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Internal Marketing is a strategy in which you can increase the connection between your employees and your company. Aligned with the company’s values ​​and valued for their importance, professionals positively transform the work environment, optimizing the results obtained.

When we talk about Marketing, we immediately think of campaigns and strategies aimed at strengthening the relationship between company and consumer. Its scope, however, is even wider.

In addition to dealing with the public and zeal for the brand image, the department is also responsible for improve the company’s internal environment.

To enable maximum productivity on the part of employees, it is crucial to offer a stimulating work space, which can be achieved with an efficient organizational culture. More than that, it is necessary to adopt techniques to optimize the understanding between the company and the professionals that integrate it.

This is the main objective of Internal Marketing, also known as endomarketing. In this article, we will explain the concept, exemplify its different formats and provide tips for you to apply it in your company. Check out!

What is Internal Marketing?

To understand Internal Marketing, you can start by remembering the concept of External Marketing, that is, the conventional one. It is a set of efforts to qualify the organization’s communication with the market, either through branding or through the creation of content directed to the persona.

Therefore, we can understand endomarketing as a practice that has the same objective. The difference is that, instead of dealing with competitors and consumers, professionals in this area target the company’s own members, from employees to managers.

The purpose of this approach is to create an environment in which team members are encouraged to maintain engagement with the brand. One of the main benefits of this practice is the increase in productivity, since we know that a disengaged employee finds it difficult to complete tasks effectively.

Although important, this benefit is not the most striking among those offered by the practice. The application of marketing strategies aimed at the company’s internal environment allows the business sell your own image – in addition to products – for your employees.

The result is the transformation of workers into real brand ambassadors, which tends to improve your success rates. After all, when professionals work in line with the company’s vision and values, professionals find it easier to convey the feeling of trust to consumers.

Therefore, internal marketing is a tool used to ensure that company members really wear the shirt. Linked to a larger objective, employees have high motivation and productivity. With satisfaction up to date, the turnover rate tends to drop considerably.

There are different types of application of this approach. In the next topic, we’ll cover the main ones. Read on!

What are the main types of Internal Marketing?

The application of any Marketing strategy – internal or external – is not feasible without the existence of an efficient dialogue with the recipient. Therefore, all endomarketing actions are only possible with the implementation of a policy to encourage internal communication.

The element is so important that some companies rely entirely on it to create their campaigns. This is the case of Best Buy, American retail giant.

Noting a higher than expected turnover rate, the company appealed to one of the pillars of Digital Marketing: social networks. To create greater engagement among its workers, it invested in the development and dissemination of a network for internal use only.

On the platform, in addition to easily accessing institutional information such as mission and values, employees can communicate with each other. With the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and feedbacks, they started using the network as a tool to solve small problems that arose during the workday.

The idea of ​​the corporation proved to be a success. In addition to improving internal communication, the implementation of the network strengthened Best Buy’s organizational culture. As a result, the employee turnover rate decreased by approximately 50%.

Next, we will delve into other types of efficient approaches to the application of internal marketing, presenting examples of companies that adopt them.

Valuing the employee

In the same way that a client needs good experiences in order to maintain loyalty, an employee must feel valued so that he can perform his duties with excellence. With this in mind, many organizations base their Internal Marketing strategies on the recognition of the importance of their professionals.

One of the most relevant examples in this regard is offered by car manufacturer Fiat. The approach follows the idea presented by the concept of Marketing 3.0, which preaches that the humanization of brands is fundamental for the creation of good results in the long run.

In case, the automaker values ​​the personal side of its employees, and not just by the professional. For this reason, the Italian giant is keen to show concern for the family members of its members.

Among the programs offered are summer camps and children’s debutante parties, as well as wedding anniversary celebrations.

Training and career plan offer

Another way of valuing the employee is what makes the Toyota. Every time a new contract is signed, the Japanese company invests in professional training the newcomer, who goes through 5 months of training.

The idea is to make the employee experience all stages of production. Therefore, he divides his training time between factories and dealerships. Thus, in addition to facilitating the assimilation of the organizational culture, the company contributes to training a more qualified worker.

As a way to further strengthen the brand’s commitment to company members, you can also offer a career path. By indicating the path to growth within the work environment, you give employees more motivation to present the best of themselves.

The practice is adopted in a very interesting way by Portobello, active in the field of ceramic tiles. The organization uses comics to disclose how employees can develop within the company.

Thus, through a playful and fun approach, managers were able to demonstrate their concern for the professional growth of employees, positively transforming the work environment.

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How to implement endomarketing in your company?

To implement Internal Marketing in your company, you can take lessons from what is done in traditional Marketing. Before launching campaigns aimed at a persona, it is necessary to understand something fundamental: their pains and motivations. Internal marketing starts from the same principle.

Therefore, start looking for a complete understanding of the real needs of your employees. At this point, it is essential that you understand your employees not as merely an asset of the company, but as the protagonists responsible for carrying out all the actions that give soul to the business.

From there, be transparent. Let all sectors of the company understand their own relevance in the results. It is important to create an interactive and collaborative environment, in order to encourage the sharing of feedbacks that can generate insights on the best ways to approach your endomarketing.

Hold corporate events

The organization of events organized by the corporation is an excellent way to stimulate internal engagement. Throughout the text, we have already addressed the importance of offering training courses and lectures in order to value the employee and encourage his excellence.

However, not all events for this purpose need to have such a formal footprint. Remember that internal communication is essential for internal marketing? So, this is an opportunity for promote meetings outside the work environment, which encourages the connection of the teams involved.

Never stop offering feedback

Feedback is an essential part for the proper functioning of internal marketing. Remember that the main idea is to strengthen the relationship between the company and employees and, therefore, being absent at important moments can be harmful.

Here, it’s worth remembering that recognition for positive results is as important as criticism for mistakes made. To further optimize the harmony of the work environment, you can turn feedbacks into events to reward the performances that most contributed to the success of the business.

Create narratives to engage employees

Finally, it is important to note that no endomarketing practice can be successfully carried out if the company does not have a attractive background story for its members. That is where the importance of concepts such as the mission, vision and values ​​of the enterprise comes from.

So, it is essential that you take action to ensure that everyone is aligned under the same ideas. To this end, it is interesting to create campaigns and slogans, which can be converted into stickers, shirts and accessories to be used by your employees.

By doing this, you definitely insert them into the company’s culture, making them feel part of it all. As a result, their motivation is enhanced, which causes increased productivity and, consequently, the overall results of the enterprise.

The investment in Internal Marketing techniques stimulates the engagement of employees with the company. If worked well, this strategy has the power to create true company ambassadors, which increases team performance and decreases turnover rate.

Throughout the article, we talked about the importance of humanizing the brand, both for internal and external marketing. Want to know more? Read on and learn more about human to human marketing!