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Ho, ho, ho! Barely September started and many Marketing and e-commerce professionals are already thinking about what to do for Christmas. After all, the second half is full of important dates for commerce: in September we have the Day of the Customer, followed by Black Friday closing November, and a month later […]

Ho, ho, ho! Barely September started and many Marketing and e-commerce professionals are already thinking about what to do for Christmas.

After all, the second semester is full of important dates for commerce: in September we have the Day of the Customer, followed by Black Friday closing November, and a month later Christmas arrives.

To find out the best tips for those who are starting to prepare now for this whirlwind of sales, I interviewed the teams at CNS +, Rocco Lorenzzo and Oficina de Inverno, and compiled the best insights here!

Good planning, and Merry Christmas

A good Christmas campaign cannot be rushed. As you will notice throughout this article, there are several points to be aware of, so you need to start planning everything in advance.

And have you noticed that consumers are increasingly ahead of their purchases in order to avoid last minute runs?

It is for these reasons that those who have been through this before recommend to start planning with at least 60 days in advance, and there are even stores that end the Christmas campaign in early November so that everything goes as planned.

As this is a busy time for stores, it is better to start sooner than later!

When organizing your calendar, it is important to take into account the deadline for the cities that your e-commerce serves.

After all, your campaign’s audience needs to receive your communications, buy and still have time to receive the product before Christmas. Otherwise you can end up with a lot of dissatisfied customers!

Also, remember that before Christmas we have two very important dates: Client’s Day (September 15th) and Black Friday (November 23rd).

These two dates drive a large part of the second semester sales of several e-commerces, but they can also be used to boost Christmas sales.

During Customer Day and Black Friday, in addition to offers and promotions, some stores focus on lead generation strategies that will help you generate more sales over Christmas.

At Christmas time, disclosure is everything. After all, everyone has fierce competition in the choice of gifts. That is why advertising strategies are a major focus for those who work with Digital Marketing and want to guarantee a positive return at this time of year.

Facebook Ads is already a great ally of e-commerces throughout the year. In addition to allowing a good distribution of visual content (mainly with the ads on Instagram), it also makes it easy to segment who will receive your ad.

If your store offers discounts and promotions during the Christmas season, for example, it’s interesting make ads targeted to people who already know the brand. They will be the most interested in special promotions, which can awaken that wish or that fantastic gift idea!

The Google Display Network can also accomplish this goal, by targeting ads to people who have visited your site before, for example. And speaking of Google, in addition to the Display Network you can also use the Search Network of Google Ads.

There you can focus on keywords that refer directly to your brand is a great strategy to generate sales from those who are already looking for your store! In this case, the ad can communicate discounts and promotions to encourage purchase.

In addition to paid media, other relationship channels are great for advertising Christmas campaigns. After all, it is always good to remember that during this time the cost of ads goes up a lot!

Who warns, friend is: have other strategies up your sleeve!

As a consumer, I must confess that the E-mail marketing it is my favorite, and I also know that many brands bet on email to generate sales at that time of year. The strategy, in this case, is very similar to the others I have already mentioned: offering special conditions, discounts and news for those who already follow your brand!

And Christmas is not just about offers!

One strategy that is out of the ordinary is creation of exclusive content for Christmas.

In this regard you can abuse creativity to create content that will help your audience not to make mistakes when choosing gifts, not to blow the budget and other useful tips that generate value at this time of year!

Content Strategies for Online Stores

Christmas, as well as other commemorative dates, can be good times to focus on reaching different audiences, and to focus on selling specific products so that the entire campaign has a fantastic performance.

At this time of year, it is interesting to bet on campaigns that focus not only on your target audience, but on who is buying gifts.

Therefore, an e-commerce that sells male products, for example, can benefit from reaching the female audience at this time, who are looking for a gift for a friend, brother, etc.

In addition, some stores choose to focus on products that are easier to choose as gifts. Items that have a good cost-benefit and are wild pieces, easy to please, can be more interesting than products that focus on high quality.

Thus, at this time of year, communication in places such as advertisements, social networks and email changes the focus both on the target audience and on advertised products.

At this time of year, everything dresses up as Christmas. And your e-commerce can also follow the wave. After all, the customer experience is everything in those hours!

Some stores make their websites and blogs look more Christmas, changing banners and even changing the logo. After all, if you would do it for a physical store, why not also do it for the virtual store?

And speaking of that, many brands that have physical and virtual stores leave everything with the same theme so that the stores have more unity and customers are very excited about the theme!

While you’re already hands on, you can also change some banners on your home page for focus on products that have the most potential for success at Christmas, and even highlight product kits (a category that attracts the attention of those looking for gifts).

Another way to draw attention to certain products is to create categories such as “Christmas” or “Gift Tips” to influence the sale of products that have the most potential for success at this time of year.

After reading this article, not only are you ready to start the Christmas campaign well in advance, you will certainly be ahead of your competitors!

How about taking the opportunity to organize your e-commerce marketing calendar beyond Christmas?

Check out some practical templates in our Marketing Calendars Kit!

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