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If you have spent the last few years wandering in the desert, we have a great news to tell you: social networks are extremely important for your business. In recent times – we may even say years – being online is synonymous with: a) having an important business; b) be easily located and evaluated by the public; and c) […]

If you have spent the last few years wandering in the desert, we have a great news to tell you: social networks are extremely important for your business.

In recent times – we can even say years – being online is synonymous with:

a) having an important business;

b) be easily located and evaluated by the public; and

c) conquer more fans using the old word of mouth method.

All this because, once the public decided to migrate here, they made it possible to integrate e-commerce with the media, generating the Social Commerce.

If you don’t know what this is, continue with us. We will explain the concept and show you how to apply it to your business!

What is Social Commerce?

How many times in the past six months have you used e-commerce services – online shopping? Think of that number.

Now, between these purchases, how many times do you “Gave a google” in the name of the company to seek references and opinions from people who have used the service or consumed the product?

Or, bringing even more to our reality, how many times did you name a store or product in Reclame Aqui?

This is because the opinion of others is, today, a great influencing factor.

The weight of an assessment can be the difference between a closed deal or not. Cool, huh? This is the world of Social Commerce!

Putting it very simply:

O Social Commerce it is nothing more, nothing less than the union between social networks and the interaction that these media provide with the exchange of information about your product.

This wave has been intensifying more and more and is integrated into new networks on a daily basis. So, it’s important to stay tuned so you don’t fall behind!

Studies carried out by SPC Brasil show that nine out of ten Brazilians with internet access are in the habit of searching online before making purchases in physical stores.

It’s a very important number, isn’t it? And, think about it, this happens from books to appliances.

This whole number does not even consider those consumers who prefer to buy on websites. In other words: the public is very large and, to ensure that part of it looks for you, you need to act!

Which social networks do I need to be on?

The answer to that question will depend on you and how much you have available to produce quality content to nurture your social networks.

It is worth bearing in mind that there is no point in wanting to surround everyone and everything when, in fact, you will not be able to pay attention to even half of your channels.

So, evaluate what are the best places to connect with your customers, keep in mind your persona preferences and, only then, choose the networks that can help you.

Ah, but even before that, know that two of them are essences:

Web site

Consider the website as the gateway to the digital world. When you type your company name on Google, it needs to appear.

It is through it that your customer will know the brand positioning, the products offered, the prices and, most importantly when it comes to Social Commerce, it is there that he will be able to leave – and consult – opinions of those who have already been there and consumed their services.

So, you should create a neat website to expose your brand and your products!

Page on Facebook

Facebook continues to lead the ranking of social networks. This means that having a page there is necessary.

The platform offers several benefits, such as: the reach is easy, the use is simple and you can have access to the most diverse audiences.

In addition, the user can evaluate its content and leave comments on its page, recommending it to everyone who gets there.

But, hey, attention!

The same services that can be an advantage to you, can also be your company’s nightmare.

In the digital world, negative opinions have a greater weight than positive ones.

Content with complaints of dishonest products and services resonates and negative reviews can drown your business overnight.

Therefore, if you intend to be present in these media, it is important to pay extra attention to the quality of services and products you are offering to ensure that you will have no reason to receive a flood of negative reviews.

The maxim for those with digital businesses remains valid: listen to the criticisms and make use of them to always improve your service, your prices and also the news that you offer to your customers.

Thus, you guarantee their loyalty and also their friendliness.

That said, let’s look at the types of Social Commerce available:

There are several types of Social Commerce. And now, it’s time to meet them. Come on!

Between people

Remember those platforms that allow one salesperson to speak and sell directly to another? It is the person-to-person call and is an example of this modality.

Some examples of these platforms are Mercado Livre, eBay and Enjoei. In all of them, the sellers photograph the goods themselves, set the price and any promotions and can negotiate with the buyer, all directly.

Sales on social networks

In this module, companies use social networks like Facebook and Pinterest to boost their sales. They can also use tools like Face’s, which allows you to add store functionality to your page.

Selling them on social networks has even allowed many people to quit “regular” jobs to become influencers.

Bloggers – and now Youtubers – are examples of this.

They review products such as clothes, shoes, household items and food and, with testimony about their quality, they manage to make companies increase their sales and, consequently, their revenues.

This, by the way, is a great example of how we are influenced by someone else’s testimony.

Daily, often unnoticed, we are influenced to change our hair, try a new product, food, restaurant or gym just by watching an advertising video.

