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Content Marketing and press relations are very similar in nature. It can be said that they are two sides of the same coin. However, I realize that there is often some confusion in understanding and separating the two themes. In some discussions by professionals in the field about the emergence and euphoria of social networks, many […]

Content Marketing and press relations are very similar in nature. It can be said that they are two sides of the same coin.

However, I realize that there is often some confusion in understanding and separating the two themes. In some discussions by professionals in the field about the rise and euphoria of social networks, many argue that the Advisory has become irrelevant. But that’s not true!

You will learn in this article the definition of each of the strategies and understand how your company can enhance results and possibilities.

Before I start I want to analyze with you some insights on how the good relationship between content marketing and press relations are compatible and friendly.

1) Speed ​​- we have a creation process, integrated communication and information aligned with the persona. Working together acts in the relationship with customers and followers of the brand.

2) Cheaper – CAC can be controlled and actions can be enhanced. A good strategy combined with techniques such as Backlinks can increase the possibilities in SEO and assist all Inbound strategy. The content works according to the sales funnel, more than just informative material. A relevant facilitator also for the media.

3) More credibility – content published with media in addition to blog, social and email can have a beneficial impact on strategy in general. Working with a mix of disclosure of the content and expertise of a consultancy can bring better results for companies that work with these actions.

In this post we will understand the context surrounding each of the terms and some tips on why you can combine content marketing with press relations and how to do it successfully.

Press office

The Advisory has its performance linked to the company image and exposure to the media.

In other words, most of the time its main focus is related to visibility in the press, such as radio, newspaper, television, news portals, and most of the time it is composed by professional journalists or public relations.

The characteristic of this information, often conceived in release forms, is used as a basis for interviews and other publications. We can also detail some characteristics visible in this type of approach such as:

  • press communication;
  • visibility for the company;
  • do crisis management.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy based on building a strong relationship with customers, achieved by delivering valuable and highly relevant content to your persona.

When the customer makes a purchase decision, he is giving preference to buying your product, rather than your competitors’ options. Its content marketing strategy generates authority for your company, enhancing the conquest and loyalty of customers and naturally increasing your sales.

In addition, it is important to remember that acting with a base of opportunities, more qualified leads and followers can have a greater impact on CAC and LTV for your strategy.

Which strategy to choose?

I often wonder why managers, managers and directors tend to choose one strategy over another.

Often companies fall into this trap of exclusivity, mistakenly believing that there is only one way to achieve their goals.

Of course, both advice and content have their respective benefits when done correctly. But what many don’t know is that they really work well together and even better than when they act independently.

This is what we will show next. Check out the main benefits of content marketing and press relations when worked together:

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Maximize and reinforce your brand value

All brand communications must be aligned to maximize and reinforce the value proposition, brand identity and personality.

Now imagine if the designer or producer of layouts insert Pokémon gifs in the content and at the same time the press office writes institutionally with a formal air. The result as a brand will be quite inconsistent.

The teams involved must develop a cohesive editorial line. It is necessary to have unity between the main themes and topics to be discussed with a defined editorial calendar.

In this way, it is guaranteed that the blog and social media content is in cohesion with the public advisory matters that your company wants to adopt.

SEO optimization

In the production of content marketing, it is common to thoroughly build specific keywords in your editorial strategy to improve the SEO of your blog and / or website. However, press releases are widely disseminated on the Internet and are therefore an opportunity for SEO efforts.

By combining and becoming strategic with content marketing and press relations, publications and disclosures can be optimized for SEO as concisely as reaching total and organic traffic from the blog / website.

In addition, the content team can specify for press relations teams the importance and value of integrating backlinks and links to the website / blog or specific pages.

Combining content marketing with press relations

As content marketing and press relations share a common goal, there is a great opportunity to be achieved by taking advantage of a hybrid approach.

When you combine advice with content marketing strategy, you are able to offer a centralized strategy that can facilitate reaching the content.

In times of Big Data and thousands of data produced every day, it is increasingly difficult to stand out in the digital environment. Even carefully crafted content needs time to reap the first results and reach your potential customers.

That’s where the Advisory can work well. When you combine the two strategies it becomes much easier to publish your content on a partner website or blog, portal or even a Guest Post strategy.

This combination can also help you to acquire a wider and younger audience. In addition, it helps you send a unified brand message across multiple digital platforms, including online publications and social media channels.

From planning to strategic volume

With two fronts of action working together, team members are more likely to come up with various themes and ideas to be produced and addressed.

That is why both content marketing and consultancy need to plan campaign themes together. Joint planning will ensure that your company does not promote two different things at the same time.

Both teams also need to plan how they are going to assign tasks to different team members. This tactic will also help you create shared editorial promotion calendars based on business priorities and seasonal requirements.

Combine content creation efforts

Combined efforts in creating content will allow your team members to work on content that can be reused to make the reach more direct and succinct. It also helps in running a smooth brand awareness campaign, without too much trouble to act with additional resources that can increase your paid media investment.

Communication is the key to success

In the end, it all comes down to the effectiveness with which both teams communicate with each other. With multiple teams collaborating on multiple marketing campaigns, it’s easy to lose control of the process.

You need to ensure that each team member is up to date on what’s in production and development to avoid wasting resources and time.


The integration of content marketing with the press office is one of the best ways to survive in an increasingly busy and disputed digital space. The power of this partnership can provide your company, brand, business with unparalleled marketing potential.

I hope the tips above can help you discover how to interact and leverage the two areas. And your company? Already working with content marketing? Do the two sectors and integrated fronts work? We would love to hear from you.