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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is, Search Engine Optimization. This means that a well-crafted SEO site can be found more assertively in the results of Google and other search engines. This is such an advantage in relation to paid media, because while in this it is necessary to pay to have visibility […]

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is, Search Engine Optimization.

This means that a well-crafted SEO site can be found more assertively in the results of Google and other search engines.

This is such an advantage in relation to paid media, because while it is necessary to pay to have online visibility, in organic traffic generated by SEO it is possible to appear naturally, so many companies have been focusing on this solution so as not to depend so much on ads from Google Adwords.

But, is this enough or are there other benefits that SEO can bring?

How to learn SEO?

What are the best SEO practices that can help your company’s online results?

To answer these and other questions we developed this post with the intention of you learning how to optimize your site for systems from scratch.

Why does my website need SEO?

Most of the online traffic comes from the main internet search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although social networks can also contribute to the generation of visits to your website, these three channels are still the main ones.

After all, it is in search systems that people find the solutions they are looking for. For example: when you want to buy a product over the internet, which way do you resort? Google or Facebook? At Google for sure, and the same goes for your audience.

Therefore, making your site linked to the keywords that people enter in search engines to find solutions like yours is essential. However, don’t think this is enough, as search engines are always undergoing modifications and updates to their algorithms. Therefore, it is necessary to always be aware of these changes so that your online visibility decreases or even so as not to run the risk of breaking any rules.

Therefore, SEO has become a routine job that must be done constantly. A practical way of doing this is by producing content, because the more articles you have on a blog, the greater the chances of your audience finding you. That is why so many companies have started investing in Content Marketing, as it is an effective way to bring in visitors who can become leads and customers.

While this explanation is simple, SEO is not as simple as it sounds. In reality, it is a very complex job, so much so that it is highly recommended to have an SEO Analyst in your company dedicated to doing this job.

However, depending on your dedication and the time you have available to learn, nothing prevents you from doing SEO yourself and we will explain how to do it from now on.

How to learn SEO?

To learn SEO, curiosity needs to be your main motivator, as it is what will make you learn every step, from choosing keywords to indexing and ranking on Google.

For this, the first step is to Study hard! You can find a lot of SEO material on the internet, as well as examples of professionals who already work in the field. Thus, you will have the knowledge to take your first steps in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

And don’t worry if you make a mistake because mistakes will be common and are also sources of learning. After all, theory alone won’t work, especially when it comes to SEO. To reduce them it is important to know what your mistakes and successes are through some Web Analytics tool, the best known and used is Google Analytics.

Through GA you can insert a code on your website that allows you to analyze its performance on the web, such as:

  • How many visitors arrive at your site through organic traffic;
  • How long users are on your site;
  • Which pages they usually go to (if you have a website linked to your main URL, this is a metric you need to track);
  • Demographic data of your visitors.

There are other tools that are also essential for SEO work like Sem Rush that provides you with a very complete report on your organic performance taking into account data such as:

  • Keywords to which your website or blog is indexed;
  • Main competitors in organic search;
  • Comparison between your website domain and online competition.

There are also plugins and extensions in browsers that can make a quick and accurate analysis of both yours and other sites. The META SEO Inspector is one of them, providing relevant data for the way your page appears in search engines such as Head Title (also known as Title Tag), Meta Description and Heading Tags that contribute a lot to the results generated by blog posts.

Using these tools you will be able to know what your actions have brought and what can be improved. But, remember that, for that, it is necessary to have knowledge and an analytical eye to know if the optimization can be done in the choice of keywords or tags, for example.

So have spreadsheets as your faithful companions in the SEO study of your business. After all, as you can see so far, there are many analysis tools, so create a spreadsheet, join them there and follow them up, at least once a week.

SEO courses

To learn even more about SEO, it is highly recommended to take specialized courses on the subject. Here we have separated five courses with which you can expand your knowledge about Search Engine Optimization.

Google Analytics Academy

If you really want to learn how SEO and ranking on Google work, you need to know your tools very well.

The Google Analytics Academy is a free course offered by Google not only provides a deep knowledge in Analytics, but also guides you to better understand the functioning of other functions, from e-commerce to optimization for mobile devices.

There is also a certificate that can be obtained after an exam, this counts points when proving to your customers or even to your superiors that you have knowledge in SEO.

And even if your goal is only to learn more about Google Analytics to analyze the best performance that your site can have on the web, this is undoubtedly the best option.