They are so effective that they are often able to change even our lifestyle!

Coletive shopping

Have you heard about Groupon or Peixe Urbano? They make up another form of Social Commerce: buying them in groups.

In them, a number of “tickets” are offered to be sold and people from the most diverse places can purchase the products.

There are two mental triggers that encourage purchase and you have probably seen them while surfing the internet.

Think about the last time you saw “Latest packages. Buy now ”, or“ X people bought in the last hour. Guarantee yours now ”.

All of this stimulates our interest and willingness to own that property. It is as if those people were there, ensuring that that product is good and will generate satisfaction.

Recommendations and opinions box

Do you remember that opinion block on the products you select when making a purchase? These are recommendation bars.

They influence the purchase because they show opinions and reviews from people who have already used the product and came back to say if they really deliver what they promise or leave something to be desired.

Examples of this tool can be seen on websites such as Magazine Luiza, Submarino and Saraiva.

A problem with the modality here is that, unfortunately, many people give top marks as soon as they receive the product, which invalidates the recommendation. After all, you need to test and see if it really lasts.

But, in any case, this tool is very good for consumers. For clothes, for example, we can know if the product is really as good as in the image, if the texture changes, whether the fabric is transparent or not, etc.

Collaborative purchasing

Sites like Kikante can serve as examples for this module. In it, buyers participate in the product’s production and financing process.

For example, CDs. Often, those responsible for collective purchases allow those who donate to watch a rehearsal or have access to unpublished songs, for example. Which makes the experience much more fun, interactive and beneficial for those who help.

They can also earn the reward by having their name on the record book or receiving fun shirts or gifts.

Forums and chats

We all know them. They are those sites that open forums or chats so that consumers can exchange experiences and help each other.

It is a very cool modality because, through it, people exchange experiences that they have been consuming X product, how it worked, if it came as promised or if it would be better for another purpose, etc.

Thus, everyone wins and people have access to reliable information from people not interested in selling.

What is the benefit of Social Commerce for my business?

Social Commerce brings you the possibility to make different people and real consumers have their say in your favor.

Their credibility is greater because, unlike you, they are not trying to sell anything.

They are there voluntarily to provide a service to other users. So it is a kind of free advertising that you will have. You will enter the environment dominated by your buyers, increasing your chances of selling.

Social networks are home to a large part of the population and there you will have access to people who still don’t know your business, but have great potential to become customers of your product.

It is important to be present. In addition, being online adds reliability to your products.

Searching for a store with a website, reviews on complaint sites and recommendations on searches makes the site seem more relevant. In addition, being evaluated brings more customers and possibilities to your enterprise.

Social Commerce on Facebook

Still accumulating the largest number of users when it comes to social networks, Facebook is the leader when it comes to selling.

Being present on the network puts your product on the users’ radar and allows them to be evaluated and even purchased through the network.

On Pinterest

Today, the network has about 50 million users eager for news. For this reason, having your product delivered to it can guarantee a significant growth in your number of sales. Think of the platform as a great showcase for the world.

On Instagram

Speaking of shop windows, it is mandatory to mention Instagram. With millions of followers looking for references for styles of clothing, home, food and, well, basically all departments of our day to day, the chain can make your product a fever.

What should I worry about using the method?

Low quality products

Watch your products. Remember: on the internet, negative opinions proliferate much more – and faster – than good ones.

Therefore, if you plan to invest in Social Commerce, make sure that you are offering a quality product or service, that goes according to what you are promising to the consumer and that will meet your expectations.

False recommendations

There are many websites that use ghost consumers to evaluate their products and this is a second point of attention. Do not use this type of device!

Sooner or later, real people are going to consume what they are selling and this will not only cause problems to continue with your business but it can permanently tarnish your reputation.

Want to invest in something? May it be the quality of what you sell, good service and a great shopping experience.

Thus, and only in this way, you will strengthen your brand, becoming increasingly relevant in search engines and gaining precious recommendations, which will serve to win more and more fans and customers.


No locking them in a drawer and letting go. Each complaint must be taken into account to improve your business.

Always remember that nobody is perfect and your company does not escape this “rule”.

So, try to get your hands dirty and learn to listen to criticisms and make them constructive, which will help you stand out even more.

So, did you manage to understand more about Social Commerce? So now is the time to learn the tricks of each of the social networks to apply this trend to them!