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Instagram has already reached the elite of social networks, and many companies have used it to sell more and strengthen their brands. In this article, you will see how to turn your profile into a lead generating machine.

How can a social network that aims to get users to post simple photos and short videos help you sell more?

The answer to this question helps to understand how Instagram has also become a phenomenon among companies and professionals from various segments.

After all, those who want to promote and sell their services to more people almost always use social networks.

On the other hand, not everyone will be able to tap into the incredible potential of this channel, either for lack of knowledge or for lack of initiative to explore its best resources.

If you want to be on the side of those who can turn Instagram’s profile into a true lead generation machine, you need to read this article.

In it, you will see:

  • why invest in Instagram as a sales channel;
  • what your profile needs to become a results engine;
  • 9 practical ways to generate leads with your Instagram profile.

Why invest in Instagram as a sales channel

The best way to justify any investment in Instagram as a business channel is by looking at some of its incredible numbers.

Year after year, the company has been growing in its user base. Even better than that, by launching innovative features from time to time, the network has been able to remain relevant and even dictate trends.

Check out some data on Instagram that show all its power:

  • more than 1 billion active users every month. More than 500 million of these use the app every day around the world;
  • 80% of accounts follow at least one company on the network;
  • an impressive number of 500 million accounts use Stories every day.

This proves how much Instagram is in the elite of social networks and its strength to gather a large mass of users, as well as to keep them engaged and active.

A network that can hold the attention of so many people for so long certainly has something to offer in terms of business, don’t you agree?

That’s why more and more companies see Instagram as a powerful business channel. However, it is essential to understand how to use all this strength to your advantage, not against it. That’s what we’re going to see now.

What your profile needs to become a results machine

It’s one thing to know that Instagram is within everyone’s reach and that with the right optimizations it is possible to turn it into a lead generation machine.

It is quite another to think that it is enough to create a profile and publish it with some frequency for sales to start to emerge.

On the contrary: don’t forget that, as in any business environment, Instagram will also feature competitors.

Therefore, the minimum to do is to fulfill some requirements that we will check in the list below. They will be the basis for a solid lead generation strategy.

Business profile

Don’t commit the capital sin of using Instagram for business on a personal account. Yes, even established companies fall into this error. It turns out that only with the commercial profile you can:

  • access metrics in real time about the performance of your Stories and publications;
  • see information about your followers and how they interact with your posts;
  • add business information, such as opening hours, location and phone number in a professional manner.

Domain over network resources

Instagram is a very simple and intuitive network, but don’t confuse it with a lack of resources and tools. There are so many that you can even get lost. So it’s very important to take the time to dominate the network as a whole. You can do this by downloading our guides on the social network.

Without this, you will spend a lot of time to do inferior work in every way: in posts, Stories, direct, videos and ads.

Regularity of posts

THE regularity it is so important that it shouldn’t even be mentioned here, but as it remains one of the main problems for most companies, here we are.

Without regularity in the posts, the public will not trust your brand as an authority, nor remember it to the point of caring about your publications.

In such a scenario, does not exist engagement and neither lead generation on a continuous basis.

9 practical ways to generate leads with your Instagram profile

Finally, it’s time to learn in practice what you can do to optimize your profile and equip it to generate leads on a constant basis.

Before going on to the tips, remember: the social networks change and evolve very quickly.

So keep an eye out for what’s new on Instagram, so you don’t run the risk of applying outdated tactics.

Here are the tips you can (and should) put into practice as soon as possible.

1. Enjoy the bio link

The bio link is your most direct way to put your audience in contact with an exclusive channel of your business, such as a website, blog or landing page.

Rock Content Instagram Bio

Before tools like Stories and IGTV, the bio link was the only one you could put on your profile and actually use to drive traffic that way.

So, don’t let this space pass by without your best link. To further improve your chances, here are two extra tips:

  1. Create a nice description for the bio, that draws attention and makes the person want to know more.
  2. Use a tool like Linktree, which allows you to place multiple links in just one and optimize that channel.

2. Humanize your brand with Stories

Brands that know how to use Stories well engage very well with their followers and even manage to turn them into true fans. That’s because Instagram offers many tools that facilitate this.

You can do polls, show short videos, tag followers’ posts and mention their profiles with some kind of cool message, post pictures with funny filters and another series of actions.