Hubspot Academy

Although this course is not directly about SEO, it addresses a subject that involves the topic: online marketing. Therefore, to be really good at SEO, it is critical to be good at digital marketing in the first place.

The Hubspot Academy has an excellent range of teachers who teach this course, which is offered free of charge. In it you go through several video classes that also bring complementary materials such as e-books, infographics and blogposts in order to make the enrolled in the course learn even more.

After attending all classes, there is a test that must be done to obtain the certificate that can be inserted on LinkedIn.

SEO Course at Websites Are Us University

When it comes to Digital Marketing, Websites Are Us could not be left out, so we inaugurated the Websites Are Us University, which offers courses in Social Media Management, E-mail Marketing, Corporate Blog, Inbound Sales and, of course, SEO.

The SEO course is taught by Renato Mesquita, manager of Websites Are Us’s marketing team, for a total of three hours of video lessons. At the end, there is a test that must be done to obtain the certificate.

The Websites Are Us University arose from the need that many companies had to enable their managers and marketing teams to carry out more assertive actions in the digital environment.

Instant eTraining Certification

Instant eTraining offers not only classes and certification in SEO, but also in other niches of Digital Marketing, such as Social Networks, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, among others. Although the course is paid for, there are also free sources for webinars on these topics.

So, if you don’t have the time or willingness to take the full course, you can watch the videos available to everyone who wants to learn, no matter what level you are at. The course is in English.

Moz Academy

Moz is well known for its services and tools focused on Digital Marketing, since the time it was called SEOMoz.

Since that time, the site has started to have a much more instructive footprint, proving to be one of the best sources of information, data and news in the world of SEO.

And that also includes the Moz Academy, online courses consisting of video lessons and webinars on SEO and also Inbound Marketing, Social Networks and Link Biulding. The course is in English.

SEO discussion groups

Just taking courses and practical tests may not be enough, as SEO is something that is constantly changing. That is why it is essential to follow news related to the subject, in addition to the routine of other professionals who operate with search engine optimization and the best way to do both is by participating in discussion forums.

Like some of the courses mentioned above, most of the forums are foreign, so the content is in English. However, they must be taken into account because they are great sources of information for those who are learning or already have a good knowledge of SEO practices.

Moz Q&A Forum

And here he is again. The Moz community is very active and at the Moz Q&A Forum you will have the chance to interact with the biggest names in the SEO industry.

Anyone who is a beginner can access the discussions and find more information about SEO, as well as trends and news about everything that is happening again within this segment.

If you want to participate in the discussions, you must have a paid account. It is worth having it, but only when you already have enough knowledge to discuss it further.


Quora is one of the most useful channels on the web and, if you still don’t access it, we recommend that you start doing so. Anyone who needs an answer to a question can create an account, create a topic and wait for its many millions of users to answer it.

Like Reddit, you are not only answered by anonymous users, but also by experts in their respective fields. So, if you have mastered a topic, you can also position yourself as an expert and help other people answer some questions.

And, of course, Quora brings many topics related to Marketing and SEO could not be left out. So, stay tuned to discussions on the subject over there that can be very useful for your learning and practice.

SEO Mastering

Undoubtedly one of the most recommended forums for everyone who is starting to learn SEO, especially for having a category called SEO Basics aimed at bringing solutions and answers to questions related to search engine optimization.

Later on in SEO Mastering you will learn how to use the forums not only to answer questions that require more in-depth knowledge, but also to learn about how your strategies can perform better.


Finally, a London forum that you can follow. Conversion is a digital agency specialized in SEO and, in its forum, discussions are generated involving optimization of search systems and also Digital Marketing as a whole.

Conversion forum registration can be done for free, just have an email or Facebook account. It is undoubtedly a good opportunity to learn more about SEO and interact with professionals working in the field here in London.


IMasters is a community made up of IT professionals, development and digital creativity in London. Therefore, this also involves some areas of Digital Marketing such as Inbound, WordPress, Social Networks and, of course, SEO.

The SEO / Google Webmasters Tools forum is relatively new compared to Conversion, but it already brings relevant topics to everyone who wants to be more involved with the subject.

In addition, as it is a community that carries out annual activities such as iMasters Intercon, it can be interesting to interact on the forum with people and professionals that you can meet in person if you are interested in attending these events.

