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Like medicine, marketing has evolved at an increasingly impressive pace, which opens the door to creating more efficient and lower-cost solutions. One that should continue to gain ground is content marketing, which creates relevant materials to attract and help the public. Professionals and companies […]

Like medicine, marketing has evolved at an increasingly impressive pace, which opens the door to creating more efficient and lower-cost solutions.

One that should continue to gain ground is content marketing, which creates relevant materials to attract and help the public.

Professionals and companies from various segments have been successful in using this form of marketing, and it is no different with those working in the health field.

But medicine has always existed, and no one doubts its importance. So, is it necessary to invest in content marketing for healthcare?

See now the reasons for doing this now and how to ensure that your strategy starts well!

Why do content marketing for healthcare

Content marketing is not a generic way to get the attention of a lot of people, but an opportunity to connect with the public and help them in many ways through useful and valuable content.

Especially in the health area – where there are clear regulations and limits on what can and cannot be done in terms of marketing -, seizing this opportunity is vital.

The results that content marketing brings are not random or inconsistent. On the contrary, if you execute this strategy in the right way, you will have everything to achieve the 3 benefits below:

Education of the population

The population needs information of the highest quality with regard to health, and the 1st source of consultation is usually not a professional in the field.

Most people go to Google right away to better understand a problem or ask questions about a particular type of treatment.

This is a very good thing, because the higher the level of education of the population, the less health problems we will have as a society.

The problem is that there is still a lot of poor and even misleading information on the internet – which needs to be solved by the production of content by qualified professionals.

Think of it as prevention work:

You help your prospective patients not to take hasty or dangerous actions before they even schedule an appointment.

Conquering new patients

As a result of educating the public about the health aspects in which you specialize, you will naturally create a positive reputation.

This reputation, in turn, will lead to the conquest of new patients, people who are interested in leaving the basic information and knowing more about the treatments or procedures in question.

For example:

As it is not allowed to declare prices on your website, an interested person will need to contact your office directly to seek this type of information.

Such a search can be followed by a previous consultation to discuss details and, finally, take a new patient.

Closer relationship with patients

When content marketing is well done, the relationship between professional and reader becomes closer, as the material is produced in such a way that it looks like it was tailor-made for each person.

Patients who come to you, or even those who were with you before that, will feel the difference, as they will be better informed and prepared to follow your guidance in any situation.

In addition, your language when producing content must be simple, and this has a great effect on a patient, who does not understand medical terms.

The role of the sales funnel in healthcare content marketing

The sales funnel is a concept widely used in digital marketing and aims to always produce the best content according to the stage of the person in the hiring journey.

For example:

A treatment usually needs to be done gradually, with different medications and / or dosages at each stage, so that the body responds effectively.

It looks like the sales funnel:

At each stage, it is necessary to offer specific content, according to what the person already knows about the subject, in order to prepare it until he decides to become his patient.

See below the 3 steps of this funnel to better understand how it works in practice:


The top of the funnel is known as the discovery step, that is, the person wants to understand a problem or procedure and this is their starting point.

This stage of the funnel should concentrate 80% of your content production.

The materials at this stage need to be more general and superficial, not in the sense of being empty, but with information that is easier to understand.

Some content that is well used at the top of the funnel are:

  • blog posts;
  • short videos;
  • infographics;
  • social posts.


The middle of the funnel is the consideration step: the person already understood what he was looking for, and now he wants to find a solution to the problem.

For example:

If the search was for a disease, this is the stage that she looks for the best treatment.

If the search was for an aesthetic procedure, now is the time to go after the best technique to perform it.

The funnel medium contents must be deeper than those made for the top, and can be made by:

  • advanced blog posts;
  • e-books;
  • white papers;
  • webinars.


The bottom of the funnel is called the decision step, and the person enters it when deciding how best to solve their problem, but they still need to decide who is the most suitable professional for this.

Legal limitations must be respected when looking for a competitive advantage with other specialists in the same field.

The best use of the funnel fund in the health area is through the following contents:

  • advanced ebooks and videos on the topic;
  • pages of the website dedicated to talking about you and, if applicable, the professionals who work together;
  • landing pages inviting for a free consultation.

5 types of content worth using in your marketing strategy

There are many ways to do content marketing, and many channels to execute such a strategy, such as blogs, e-mail, social networks and video platforms.

Rather than focusing on one of these channels, the tip is that you use all of them, if you can – all are great for engaging and converting.

The following tips focus on the type of content you must produce to be successful in your marketing strategy. Look:

1. Answering common questions

Most online searches start with common questions.

Concentrate on answering them as completely as possible – but in a simple way, so that they understand well and want to know more about the subject.

This requires creating content that is pleasant to consume, that is not too technical or that confuses readers’ minds.

2. Clarification of controversial issues

If there is one thing that the medical field does not miss, it is controversial matters.

Many issues cause divergence of opinion even among respected professionals, and patients are in doubt as to which is the best way to go.

Take advantage of the popularity of these subjects and clarify some controversies, explaining why they exist and what your professional opinion is.

Always do this in a didactic and persuasive way, offering reliable reference materials for further research and with an adequate scientific basis.

3. Interactive content

Using quizzes, surveys, live video streams and other interactive content is a great way to engage your audience and educate them in a light and fun way.

This promotes a closer relationship with patients and even takes away the fear of some regarding certain health taboos.

4. Relevant news

Taking advantage of current news can be a good way to show up-to-date and position yourself as a reference exactly when more people are looking for a particular topic.

Just do this with care: it is not allowed to disclose information that alarms society, even if it is true.

Also, use only proven news from respected sources. It is impossible to count how many times they have reported a cure for problems like baldness.

5. Practical tips for everyday life

No matter what your specialty is: every health professional is concerned with spreading the benefits of a balanced life.

Modern life is characterized by excesses related to food, physical inactivity and the search for “miraculous” practices in the name of aesthetics, while it seems that a healthy lifestyle has become too difficult.

Showing practical tips on how you can live well without radicalism is a type of content that never ceases to be relevant and counts points in favor of your strategy.

Certainly, we have seen enough evidence that healthcare content marketing can really make a difference in the work done.

It is not just about attracting more patients, but about taking better care of them and fostering the importance of health care, inside and outside an office.

Did you like these content marketing tips for your healthcare practice?

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