing has been characterized by its advantages over traditional marketing. Some of them are:

Measurement of results

In a traditional campaign, the brand will never be able to measure how many people saw a commercial on TV and how many of them opted for the purchase being influenced by that ad.

On the Internet, almost all actions, of different strategies, can be precisely measured.

For example: it is possible to identify how many people saw an ad on Facebook and to know precisely how many of them clicked on the advertisement, showing interest in the offer.

The ability to measure results allows digital strategies to be constantly analyzed and optimized.

Audience targeting

While people of all types and preferences see a billboard, in an internet campaign the company can limit the display of the ad according to the preferences and characteristics of the audience.

THE lead segmentation it makes digital marketing approaches much more assertive and with a greater potential to reverse sales, as it impacts users with the characteristics of the company’s consumers or who have shown previous interest in the product.

Presence on social networks

Currently, among rural producers, 39% have access to the internet and, of these, 93% are on Facebook, according to the London Association of Rural Marketing & Agribusiness.

Thus, social media is an opportunity for the company to relate to customers and to expand the contact network of rural entrepreneurs themselves.

THE presence on social networks it is also crucial to consolidate the brand’s online presence in front of the public.

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How to start a digital marketing strategy for agribusiness?

Once the nuances related to digital marketing focused on agribusiness are understood, it is time to know how to start a marketing solution.

Follow the step by step for a successful performance on the internet:

Have a website

The first step in building an online strategy is create a website from the company.

He must respect the good practices indicated by the search engines, such as:

  • have relevant content;
  • be responsive to mobile devices;
  • be intuitive for the user;
  • and other features related to design and navigability.


Search engine optimization – or simply SEO – represents the best practices performed on the site so that keywords relevant to the company are well positioned in search engines.

For example: a farm that produces milk can optimize terms relevant to the public, such as:

  • milk packaging;
  • dairy cattle;
  • dairy cattle;
  • milk processing;
  • milk quality;
  • among others.

Or even when the persona is an agricultural producer too, with themes such as agricultural insurance, maintenance of machinery and care of livestock.

This makes it easier for potential customers to find useful information about the segment, products and the company.

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Content production

Many agribusiness companies are already producing content, but they do not disseminate these materials in an accessible way to the public.

One of the foundations of a solid online performance is through the production of original and own content.

A corporate blog on the site is one of the opportunities to attract more visitors. It is also useful for educating and qualifying interested audiences.

A genetics company, for example, can create rich blog content and materials, such as e-books and whitepapers on topics such as:

  • genetical enhancement;
  • insemination protocol;
  • when to opt for artificial insemination of cattle;
  • and other issues of interest to customers.

Build the persona

For digital marketing practices to be successful, it is important that the brand has a clear understanding of who the business audience is.

Through inbound marketing, a strategy for building buyer personas.

At buyer personas they are semi-fictional representations of the company’s ideal customer. By identifying objectives, expectations, fears, demographics and other complementary data for potential customers, communication becomes more assertive and personalized.

Develop the sales funnel

The sales funnel is formed by the purchase decision steps of a potential customer. It is divided into:

  • top of the funnel: the visitor has not yet identified the problem he has;
  • middle of the funnel: the lead is considering solutions to the problem identified;
  • funnel bottom: the consumer defines which company best meets his demands.

By identifying these 3 steps, it is possible to create specific content and approaches for each of them, improving the consumer experience with the company, converting more leads, increasing sales and, finally, building customer loyalty.

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Digital marketing offers several opportunities for agribusiness, improving sales results and consolidating the brand.

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