SEO Cases

Now, so that you know what some companies are doing in terms of SEO to achieve good results, here are three successful cases with a description of the paths that led them to get there.

Sky One

Sky One is a London cloud computing company that provides solutions to more than 60% of the largest software companies in the country and has even received awards by AWS as the most innovative partner in Latin America.

She hired the Hubspot Brasil platform in order to manage digital marketing actions on blogs, social networks, e-books, capture pages, webinars and nutrition flow.

To capture the leads that arrive at the site through the blog, the first step was to make the SEO adjustments on-page with the purpose of increasing organic traffic.

However, just publishing articles is not enough. Everyone needs to be optimized for SEO, starting with the keywords inserted in the text so that it can be indexed to Google. In addition, the images must have alt-text, that is, the textual description that makes the searchers identify what each one is about. Finally, the Heading Tags (H1, H2 and H3) need to be defined for a better structure and organization of the article.

Thus, with the publication of 8 monthly articles, Sky One’s organic traffic grew by 670%.

Websites Are Us

Yes, Websites Are Us is also a success story, however from Super Sonic, a company focused on conversion rates for websites.

As Websites Are Us is a company that grew 300% in just 1 year, it needed a site that was able to focus on converting visitors into leads and that was the challenge accepted by Super Sonic.

The first change to be made was to show the more human side of the company – since people like to deal with people – and to highlight the successful cases that speak of the real results that companies have achieved through content strategy.

Therefore, Conversion Optimization and SEO were the main metrics used to measure the success of this action. Like this, Websites Are Us organic traffic grew by over 30% in the first months of the new site and the increase in sales opportunities grew by 150%.

Clear Risk

Clear Risk is an American company that provides risk management solutions with representatives and partners in Canada, the United States and England.

She turned to the U.S. HubSpot to help overcome her main challenge: attracting more qualified leads through Digital Marketing.

However, a lead appears, first, as a visitor to a website and Clear Risk was having trouble tracking how visits arrived at its website. Without knowing through which channels your audience found it, the lower the chances of approach and conversion.

After hiring the HubSpot tool, they optimized the company’s blog and could see which keywords were the most appropriate to attract a more qualified audience. And so, Clear Risk had a 1560% increase in organic traffic, which generated an 1133% growth in the number of leads.

SEO e-books

Finally, we have separated here three e-books that can be very useful for the theoretical learning of SEO and also to know some tips on how to put it into practice.

SEO: The Definitive Guide

This is a free e-book developed by Websites Are Us and one of the most complete on the subject, as it covers everything you need to know to have a successful SEO strategy.

By downloading this material, you will be able to learn SEO and its applicability on Google and in the production of content. In addition, you will also know how to make your pages well structured for Google’s eyes and discover the best insights of professionals in the field.

The more optimized your blog, website or online store is, the greater the chances of achieving better online positioning. However, SEO requires time, planning and dedication.

And for bringing the ways of doing this, this e-book is very important for you to understand how to make your website attract the traffic you expect and bring positive results to your company.

The Complete SEO Guide

This e-book created by Resultados Digitais brings a very complete view on the subject, since it covers everything from the importance and benefits of SEO to what needs to be done to implement a strategy of this type.

First the material explains how to do the keyword research necessary for your website or blog to be found in the search engines, then shows how to optimize your pages so that they are indexed in search engines, among other tips.

For a long time, SEO professionals have struggled to do jobs that fit Google’s algorithm updates. Therefore, the e-book brings some recommendations and goals that Google itself sets so that you can change algorithm-proof results.

17 Myths About SEO

In recent years we have seen constant changes in the ways in which people search the web and interact with the content found and also in the way that search engines collect, index and classify these pages that are strategically developed by digital marketing professionals.

Although the changes are evident, a lot of incorrect information and bad search engine optimization practices occur on the web. That is why HubSpot developed this e-book addressing some of the many myths that involve the SEO universe.

Among some that the e-book brings, it is worth mentioning:

  • Is SEO measured only by the ranking a page has?
  • So, the more pages a website has, the better your SEO?
  • Is Inbound Marketing a strategy applied solely to improve SEO?

These and other issues are raised in this material whose download is very worthwhile.

By following the guidelines in this post on how to learn SEO from scratch you can start to get your hands dirty to optimize your website or blog for search engines.

However, remember that SEO is a routine jobtherefore, it is necessary to be aware of the changes that occur in search engines. Check out the article we wrote about what to do when Google updates its algorithm.