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Understand the importance of content authenticity and how to produce quality texts for your audience.

In times of Fake News, whoever has the truth is king! Making an analogy there, it is necessary to make sure that the digital influencer promotes authentic content, which are created seriously and connect with your audience.

What is authentic content

Influence marketing in 2019 has already consolidated itself as one of the main campaign work fronts for brands.

That’s because working with the influencer is not just product advertising or branding, but an experience with your followers.

For example, instead of saying: “this is the shampoo, from brand x, click on the bio to buy”, the genuine content usually expresses the result and the use of the cosmetic in everyday life, like normal people.

Therefore, it is important that the relationship between the right influencer for certain brands, makes a real connection with the brand campaign.

When publishing the experience with the product, the message becomes an indication like that of a friend, transforming into the famous word of mouth advertising.

The digital influencer who adopts a speech and defends an ideology, needs to relate to consistent brands or maintain consistent publications.

Example of a real case: a digital influencer had a relationship with a depilatory cream brand. However, months before, she had had laser hair removal. Soon, there would be no hair to wax with the cream.

This is a case of lack of authenticity, since it indicated the use of a product without being able to evaluate it for real.

Author content

The principle of authentic content is one that has its own production, which works on the discourse it adopts and exposes to its audience. This type of content created by the digital influencer should impress your eyes on a certain category.

When choosing the theme that will be the central one, it is necessary to specialize in the subject, have ownership to create publications and deal with different points of view, do not speak more of the same or repeat other people’s speeches.

Digital content creators who adopt activist stances are a niche that needs to work on authenticity well.

Egnalda Côrtes, agent and advisor to influencers, said at the Youpix event, that to identify true profiles focused on the causes of LGBT, Blacks, the Environment, among others, they are those who post on a smaller scale, because the content must be well explored, studied, bring references and points of view not yet discussed. And it takes time and production.

It is with these measures that authentic content is created and in an organic way the influence marketing is worked in which it seeks to share to an audience products that are part of the universe of an ideology, lifestyle or service provision.

And in this way it creates synergy between followers and digital influencers.

Influence on social networks

The originality of the content impacts people and generates the propagation of an idea through shares, profile markings in the comments of the publication and viralization. This is where authentic content can stand out, for example.

With this propagation power it is extremely important to make sure that the content is true. Fake photos or speeches will generate impacts and conversations that will harm the brand or business.

As was the case with researcher Joana D’Arc Felix. The lack of truth in important details of her speech could ruin a brand campaign and even tarnish a company’s image.

Every digital marketing campaign has a purpose. Mostly it is due to brand awareness or conversion into sales. Having as ambassador a digital influencer with questionable speech is to compromise even the integrity of the company’s image.

This includes the semantic health of the influencer, that is, it is the profile history. It is necessary to investigate whether the influencer is involved in controversial cases, how he positioned himself with ideological speeches and jokes about serious issues that can generate noise for the company.

Against data and facts, there is no defense.

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Quality of content

Engagement is the index that groups the number of interactions. The time has passed that the number of likes is enough to decree the success of a publication.

In influence marketing, there are goals in addition to immediate metrics. The conversion that the digital influencer provided for the brand is considered, either in terms of increasing sales or strengthening the brand.

A university, when dealing with digital creators, can seek recognition of the quality of teaching.

Having these strategies, text quality is imperative. The storytelling of the publication, which will also encompass photo production and quality, is a strategy that will leverage the results.

Storytelling is the construction of a speech to tell a story. As human beings create empathy in knowing stories, the well-structured speech brings the audience closer and entertains.

To achieve quality content you need to follow a few steps. Here’s what they are.

1. Be yourself

For both digital influencers and brands it is important to create the content, without appropriating arguments or reflections that are already published on other internet pages, which is the old known plagiarism.

Authentic content is intellectual property. Anyone who can expose his point of view or fact that is unknown to the masses will have a point to guarantee success.

A company that positions itself and manages to express its mission through content, will be highly regarded by its consumers and its values ​​will be recognized.

2. Persona

Who are you writing for? One of the essential steps in content marketing is to recognize which audience you want to communicate with.

Thus, you will focus on subjects and language that caters to that specific group of people. This creates your persona.

This concept is the way that the person and / or brand wants to be seen by its audience, generating identification between the speech and the recipient.

With this strategy, it is natural for the number of followers to grow on social network or traffic to websites.

3. Purpose of content

What is the purpose of each publication? It is necessary to plan and have a central objective to keep aligned with the persona you want to communicate.

Bringing innovations into the subject makes the content relevant to reading. You can also bet on videos that hold the viewer’s attention.

4. Know the platform

Text for Instagram is a format, for Linkedin it is another, text for Youtube is like a call. Each platform has its criteria and type of audience. It is important to choose and delve into technical issues of the channel.

Each digital network platform has its particularities, such as relevance algorithms. Consequently, it is essential to prioritize one and adapt its content. Some like blogs, require keywords and it is important to understand how to grow your audience organically.

Boosted content (sponsored on the platform) brings results in the short term, but it is not maintained if there is no work done efficiently to maintain followers, number of views, likes and base growth.

5. Engagement

Being connected to your audience is a recipe for success. Creating posts that instigate conversation raises the quality and authenticity of the post. Answering questions, creating healthy discussions brings relevance to the profile.

And when we talk about comments, they are not emojis or generic adjectives (beautiful, wonderful), they are those that propose arguments, that interact with the content.

6. Frequency of posting

The routine of publications is an important factor in creating an authentic and relevant profile. In the case of Youtube, it is important to choose a day of the week and a period for new videos.

It’s like on TV. There is the right day and time for the program to be shown. The public is already waiting for that day the new content. This system is followed by social media professionals.

And in parallel you can do crossmedia, a kind of advertisement calling to watch the new content.

Crossmedia is when you share the same message on your profiles and on various social media platforms, one directed to the other.

Real life authenticity

The inspired or based on facts always draw more attention and categorize an authentic publication. It is important for the brand or influencer to work with what is tangible to other people.

Motherhood is a subject that is still romanticized and brings the sweet side of being a mother, however, some digital influencers have stopped showing only the laurels of motherhood and address the difficulties and challenges of being a mother.

That entrepreneur who talks about business and how to take action was something quicker and easier, without demonstrating the day-to-day mishaps, is easily questioned.

A good example of real life success was when youtuber Jout Jout made a video on her channel talking about the children’s work “The part I miss” and was moved to reflect on her life. The video scored 5.8 million views. The book was among Amazon’s best sellers.

Digital content cannot be separated from real life, from human connections or distance the audience from the screen. On the contrary, technological communication came to create identification.

Therefore, it is a job that must be carried out with a strategy to achieve objectives, of which they can be financial, but without the authenticity of the information, doubtful credibility can create irreversible noise for the company.

Planning the communication channel is the initial step towards success. Following the stitches will make the stitching of actions that result in an aligned communication between the content producer and the public, bringing efficiency to the results.

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