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Tim Ferriss stole 5 days of my life! Who there is not jealous of him? The guy is a blogger, presenter, investor, and bestselling author. And in this post you will see how his success formula can become yours too! Some 10 years ago, my brother-in-law (JP, from Hotmart) lent me the book The […]

Tim Ferriss stole 5 days of my life!

Who there is not jealous of him? The guy is a blogger, presenter, investor, and bestselling author.

And in this post you will see how his success formula can become yours too!

Some 10 years ago, my brother-in-law (JP, from Hotmart) lent me the book The Four Hour Workweek – Work 4 Hours a Week – and I confess that I was totally incredulous at the idea that you can be successful working just 4 hours per week.

But hey, the book was a best seller, it had a totally linkbait title, and I just couldn’t live with the idea of ​​not reading it until the end. I read the book, learned a few things (I’m still incredulous about 4 o’clock, however!), But I started to follow the guy.

I didn’t know what to write for my blog post of the month and I found myself browsing his blog while procrastinating.

Fast Forward 10 years after reading Four Hour Workweek and I just noticed that the Tim Ferris entered my mind. I already bought 3 books from him and read one and a half. I read your blog weekly via RSS, I listen to your podcast every now and then. It takes 15 minutes of my time, every week, easy.

So today I will try to understand how Tim Ferris did to turn an unbeliever into a customer and steal a few days of my life. Follow the account:

1 hour a month of Tim Ferriss every year = 12 hours a year, half a day stolen!
10 years = 5 days of my life I spent with this guy. What the hell is he doing? What are your secrets?

If this guy took 5 days of my life, and I really like him, even if I don’t agree with everything he says or writes, this is worth an analysis.

I work in marketing, my profession requires me to capture people’s attention. What can I use of the techniques that Tim Ferriss used with me to be more successful in my work?

Come with me that we will try to understand the secrets of the biggest lazy man in the world and turn this into lessons for you to use in your day to day.

Find something that works and stick to it!

The title “Work 4 hours a week” is a classic from clickbait. Seriously, I thought the book would teach you to stay on the couch watching TV while earning money before reading.

I believe that millions of people thought the same thing and bought the book, because it became a mega best seller and projected Tim Ferriss to fame. This hack of having an extremely powerful title worked and Tim managed to score two more best sellers with the same footprint of “transform your life in 4 hours a week”.

Following the first book, Tim released “4 hours for the body” and also “Chef in 4 hours” and both became best sellers too. I found the first cool book and bought the other 2. The guy managed to explore this franchise for years and always created anticipation for what would be the next big thing.

Have you seen a trailler for a book? Tim did it. TV commercials? Check!

Finding a recipe that works and repeating it is something every marketer should try. Did your company start doing well in SEO? Make more content! Did you start getting your hands on media buying? Buy more! Did you write a post on a topic that went viral? Write more about that topic.

Create an Unquestionable Authority

A lot of people say that Tim is a controversial guy, who doesn’t like his books, they call him a Clickbait master. But one thing is undeniable. Tim has built up enormous authority, and makes a point of making that very clear to everyone who visits his website.

You may not like it, but you will have to respect it. See your about page. Subscribe to his newsletter and see the first email you will receive. It reinforces your authority all the time and you should do that too.

Target Your Audience!

The guy knows how to relate to his audience. Every email I get from him is provocative. All subjects promise me something I need to find out. It gets to the point that the guy has so much authority that you get advice from him and just open and click like you’re a sheep.

I clicked on this email. And I’m not even a super fan of Tony Robbins. I clicked through Ferriss

If you have built an unquestionable authority in your area, don’t be afraid to give your audience clear and direct directions. Attention: If you failed in the previous step, don’t try this at home.

Do the Unexpected!

I kept asking myself. After the 4-hour Chef, what is Tim’s next book? Formula 1 driver in 4 hours? Judo master in 4 hours? And then the guy announces that he is buying copyrights for books that he likes but that didn’t take off and is relaunching these titles and selling well!

I don’t know about you, but this strategy surprised me and drew my attention even more to the point of wanting to follow the club from his book. For always bringing unexpected things, I am always on Tim’s next move. And you, what is the next big surprise that you want to put on the air for your audience?

Be Everywhere.

One of the main reasons why Tim is so efficient at stealing my time is that he is everywhere I go on the internet. In my email. On Facebook. At Amazon and Audible. On Itunes. Hacker News.

It is inevitable, I always meet Tim, even when I don’t want to procrastinate.

Learn to Create Anticipation

Tim is the guy when it comes to setting expectations and creating anticipation. When he receives a guest post, he writes a killer introduction, selling the guest author’s content on the blog. When he releases a book, he records a trailler to generate anxiety.

When he is going to change his email strategies, he publishes a post anticipating the changes. Create anticipation for attention.

Be effective, not efficient

Time is not a good indicator of productivity. Spending too much time doing a single activity does not mean that you are doing the right things, or that you are following the right path. To create a marketing program that generates results you need to choose what you are going to do and also what you are not going to do. You know that new project that is cool, it is urgent, but you are not sure if it will bring results? Do not do.

Use the 80/20 rule: In most situations, 20% of the work produces 80% of the results. Make good use of your time by focusing on the tasks that have the greatest impact and eliminate tasks that bring little gain. If you are not able to prioritize your projects, you will not be able to succeed. Don’t do everything right, do the right things.

Time is money

Your time is your most valuable asset as a marketer. Tim Ferriss uses personal assistants, freelancers and dozens of people to help you in your day to day and thus save time. A good marketer knows how to save his own time and outsource tasks. You get a much better use of your time if you know how to use tools like Upwork, WeDoLogos and even my dear Websites Are Us to scale up activities that consume your time. Oh, and here’s a tip to save time: Read business book summaries in 12 minutes)!

Create a marketing program that brings a steady flow of traffic, leads and sales to your company

You know that talk about earning money sleeping? Tim talks about it a lot at the 4 hour workweek. In marketing, your earning money while sleeping is a strategy that generates leads and business opportunities for you in a scalable way, without depending on your presence on a daily basis. I’m not going to say that content marketing would help you do that, but if you googling it you’ll figure it out yourself

That’s it for today. This post was a little out of my conventional style of writing, so I would really appreciate your feedback. Did you like it? Leave your comment below. Did you find a drug? Leave your comment also that I promise to take it into account before writing more daydreams like this!