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Called Twitter Live, Twitter’s live streaming functionality can be an excellent ally when it comes to producing quality content and generating greater engagement on the social network. Learn the best ways to unfold the action in practice!

The main social networks today are constantly investing in ways to make content production more natural and instant: Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status and Facebook Live are some very popular examples.

Twitter Live is a tool that is not widely used when compared to Stories, for example, but allows to transform the strategies of marketing of any business in a simple and intuitive way.

If you want to learn how to use the resource in order to improve the quality and reach of your content, stay tuned to what we have to say!

What is Twitter Live?

Twitter, a social network known for being a kind of “microblog”, was created in 2006 and revolutionized the way of consuming information and relating online.

In 13 years since its creation, the platform has made history (literally): the Arab Spring, a set of protests and revolutions by the population struggling against authoritarian regimes across the Middle East, was disseminated and presented to the world by users of the social network.

It was precisely the need to develop new ways to explore content and information in real time that led to the creation of Twitter Live. Before the appeal, the platform had partnered with Periscope (bought by Twitter in 2015), a live streaming application.

At that time, when creating a live on Periscope, it would be possible to incorporate it into the Twitter timeline. About a year later, however, a big announcement came: possibility to create live videos directly through the microblog.

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What is its strategic importance in the production of digital content?

Nowadays, it is possible to say that most of the content consumed on the internet consists of videos. Data pointed out by Cisco affirm that, in the year 2021, about 80% of all internet traffic will be made by videos!

This means that we are experiencing a crucial period of changes in the consumption of information: the trend is that the increasingly function as a support for content on the go.

When we think about live streaming, the statistics are also positive. A survey released by Livestream points out interesting behaviors regarding the consumption of this type of format:

  • 82% prefer to contact a brand liverather than a blog post;
  • from 2015 to 2016, there was an 81% increase in the audience of live videos;
  • when done live, content “behind the camera”, from relaxed and unconventional moments of a page are the favorites of 87% of the audience.

Therefore, it is essential to develop strategies that use the resource. After all, nobody wants to be left behind in a highly competitive market, Is not it?

Furthermore, as much as the data already points to a new market trend, the live broadcasts made by brands are still not as popular in London. And when they are done, they follow a highly common notion.

The possibility of developing live content increases the chances of becoming part of something pioneering here.

How to do a live stream on Twitter?

Broadcasting on Twitter Live is very simple. After opening the application, you must click on the icon that represents a feather. It is exactly the same button used to write a common tweet, so there is no mistake!

Then, select the “live” option. It is located next to the camera. For the feature to be well exploited, it is important to ensure that both the audio and video capture of the device are of good quality.

twitter live

After clicking the live button, it’s even simpler! The camera will already be configured (just define if the content will be produced in the front position or not) and the transmission has started.

The interesting thing about Twitter Live is the amount of items explored in real time: the public can comment directly on the video and hashtags can be used when advertising and increasing reach, for example.

To help you prepare, we’ve selected some best practices for making a broadcast using the feature.

Watch your filming device

One wrong choice can disrupt the entire broadcast and impair your followers’ view of the page.

Before thinking about doing a live, choose a device that has quality audio and video capture tools. There is no need to invest in a high-end mobile phone, but confirm that the resolution is sufficient to generate a clean image and sound.

Have a good internet connection

The quality of the network is perhaps the most important point of attention. After all, there is no point in having the best device if the internet triggers transmission problems. The disorder generates blockage in the video, blurred images, impaired sound and a lot of patience on the part of the viewer.

An interesting tip is to create an account exclusively for testing. Before starting a transmission on your official account, make sure that the connection is sufficient and that everything is ok.

Create search strategies

The hashtag and the name of the live will make all the difference at the time of reach people who still don’t follow your page.

It is important to think of attractive and direct keywords so as not to mislead or hinder Twitter search engines.

In addition, be very careful with sensational titles: when the user clicks on the content expecting something and finds a totally different result, it is likely that he will become a detractor of the page, since he was “tricked”. Be clear and transparent about the content of the content.

Get creative

An interesting scenario makes all the difference in the video! Think of strategic locations. Be careful with natural light, position artificial light correctly, and choose an environment that speaks to your brand and the proposal of that content.

What are the main advantages of using the feature?

After understanding how Twitter Live works, and learning to make your first broadcast, it’s time to understand in practice what are the main advantages of using the feature. Look at that!

Approaching the public

Many brands already use Twitter as a way to get closer to the customer: the possibility of responding to users instantly and directly has made the social network part of the SAC strategy.

The feature is great and should continue to be used, but why not develop new ways of approaching the public? Twitter should not be seen as a “question and answer” social network, and live broadcasts are a way to break that.

Live videos already have the feature of be natural, instantaneous and “blunt” content, and that makes all the difference when approaching the audience and the persona. So invest in lives to show the essence of your brand.

In the era of Influence Marketing and the increasing appreciation of real figures, take care to customize the brand!

Wide highlight

Twitter has a tool that highlights topics that are on the rise around the world – the “Issues of the Moment” (or “Trending Topics” in English). However, as the volume of daily tweets is very high, it is more difficult to gain recognition.

The good news is that lives have their own category! When the social network understands that your content is relevant at the moment, it stands out.

As we have already said, the fact that fewer people use the resource means that the recognition is more achievable.

Greater engagement

Data indicate that the engagement of live streams is greater than that of regular videos. With that, we don’t even have to say anything else!

Greater engagement means opening doors that reach other important metrics such as remail (called retweets on the social network), likes and even sharing the content on other social networks through testimonials, prints or disclosure of the link to that content.

Greater possibility of interaction

It’s not just your page that will be promoting content in real time! As we advance here, the reader can also comment whatever he wants as the live is broadcast.

While the resource is rich, you need to be prepared to deal with live testimonials: that idea of ​​unfiltered content really happens. Therefore, be prepared for the possibility of facing a complaint or even an offense.

The ideal is not to let comments (through facial expressions, for example) show comments that can hinder the progress of your transmission.

One of the most important points when creating strategies of this type is cherish transparency. Find an opportune time to talk to that person – when the comment is constructive and really makes sense. Taking conversations of this type to the private is the best action.

Keep in mind, above all, that, coupled with quality content, naturalness will make all the difference when conquering the public!

Now that you have learned how to develop incredible strategies with Twitter Live, learn more about other social media trends in Social Media Trends, a research aimed at studying the behavior and consumption habits of Brazilians on online platforms!