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The Inbound Marketing world is being put to the test. But how is a child taking his first – and very successful – steps ever questioned? Inbound has never been greater. And every day more and more companies start to invest in the type of marketing that is not invasive, but that attracts […]

The Inbound Marketing world is being put to the test.

But how is a child taking his first – and very successful – steps ever questioned?

Inbound has never been greater. And every day more and more companies start to invest in the type of marketing that is not invasive, but that attracts their customers.

Just as an example, currently 70% of London companies already say they use content marketing. It’s too much.

But there are currently some controversies. Some people have even tried to kill the Inbound, but as has been proven, speculation about his death was quite exaggerated!

Inbound lives! For our joy! But he is going through a very complicated moment.

We are living the Inbound Marketing Zombie Apocalypse!

You may not have noticed, but Walkers are already everywhere. And the worst: maybe you are one of them!

You may have been bitten and are helping in this Inbound Apocalypse! That’s right! Perhaps you are the reason why many think that Inbound is dying!

But relax! I’ll explain everything to you. You will understand what this apocalypse is and best of all: how to get rid of it!

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Zombie Apocalypse in Inbound

I believe you are all familiar with a zombie apocalypse. It has been a long time since the creatures are the characters of terror that give the most illusion.

Whether in horror movies, video games, TV series or even fighting plants, zombies are a hit!

Taking advantage of the return of the most popular series on the theme, I realized that today, many of us are walking among zombies without even realizing it. And that reflection brought me to this post.

One of the main reasons for claiming that Inbound is dying is because everyone else is doing it.

As I said, 7 out of 10 companies already invest in content. But so what? Isn’t everyone doing a good thing?

It would be. If everyone did it right!

It’s not the case.

Nowadays, with this generation influenced by “experts” like fitness Instagrams of life who give advice as if all bodies are the same and if everyone lives in body function, we find very wrong content online.

It’s easy to find a lot of content written by people who don’t understand anything and become a reference.

Nowadays you get rich with 3 tips, gain 5 kg of lean mass in two weeks, get ready for a marathon in 1 month (even if you have never run 1 km in your life) and become a marketing specialist with an ebook.

And this is how something wonderful like Content Marketing (an essential part of Inbound) goes through a zombie apocalypse.

Let’s understand better who these zombies are:

The zombies

There are two types of zombies in Inbound Marketing.

The first is the zombie who does not understand anything about a subject and publishes as if he were an authority on the subject.

Do a search, copy 3 or 4 references, change the words your way and voilá: we have an article.

The internet is infested with the same posts with tips in reverse orders and different words.

Worse, many of these zombies are able to rank well because they make their posts optimized for search engines.

And as I explained once, it is very easy to make any type of content look absolutely great, even without saying anything.

the walking marketing

The second type of zombie is one who understands a topic, even produces good content, but forgets that content marketing is much more than posting articles on blogs.

Not necessarily being a zombie is directly related to the quality of the articles. There are many quality blogs that are just the walking dead in the online world.

We still need to invest in SEO, have a well-defined persona, a dissemination strategy, active and relevant social networks, frequency of posting, measurement of results, among many other things.

This lack of concern can make zombies with content without relevance have better results than good content without proper care, especially when we talk about search engine optimization.

There’s no point in having great content if it will not be read by anyone.

Zombie Features

Well now you already know who are the zombies that invaded the internet and Google pages.

Let’s see a little of the characteristics of these undead that make the situation so worrying, generating this true apocalypse in inbound marketing.

Let’s go to them:

They think they’re alive

No zombie knows it is dead. They are out there, maintaining their primary functions by wandering through the pages of search engines.

Alive but dead.

They produce content by inertia. The only thing they need to survive is to have traffic. They walk, walk until they find someone to keep them alive.

They do nothing differently and produce nothing of value. Worst of all, they think they’re alive.

They produce content on autopilot and infest the internet with low relevance productions.

And you can be one of them. Search your content and strategies! The advantage of Inbound – as we will see later – is that this contagion has a cure!

They are contagious

Everyone who has had contact with zombies – movies, series, games, etc. not real zombies – you know that just one touch, a scratch from a zombie makes you one of them.

