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In view of the significant increase in the value of the digital applications market in recent years, problems arise that must be resolved quickly, at the pace of its evolution.

This is how a tool developed by Google was born, which helps in the development of apps. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you urgently need to understand what is Firebase.

Firebase was created to increase the performance of applications, through the execution of different types of functionality.

It is possible to use it on the main mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android or on the web. In addition, it generates different benefits that allow you to develop your business in an agile and effective way.

In this post, we will cover the following subjects:


What is Google Firebase?

O Google Firebase is a digital platform used to facilitate the development of web or mobile applications, in an effective, fast and simple way. Thanks to its diverse functions, it is used as a Digital Marketing technique, in order to increase the user base and generate greater economic benefits.

Its main objective is to improve the performance of the apps through the implementation of several functionalities that will make the application a much more malleable, safe and easily accessible tool for users.

What can we do with Firebase?

With Firebase we can:

  • provide dynamic user interaction using the Firebase Authentication;
  • getting our apps to be viewed and used by applying the tool to share or the Dynamic Links;
  • send notifications to multiple platforms with Cloud Messaging;
  • create results analysis with the Analytics.

Here are some examples of what we can do with Firebase:

  • when implementing functions, can be tested in advance on a subset of the user base to see if it works and the reaction to it;
  • communicate with your users via In-app messaging – with it it is possible to improve the experience of the public and retain them, in addition, you can guide them and convert them into potential customers.

But is it that important? Certainly!

The importance of Firebase features is that, thanks to them, the developers or developers can adapt the platform to their needs.

Optimizing an application has never been easier!

What are the main features of Firebase?

This mobile platform has several characteristics. We will remember some of them.

1. Multiple platforms support the tool

Firebase is available for the main mobile platforms, whether Android, iOS or the web.

2. Allows you to earn money

Through the use of Admob, Firebase enables the possibility to generate money from advertisements and advertising.

3. Enables free development of your apps

This digital platform does not require payment for the initiation, nor for its use.

Firebase starts charging when you’re at a more advanced and experienced level. In this step, you can request plans of higher hierarchy, according to the use you want to give.

4. Drive growth and development in your applications

This is one of the most important characteristics, since it focuses on the primary objective of everything that is Firebase.

Through the services offered, it allows you to develop your applications, from any device, in a simple, safe and fast way.

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What services does it offer?

The services offered can be divided into 3 categories:

In development

They are different services and with different uses.

  • real time base date: helps us by giving a database in real time;
  • authentication: it is executed to identify users through e-mail or social networks;
  • cloud storage: storing and sending files on a Google scale;
  • hosting: used to publish our website;
  • remote config: it is used to modify some aspects of our app without the need to update it;
  • test lab: it serves to test the application before publishing it;
  • crash reporting: used to report application errors.

To grow our applications and / or business

To grow our applications and, consequently, our business, it gives us the possibility to:

  • send notifications to users with Notifications;
  • allows you to show applications properly in the results of search engines, with the use of App indexing;
  • provides the possibility to access the application from other links and from other applications through Dynamic Links;
  • allows you to advertise our app using AdWords;
  • helps to monetize our app through advertising, using AdMob.

As we can see, there are multiple features to be able to grow our business.

It is important to consider that applications, today, represent a market that is still being discovered and remain in constant evolution, therefore, it is essential to enter this medium using the best platforms.

Own Analytics

Analytics shows results about user behavior in your iOS or Android apps, allowing you to make the best decisions about your product and optimize your Marketing strategy.

Firebase Analytics can be used in conjunction with Google Adwords and thus obtain statistics about your application and how it has reached users.

They are completely free and unlimited for all of our applications.

What are the values ​​(in dollars) of Firebase?

Firebase, in principle, gives you the option to start using a free plan and then join a paid package.

The no-cost plan is the Spark. The paid plans are:

  • O Flame, which has a fixed monthly fee of $ 25 for expanding applications;
  • O Blaze, which has a price calculator that estimates the monthly expenses of the plan.

That’s how Firebase adapts to the use you want to give it.

If you made it this far, congratulations! Now you know what Firebase is, its main uses and features. In addition, you know that it is a digital tool and with its use it is possible to develop your applications more effectively and efficiently on different devices.

With its multiple features, you can optimize your applications however you want.

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