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Premium support can be the key to turning customers into brand advocates. But the benefits do not end there. Check it out in our article!

The relationship with the customer has come to be highly valued nowadays and companies that do not have good service as their main focus, lose great chances of raising their business.

Good service not only keeps customers loyal, it can also be a decisive factor in purchasing.

For this reason, offering a Support differentiated and personalized for your customers, it may be what was missing so that your company’s customer service can stand out even more!

Premium support as your great differentiator

If we do a market analysis, it is possible to see that some large companies offer this type of customer support. These companies offer VIP support as a differentiator for those who need more attention and an immediate answer to resolve their questions or answer questions.

We know that few companies work with the customer relationship as they should, and this influences the loss of great business opportunities.

Just remember that your common support must also offer the customer a amazing experience, that makes you want to understand what makes your premium support even more special.

Sales impact

To give you an idea, a Oracle search, revealed that 86% of company customers would pay more to have a better service and service experience, and 89% of them started doing business with the competition because they had a bad experience with the previous company.

By offering an even more personalized service and with greater monitoring, it is possible to understand your customer up close and what to offer to solve your requests successfully. And, of course, increase your sales even more.


If a company that offers good service to its public is recognized for that, then imagine a company that offers fantastic service, more personalized and that follows the customer closely?

Undoubtedly, premium support can contribute to the loyalty of your customers, making them become true fans of your brand, since it further facilitates the processes and the use of your service.

But, after all, what to offer in this service?

If you want to implement this type of offer in your company, it is necessary to define some important points.

Know what your support will have as a differential, that is, why should your customer choose it?

Keep in mind what you can offer in support and use this strategy to your advantage! Telephone service? Monthly monitoring of customer performance? There are several options that can make the buyer’s experience even more incredible.

Remember if: Don’t offer what you can’t deliver just to try to make a good impression. Its processes must be simple and still add a lot of value to the customer’s experience and success in the company.

Who can purchase premium support?

Before you start offering premium support to your customers, you need to know who will be using it.

Determine whether all customers in your base will be able to purchase this service or whether this experience will be offered only to specific customers with greater and more elaborate demands.

From this, it will be possible to train and direct your team.

What will be the defined SLA?

The term SLA, is an acronym for Service Level Agreement, or Service Level Agreement and can be understood as a commitment term, or even as the goals of a service.

Definitions like team availability and response time are just some of the examples of SLAs that can and should be implemented in your team.

Premium support is expected to make contact immediately and the team is always available to meet customer requests.

What will be the communication channels used?

It is important to maintain several communication channels so that your customers can have support through various means, especially if your consumer pays for a closer and specialized service.

Knowing where your customers are is also an important factor in the decision to use the channels. Are they more on social media? Would they use a chat? Do you really need to use the phone? The main channels should be those that your customers use the most.

As you are looking to offer even more special service, it is necessary that most of these channels have a real and highly humanized response time. That is, no automatic responses.

How many agents will be needed?

After defining these topics, you need to think about how many agents you will need for your premium support team.

Although the response time is essential, it is necessary that your agents have time to resolve the demands in an organized manner and that they can give full attention to the premium customer.

The training for this team should also be directed to the resolution of more elaborate requests. We know that customer service is a task that demands high performance and the development of the main skills for a support analyst is essential to build a team of champions! Are they:

  • Empathy
  • Clarity in communication
  • Patience
  • Positive communication
  • Willingness to learn more

When determining, designing and implementing these strategies, you are sure to be ready to start offering premium support to your customers! And of course, without forgetting that your service and support already offered must also have a high level of excellence. Always focus on your customers’ demands and the best ways to resolve them!

Is that you? Do you have more reasons to implement premium support in a company? Do you have more tips than he can offer?

Tell us in the comments!