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Digital marketing has changed rapidly, and marketing departments today are drastically different than they were some time ago. With the emergence of new roles, the demand for digital marketers with diverse and different skills grows. The ability to analyze platform data and brand humanization are just two […]

Digital marketing has changed rapidly, and marketing departments today are drastically different than they were some time ago. With the emergence of new roles, the demand for digital marketers with diverse and different skills grows. The ability to analyze platform data and humanize brands are just two examples of what has changed in the sector role. See now which are the most demanded Digital Marketing skills in 2015:

1. Specialist in SEO and Inbound Marketing

The popular SEO has not only served to make your site better found, there are more criteria emerging. And as search algorithms mature every day, companies need to be aware of the importance of implementing SEO solutions. And that is where Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing come into play. More and more these areas are merging. This is because of their rapid evolution. Therefore, one of the most demanding skills this year will be the SEO / Inbound specialty.

2. Digital analyst

The digital analyst must have the ability to install, manage and elucidate the results of analytical data. The search for content optimization (SEO) and social media analysis are part of the repertoire. Companies need quantitative data to show the weekly and monthly growth on social media. The good thing is that nowadays most social media platforms have analysis mechanisms that facilitate the calculation and social engagement of the brand in the channel. Google Analytics is also a widely used tool to calculate user interaction with a brand’s product or service on each platform.

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3. PPC Executive

The demand for professionals who master Pay Per Click (PPC) techniques will be on the rise. Many companies have begun to realize the important role that PPC plays for digital marketing. It is, in fact, essential for driving traffic to the sites. The role of the PPC executive is somewhat simple, at least in theory: trying to get the company’s website to have the highest possible position in the Google ranking.

Because of this, he needs to circumvent the high budgets put at stake when it comes to Sponsored Link. Many brands are fighting for the number one position in search, so the PPC executive is on that list. Good command of mathematics, facilities with strategy and full knowledge of Google Adwords and Google Analytics are absolutely essential practices in this demand.

4. Basic programming

Mastering basic programming becomes a great asset within digital marketing teams. It has become increasingly essential to understand the systems (HTML and CSS) of platform pages. The programming of images, audios and videos and everything that can be included in blogs and websites, as well as the popular text formatting, the addition of tables and the assignment of headers, are in demand. Not to mention the change of fonts and colors, in order to guarantee the design and elevate the personality of the brand.

This area also includes things related to SEO, such as writing headings and titles compatible with search engines, descriptions and meta descriptions, title tags, etc. These skills are also useful when customizing the newsletter templates to be sent to members of email lists.

5. Content Managers / Professionals

In the first topic we talked about the importance of content for today’s SEO. This is because each new update of the algorithms gives full importance to content marketing. So, the demand for qualified professionals in this area is one of the highest for this year. Brands have realized the value of providing relevant and valuable content to their customers. The production of high content meets essential elements of digital marketing, such as email marketing, social media actions and SEO strategies.

Despite all this importance, many companies are having difficulties in finding good content producers, professionals who have deep knowledge in digital marketing and inbound marketing. So, if you are a copywriter / writer and are interested in becoming an expert in digital content, you will have to spend a lot of time learning and practicing these fundamentals. In addition, you will have to show your ability to create and apply effective marketing strategies for generating leads and increased brand engagement and loyalty.

6. Design / Visual Marketing

Visual marketing has a strong presence with the needs and desires of consumers. In social media this ability stands out mainly in the midst of image disorder. Studies show that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it takes to decode text. This comes as a solution to the fact that brands have little time and space to capture the attention of users.

The incorporation of images and multimedia content on platforms (be they websites, blogs or social media) exponentially increases consumer involvement with companies, increasing the chances of purchase. Therefore, professionals with skills in visual marketing / design considerably increase the chances of consumer engagement. Add this skill to your digital marketing team because the demand from avid consumers for visually appealing content will increase!

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7. Multi language

The Internet allows us to become more connected to the rest of the world. As a result, international barriers decrease daily. Currently, the marketer who is multilingual makes it easier to access audiences in different languages ​​and can expand his brand in a unique way. English, the most widely spoken language in the world, is almost mandatory for digital marketers. Therefore, having a multilingual marketing team will provide a better relationship with your consumers. Don’t limit yourself to just one language, raise your results.

Now that you know a little more about the main skills that a Digital Marketing professional needs to have, don’t waste time and start studying!