It is no different in the digital world. Many notice zombies on the first page of Google and believe that this is content marketing.

Hence more and more companies become zombies and adhere to the strategy of walking producing worthless content.

Be an example! And be very careful with the content you find out there. Many zombies really seem to be alive.

They look cool, but they’re not

Everyone – at least in my circle of friends – has already imagined themselves in a zombie apocalypse.

It must be so cool isn’t it? Have a contingency plan, pick up Grandpa’s shotgun, save the people close to you and take refuge in a strategic place.

Zombie apocalypse must be incredible, right?

But no!

One of the main reasons is this:

the walking marketing

You will be infected! Undead can be amusing in theory until you see them on top of you dispersing all your horrible virus and rotten contents.

Zombie content is not legal! Standing below them in search engines is even more revolting.

Walk in flock

Zombies are never alone. They always go in packs.

And the humans who try to fight them are always outnumbered, struggling to survive in the midst of this infestation and remain firm in their strategies.

The zombies help and encourage each other to stay on that dark path.

But do not worry! There is a way to fight this apocalypse and we are going to learn now!

Surviving the Apocalypse

No! The inbound will not die!

Although there are predictions that say this, it will not happen anytime soon. As our CMO Diego proved in this post, Inbound, when very well done generates incredible results.

Today I firmly affirm that Websites Are Us is immune to this virus. Not because we are better than others. But why not settle for being Walkers.

Our company depends on it!

We want to generate value for our readers and we want to bring this apocalypse to a cure for everyone who is reading this content.

Or do you think WAU and Rick’s spelling is purely coincidental?

So here follows a list of medicinal herbs that combined can free you from becoming a zombie or heal, if you are momentarily wandering on Google pages.

Find other survivors

If zombies don’t walk alone, you’re not going to walk, right?

So find other survivors. Try to make partnerships, but above all, learn from them.

See what their strategies are, how they differentiate and create value. Having mentors is essential to not die and keep walking around.

Understand the world you are in

Directly linked to the medicinal herb above, understanding the world you live in is essential. And nothing better than good mentors in the field to help you.

In addition to looking for references in your niche, study and train in digital marketing! You need to know the world very well to survive.

Many people have seen zombies so the people perish for lack of knowledge.

Have well-defined strategies

the walking marketing

As I said, many zombies produce quality content. But they forget to have well-defined strategies.

Learn about SEO and content dissemination and start making a difference on the internet. Do not produce content without thinking about how it will be viewed.

If content is king, it will only be seen if it is seated on the throne. It’s up to you to get in the game and put it there.

Make content that explodes heads

Well, not every king reigns with quality. Many sit on the throne and end up leading their followers to ruin.

Don’t just stick to strategy. Convincing Google that your content is quality does not mean that it really is.

Produce something unique! Convince your readers of your quality. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, they are probably zombies and don’t know.

Also, please, do not produce undeveloped content. If you created a company it wasn’t to make money, it was to solve someone’s problem – I hope.

Your content must be produced in the same way.

Which brings me to the next antidote:

Play the hero

Unlike the real-life zombie apocalypse, in Inbound marketing you need to be the hero.

Don’t think about generating traffic or leads with your content. Think about solving and helping those who need you.

If you solve their problem, they will follow and trust you!

Have an arsenal

Nobody survives the apocalypse without weapons. Start selecting yours!

Many of them will not be very effective, so try to test them. Did you kill a lot of zombies with a shot of email marketing? Keep using!

Saved defenseless personas with a quality post? Keep producing!

The greater your variety of weapons, the better! Use different types of post, make the best emails, invest in good titles … in short, in the zombie apocalypse, even a trunk or a vinyl with the Batman soundtrack can be saving weapons!

Everybody almost dead

We live a harsh reality at Inbound. Maybe today you are a zombie. But as we have seen, we have several medicinal herbs that will be combined to cure your Inbound strategy.

As long as there are people willing to produce unique content and invest in the best marketing strategies, Inbound will survive and bring results.

Together we can take down these zombies and generate value on the internet!

Join us. We will not be able to survive this apocalypse alone. As for Inbound, don’t worry.

He’s alive and well!

Is that you?