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Buying and selling used to be simple activities. However, as access to information and the number of options in the market increased, everything became much more complex. No area is free from the effects of digital transformation, and that’s a good thing. The use of technology in business makes transactions more transparent and favors good business […]

Buying and selling used to be simple activities. However, as access to information and the number of options in the market increased, everything became much more complex.

No area is free from the effects of digital transformation, and that’s a good thing. The use of technology in business makes transactions more transparent and favors good business for everyone involved.

If you work in real estate, you must also be feeling the effects of this transformation. After all, real estate has a high value, which requires even more specialization in the entire sale process.

Given this, you will like to know that content marketing for real estate is one of the best strategies you can use to win more customers in the digital age.

Want to see how content can help you sell more? So come on!

How content marketing can increase real estate sales

For many, it is difficult to understand at first glance how it is possible to increase sales simply by producing content for blogs, websites, social networks, etc.

These channels have long been seen as hobbies and a source of distractions, not business. But that has changed a long time ago.

Through concepts like the sales funnel, content marketing becomes a sure strategy for customer acquisition and retention.

Here’s how this funnel works:


The top of the funnel is the attraction stage, in which visitors arrive at your website or blog looking for initial information about real estate.

It may be that he wants to know a little more about the financing possibilities, if it is better to buy a ready-made property or build from 0, if it is more worthwhile to invest in a house or apartment and so on.

What matters is to produce content that is relevant, take the person’s doubts and help them to move forward with their interest – all of this, of course, directing to the type of property with which you work.


After quenching his initial thirst for basic information, the visitor reaches the middle of the funnel, when he starts consuming deeper materials, such as e-books.

This type of material will help you to define at once which is the best investment for you from the information you have consumed at the top of the funnel.

This is the best point to generate leads, as visitors have to provide important data for their business process in exchange for materials.


The bottom of the funnel, when the person has already defined what he wants and only seeks the best professional / company to help him, it is time to convince him once and for all to close the deal.

And again, content is key.

Case studies, testimonials from other clients, live video streams specific to advanced leads and invitations to events are some of the best options.

The best thing about this type of content is that it leads to direct contact with leads and allows you or a collaborator to finalize the sale.

3 ways content fits perfectly into your marketing strategy

You probably already have a well-defined marketing strategy, in which there are elements that work very well and others, not so much.

It is natural that you do not want to immediately abandon everything you have done so far, and we do not even recommend that you do so.

It is better to integrate the content with those that are already part of your repertoire and make a smooth transition to keep only what works best.

See how it fits perfectly with what you’ve already accomplished:

1. Visibility

When your real estate company constantly produces quality content, it will have greater visibility among potential customers.

As already seen, content marketing attracts people’s interest long before they are really determined to buy.

This means that you have enough time to build a favorable relationship with these people and accompany them throughout the purchase journey.

This means continuous exposure for your direct readers and the chance to gain even more space through the famous word of mouth.

2. Market authority

From the moment people start to follow your content and share it with others, you can be sure that your real estate agent is already being seen as an authority in the market.

Even competitors and potential partners come to see companies that have respect for customers differently.

This recognition results in greater bargaining power and active chances of converting leads into customers.

3. Lead generation

Lead generation is one of the most important steps to create real sales opportunities and increase conversion rates in the real estate industry.

As you have already seen, the method on which content marketing is based facilitates not only the generation, but also the nutrition and closing of leads in customers.

Do you realize how content plays a role in each step of the sales funnel and don’t exclude the marketing strategies you already use?

7 content marketing tips for the real estate market

Perhaps the only question left in your mind is: how do you do content marketing for the real estate market, anyway?

Here are 7 practical tips you need to follow to have a successful strategy and increase sales:

1. Set concrete goals

First of all, it is necessary to define the objectives of your strategy, and we are not talking about something like “selling more properties”, as this is always the objective.

Set goals whose progress you can follow and give them specific deadlines. Some examples are:

  • increase the number of leads generated in the next 3 months by 10%;
  • reaching 2,000 fans on Facebook by the next quarter;
  • get 50 new subscribers to the newsletter each month.

By doing this, you will be following an important goal-setting principle, which is to split a big goal into smaller tasks.

2. Know your customers better than anyone

Don’t try to do like the majority, who tend to disregard the needs of the public in favor of their own interests.

Content marketing only works when it is done thinking about personas, which are representations of the ideal customer. Create a persona and do everything thinking about it.

That way, all your content will be relevant and your audience will feel confident in the recommendations and (when the time is right) real estate offers you make.

3. Prepare different digital channels

There are several digital channels that you can use when building your content marketing strategy. Which one to choose? Instead of thinking about just one, it is worth preparing several, which are:

4. Pan relevant tools

The same principle of digital channels holds true for the tools you are going to use. For each task to be carried out, there are several tools – both free and paid – that will make your life much easier.

The level of the tools you choose will depend on how many resources you need to get the results you want and how much you can invest. Here are a few:

5. Diversify your content

Anyone who thinks that betting on content marketing means always producing the same types of blog post ends up wasting great opportunities to engage the public by diversifying the formats.

Running out of ideas for what to publish?

No problem, we made a post with no less than 39 content formats to leverage your strategy!

6. Enjoy your current connections

Who said that doing content marketing for real estate means starting from 0?

Use your current connections with strategic partners, old customers and anyone who can help you spread your content.

This allows you to mix new online strategies with offline actions that you were used to doing.

7. Learn how to track metrics

Tracking metrics is what will let you know what’s working on the strategy and what’s not, and make the necessary adjustments.

Again, you will need the right tools, the most common being Google Analytics.

If you decide to use paid media to further increase the reach of your content, you can also take advantage of reports from the platforms you use, such as Facebook Insights.

But don’t settle for just having the right tools at hand. Learn how to use them and track your progress accurately.

Now that you know the potential of content marketing for the real estate market, don’t waste time following the tips you saw here.

It is a relatively simple strategy to implement and, with proper discipline and planning, will bring great return on your investment.

One of the benefits of content marketing is to increase lead generation, and you will need a way to organize them.

Download our lead management guide now and solve this problem in a simple way!

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