The Websites Are Us family welcomes iClips – WAU

We are happy to announce the arrival of iClips to the Websites Are Us ecosystem. Check, in the open letter of our CEO, Diego Gomes, how was this process and what are the next steps!

Since its creation, Websites Are Us has been a marketing company that has as its vision be the partner to help our customers grow. After all, we are a company made by and for marketers, being our own customers.

Our team prides itself on empower, educate and support marketers to stand out in the digital market and in creating content.

When we had our first launch, our offer was very simple from day one, but it was always very powerful and resonant with our industry. We created a “Content Marketing Platform”, Which served from small businesses to large corporations, in order to help them increase their performance in Digital Marketing.

Initially, we focused only on creating content and helping with challenges such as finding talent to create blog posts, ebooks and whitepapers. As time went on, we continued expanding our offerings, adding multiple content formats, integration with major social networks, conversion tools, CMSs, WAU University, among others.

O WAU Stage is a great example of this: with it, we help marketers to increase their online results, offering a simple, high-performance, WordPress-based publishing platform, made for the marketing department.

I am proud that we have built an entire ecosystem for the marketing world, giving support to professionals throughout their journey. We did this because we always had our initial objective in mind: WAU exists to generate growth.

We develop our solutions believing that if we build and deliver what our customers want, always looking for positive growth, we will build a business healthy and prosperous.

And I am really proud that we have succeeded in this mission. In fact, one of the things I love most about WAU is ours eternal search for learning, teaching and understanding how we can help our customers by bringing innovative solutions.

As well as the Content Marketing transformed the way companies acquire customers – and we were able to be at the forefront of that movement – it became clear that we now live in a world in which creative professionals work from wherever the work needs to be done, and from where it really wants to be.

We built our Talent Network with that idea and we were very successful in that area. Talent today is available anywhere, anytime and companies that understand it are achieving fantastic results.

At the same time, we realized that there was a gap in the WAU ecosystem. Just connecting brands with new talent is not enough to promote broader support for our beloved marketing analysts, and we soon realized that our solutions weren’t personalized enough to help an important member of our industry.

If you work in a marketing team, you know that agencies, design companies, brand houses, freelance consultants, marketing suppliers, media and advertising companies are an important part of everyday life. And, if you are an agency owner, you may have felt less attended by WAU than we would like. We apologize for that!

When we started to venture into this world, we tried to fit agencies and other stakeholders in our ecosystem, but we don’t hear them enough. They are valuable partners, who we should have understood better and listened to more, when they told us that we were not providing the necessary support with our talent network and our platform.

So, we started to understand more deeply that our industry is a complex network of several actors and that, to empower the entire network, we would have to look for innovative models that connect these points. We realized that we had to reinvent ourselves.

We learned that looking for a “one size fits all” solution would not work and we had to go back to the drawing board to redesign the plan. We then went to talk to agencies, consultants to understand their difficulties and objectives and, yes, to think about a new approach.

Fortunately, we have always had incredible and passionate partners, who gave us valuable feedback and helped guide the direction of our product. This time, it was no different. We talked to them, asked, listened and an important learning came. More and more agencies mentioned a product that they had found and that they loved. A platform that has deeply transformed your business.

It was iClips. I was impressed to hear the agencies talking about how their product was helping their business to grow. How they got more productive when using the platform.

When I first met the founding team, it was obvious to me that iClips was the way for agencies to be protagonists in the WAU ecosystem. So, it is a pleasure for me today to announce that iClips is joining Websites Are Us.

Now, we’re all rockers. A single company, working together to help brands, talents and agencies scale and provide better experiences for themselves and their customers. We are together on a journey to build a modern collaboration platform that will allow the growth of the marketing market as a whole.

We started working together a few months ago and I’m already really impressed with how our values ​​are similar. Quintella and Márcio are impressive founders and their innovation has laid the foundation for building this unique network.

The trajectory of iClips proves this: the growth is incredible! They have, on average, more than 50% growth each year, in recent years, impressive for a bootstrapped and profitable company.

They built a passionate team of approximately 50 employees and a platform adopted by hundreds of agencies.

IClips also has global users, serving some of the biggest brands in the world, excellent retention rates and remarkable NPS.

If you’re an agency, you’ve probably heard of them. And, for those who are not yet familiar with iClips, the platform helps agencies manage their business, creative processes and customer relations.

I strongly encourage you to take a look at the iClips platform. It’s too much!

Finally, I would like to present to you what we are preparing together.

WAU and iClips going forward: what does this mean for agencies?

  • Now you can take advantage of our talent network to create personalized content for your customers.
  • You will have the flexibility to scale your team on demand, using the talent of freelance collaborators from their own network or from Websites Are Us talent network. That is, you can scale your team without necessarily having to hire more full-time employees.
  • You’ll see more innovation to give you flexibility in ways to use WAU’s tools, like WAU University and WAU Stage, to grow your revenue and expand your portfolio of offers.
  • You can start for free, with an account for up to five users. Test, you will love it!

WAU and iClips going forward: what does this mean for brands?

  • IClips also helps in house agencies to manage their teams and the creative pipeline. If you have an in house agency in your company, you can easily use iClips management to make your team more productive and efficient.
  • You can manage work orders of your marketing team, better plan your activities and the creative pipeline.
  • If you have an agency, you’ll love it when they deliver your latest creation through iClips collaboration tools. Ordering and approving your agency’s actions has never been easier!

We made this decision to join forces because we believe that together we will be able to bring our amazing teams and technologies and take advantage of our audience and resources to deliver better and broader solutions to our ecosystem.

Welcome, iClips! Welcome, agencies!

We hope you are excited as we are!

Diego Gomes, CEO of Websites Are Us.