Rock Content Instagram Poll

It may not seem like it, but it all creates identification and empathy, so followers will trust your company more. This makes lead generation much easier.

3. Tell real stories in your posts

One of the best ways to engage your audience is by tell real stories, which impact people. These stories can be of an employee, the history of the company, the founders or even customers.

Rock Content employee testimonial

They can be funny or exciting, as you prefer. Only make your profile a source of original and motivating information. This will place your brand in a prominent position in relation to others that focus only on sales and promotions.

How does it help lead generation? People like to buy from other people. The closer your brand is to followers, the greater the chance that they will become leads and then customers.

4. Create ads with Instagram Ads

If you’ve already created ads for Facebook, you’ll like to know that the platform is integrated with Facebook ads Instagram Ads.

That is, you can use the same interface, simple and complete, to create your Insta ads as well.

This is a great option because allows you to accurately segment your audience and create cost-effective lead generation campaigns.

A good alternative is to create retargeting campaigns, that is, ads that reach only people who have visited your website or social profiles before.

These people are possibly more interested in buying than those who have never heard of your company, so it’s worth starting with them when investing in paid ads.

5. Partner with influencers

Digital Influencers they are popular people in a certain segment, who have the power to influence the decisions and opinions of their followers.

Example of partnership with digital influencers

Therefore, it may be a good option to form partnerships with professionals in your area who fit this authority profile so that they help in your lead generation.

If you don’t know any influencers, you can search on their own platforms or seek partnerships with agencies specializing in influencer marketing.

Some of the best known are:

An important tip when it comes to seeking influencers: search for the ones that are most relevant to your persona, not necessarily the most famous ones on the internet. Targeting is everything.

Infographic about Digital Influencers

6. Use price tags on your product photos

You have certainly found yourself browsing the net to find interesting products, which aroused curiosity and desire.

If, in any of these cases, the product had a price tag, your impulse to purchase may have been even more acute.

Because the same can happen with customers who are attracted to one of your products. Putting price tags on is one of the easiest ways to get you to buy.

Price tag in Cícero profile photo

In that case, you may even skip the step of generating a lead and close the sale on the spot.

And even if the person decides not to buy at the moment, it is easier to subscribe to an email list to continue receiving their news and buy in the near future.

7. Use hashtags wisely

The hashtag is almost a rule of social networks, but its use is not merely aesthetic. It has its functional role, which can help spread its content, far more than you might think.

It turns out that hashtags serve as subject filters. That is, if you publish something with the hashtag #marketingdigital, your publication will join all others that used the same tag.

As soon as someone searches for this topic in the search for the network, your post will be among the results. So, it’s worth using hashtags to increase exposure and reach.

Just do it wisely: use only tags that relate to the subject of the post and the audience you want to reach.

Use of hashtag in Rock Content

8. Make CTAs in the text of your posts

The text of the posts may go unnoticed, since Instagram is a highly visual network. But not making good subtitles would be a big mistake. Think of these short pieces of text as a space for High impact CTAs.

Invite users to comment, engage with the brand, or click on the bio link to receive an offer (which turns them into leads, preferably).

CTA in Rock's Instagram post

This type of action is simple and quick, but it can contribute to improving the results of the strategy as a whole.

In fact, it is important to highlight that it is not only the great actions that will make the difference, but also how you will take advantage of the small resources offered by the social network.

9. Use IGTV

IGTVis the Instagram video platform, which was created to compete on equal terms with YouTube and establish itself as a reference in audiovisual.

Rock Content IGTV

To achieve this difficult mission, Instagram preferred to differentiate itself from YouTube, rather than imitating it. Videos on the platform can be up to 10 minutes (1 hour for verified accounts).

In addition, the focus of the network is on professional productions, of excellent quality, to fully engage users.

If your company invests seriously in the production of videos, it’s time to use IGTV.

To help, it allows you to use links in the description in order to drive traffic from a video straight to landing pages or your blog.

Generating leads with Instagram can be easier than you think. But for that, it is essential that you have a solid strategy and a lot of discipline when applying it.

Start with the basics, make your business profile and master the tool as a whole. Then just go to the tips we just saw.

And if you’re ready to learn more about this fascinating social network, download now our e-book on how to have better organic results on Instagram!

How to improve your organic results on Instagram ebook