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Superheroes are much more than just characters responsible for saving the world, people’s lives and the kitten on top of the tree. They are a symbol of hope. The one you lean on when everything seems lost and you can close your eyes and think: this is where the hero appears. Long before […]

Superheroes are much more than just characters responsible for saving the world, people’s lives and the kitten on top of the tree. They are a symbol of hope.

The one you lean on when everything seems lost and you can close your eyes and think: this is where the hero appears.

Long before comic books, there were already myths of heroes, the creation of gods and also people with truly heroic acts, who despite not being super, recorded their names in history.

The world needs heroes, these symbols of hope for an often terrible reality, and this is no different for brands and companies.

The first heroes of the land of business

From the earliest times, our ancestors discovered that they could exchange the products they created or the services they were able to offer for goods they wanted. A person could offer a service in exchange for food or crafts in exchange for precious stones.

Thus emerged the first hero of the business world:


Super man

As soon as SuperVendas emerged, it became a true god of business and all the brands and companies that emerged used their powers to achieve their financial goals. This heroic sector, however, relied heavily on its strength and insistence trying to convince the public to buy what was sold.

There was a lack of a way to delight the public and convince them of the need to buy. Show that the product sold was the solution they needed. The strength of SuperVendas was unmatched, but a strategy was lacking.

And that’s where the BatMarketing.



The second great hero of the business world arose from the need for persuasion that was not based on force.

Was necessary strategize to show the product and what it could do for people. Even if that heroic sector needed to perform all night.

With this preparation, BatMarketing was able to optimize the numbers of all companies that made good strategies. Often this heroic sector had its ethics and methods questioned for sporadically having no qualms and manipulating the public.

This dismal sector preferred to work alone and was more concerned with its methods and its ego than with saving the persona.

BatMarketing was more of a fighter from the evil forces of business than a savior. It wasn’t the hero we deserved, but what we needed at that moment.

If the methods were confronted, the results, in turn, are unquestionable. BatMarketing with a good preparation convinces any persona!

The greatest gladiator battle in the history of the world

batman v superman

At first the sectors seemed to respect each other.

Each did their job, BatMarketing attracted the public to a product and SuperVendas turned the capital, closing the deals. But distant mentality of the two sectors ended up generating a big feud between them.

“BatMarketing does nothing and pisses me off.”

“SuperVendas has no strategic thinking. He thinks he solves everything by force and wastes the opportunities we generate ”.

These complaints are traditional in the commercial sector, of course, in companies that have not yet aligned the two sectors.

SuperSales in all its traditional power does not see much use in BatMarketing, claiming that the opportunities generated are not the best.

The lack of dialogue between the two started to generate this confrontation. One did not agree with the other’s methods and they did not realize that their job was the same: save the business world.

A light was needed to unite them.

Inbound Markavilha

Wonder Woman

The Internet Age has arrived and with it new mentalities have emerged. The way of relating has changed and a new way of reaching the public and leveraging business has appeared, to complete the Trinity of the heroes of the business world, the Inbound Markavilha.

The Inbound mentality worked as a glue for the two sectors, showing that they all needed to be united to avoid Apocalypse in business.

In the Inbound era, the purchasing decision is usually made before the customer contacts the seller. And everything can be measured. With this mentality, BatMarketing would have concrete numbers of the results that his heroic acts brought to companies.

Just as Markavilha did with the other two heroes, educating them to walk together and to combine their powers, this is how he works with the public.

Inbound doesn’t just want to show the public the existence and potential of a product, but it wants to educate a market by being a true hero for the persona. With this new BatMarketing methodology, he realized that his leads (business opportunities) need to be qualified and educated for SuperVendas to do its job with excellence.

SLA / JLA: Justice League Agreement

For companies to achieve the same results both sectors need to speak the same language.

The communication between BatMarketing and SuperVendas needs to be corrected.

When they reach this level of communication, the biggest gathering of heroes in the world arises, the Service Level Agreement or Justice League Agreement, as the heroes call it.

It is in this moment where the heroes define the role of each one of them so that everything works the best way possible and all personas are saved.

It’s hard work to save them all, but heroes can never give up.

They are the reason for your existence.

JLA is this agreement between the heroes. SuperVendas will no longer be able to complain about the leads it receives, because together with BatMarketing, they will define what can be considered a qualified lead for sales.

MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) – They are qualified leads that are being educated by marketing based on content and nutrition flow and that have a fit with the brand. Buyers are possible, but little details are missing to be considered an SQL.

SQL (Saler Qualified Leads) – Leads considered qualified for SuperVendas apply the final blow and save the persona, solving your problem.

In other words, strategic work is now understand the ideal time to send a lead to the SuperSales department, it can also be an MQL, if it meets the terms agreed between the teams. During the JLA meeting the teams will define this together, for example (using Websites Are Us as a reference):

Lois Lane is a marketing manager for a company and needs to be saved. She has already interacted with BatMarketing content and understood the need for Content Marketing for her company. She works for a large company with a large marketing budget.

Lois is an SQL. Passed to SuperVendas, he guarantee the product with quality to save that persona.

Heroes and public approval

Essential for any superhero is to know what the people think about him. Neighbor friend, Boy Scout, Guardian of the Galaxy … a great hero is respected for the personas he saves.

BatMarketing and SuperVendas need to measure their performance at all times.

They need have your goals well defined and specific goals.

BatMarketing agreed to pass at least 100 qualified leads per day to the sales industry.

Among these 100 sales opportunities, Super needs to convert at least 5 customers. He cannot blame the strategy sector, after all they have agreed on what SQL is.

Not only is the number of conversions important. Often saving a persona can be costly.

Our heroes need technological vehicles to produce content, a rich utility belt with digital marketing tools to track your leads and a fortress of solitude to find peace and contact their rescue opportunities.

O amount invested in each persona saves is very important.

All of this shows that the heroes of the business world need to show their value, bringing a return on all the investment made in them.

The origin of Vendarketing

With this new change in mentality of BatMarketing and SuperVendas, thanks to the little push given by Inbound Markavilha, the acquisition of personas saved by the companies’ final product will be optimized.

Separated and fighting among themselves the heroic sectors bring losses for the companies and for themselves, without realizing that the enemy is different.

Are your company’s heroes aligned?

Do not allow an Apocalypse to occur in your customer acquisition for you to change your mindset.

The time is now.

For the up and away!

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