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Strategies that prioritize interactive content increase online engagement mainly by instigating the user to become involved with the brand. To obtain good results, it is important to invest in testing, sense of belonging and personalization. Among the best formats are interactive videos and questionnaires.

Invest in interactive content is one of the main ways to achieve the sought after online engagement.

This is mainly because competing with all the volume of simultaneous data that has conquered the internet in recent years is an increasingly difficult task.

To stand out, you need to encourage user participation and understand the audience as a protagonist, not just a recipient of information.

Interactivity is the key to generating value proposition and accumulating positive metrics at the end of the month.

To understand more about the strategy, we will cover the following topics:

Discover the role of engagement in Digital Marketing strategies

Before getting your hands dirty, and learning to raise the level of your content when using interactivity, it is important to understand the value of engagement in Digital Marketing strategies.

Think about the amount of content that you, as a user, get in touch with in a 24-hour period. We are sure that the volume is very loud!

Of those contents, how many of them receive a comment from you – or any other action that goes beyond viewing?

The user may like something to see, which is very good, and in the future contributes to the brand recognition strategies. But engagement is responsible for showing brands how many people actually like what they’re getting and how much they’re willing to interact.

Marketing and Communication sectors do not create content to shelve them soon after.

There are metrics and strategies behind this, and the best way to achieve the goals is to win the public’s attention and deserve all the engagement that comes as a consequence.

Users are increasingly looking for a value proposition. That is why it is no longer useful to visualize your customers as numbers on a computer screen: you need to understand your tastes, pains and difficulties, put it all together in one big calendar and turn the information into relevant content.

That way, rest assured that the conversion rates will be much higher. People who create real connections with brands go beyond the level of customers and become great promoters, passing on their positive experiences and generating even more potential for new businesses.

See the advantages of investing in interactive content

Minute by minute, people are bombarded with information that comes from all sides: when they go to news sites, log on to Facebook, stop by Twitter or post that selfie with friends on Instagram.

A plethora of data flows through the timeline of users around the world, but few contents survive time and remain in the public’s imagination.

You, as a brand, must conquer real space. Not just on the phone or computer screen, but in real life. After all, the ultimate goal is conversion into sales!

That is why retention is so important. When investing in engagement, it is possible to retain an audience attracted by the content and who, more than that, wants to remain interacting and discovering new things.

More than seeing a photo or going through a video, this is an interactivity metric that can predict sales and map people who are most likely to turn into customers.

Learn the best ways to work with the feature

Content creators tackle the big challenge of staying in the spotlight. To use the interactive content strategy in the best possible way, there are some steps that must be followed thoroughly.

Define a goal

First of all, you need to define your campaign objective. The more vague your action, the less likely it is to reach the right audience and convert.

That is why, understand what the main needs are at the moment, list them one by one and turn them into campaigns.

In social networks, mainly, investment in unified content grows, which are part of a greater purpose and, together, are responsible for achieving the brand’s goals.

No thinking of post by post separately. Once you have defined your goals, you will be able to determine which are the best interactive content formats.

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Create persona strategies

What works for a specific audience may not work for another. So it is important to have the persona very well defined to understand what are the best ways to create this type of content.

Brands that work with high age people – from 55 years old and up, for example – must take care that the material is not too complex in a section of people who don’t have the same skills as a digital native.

The same thing happens with profiles of people who live in very distant regions. When we think of the extremes of our country, we deal with many places that do not have good quality internet.

In this case, the idea is work with simpler content and avoid those that demand more load time. The union between the right image and the call can already be great allies.

In addition to the two examples we quote here, keep in mind that your entire strategy will change depending on the profile of people you want to reach.

Projects that try to hug everyone at once do not generate the same engagement as those that seem to have been created exactly for each person who interacted with him.

It is necessary to know, study, map and find the main trends capable of becoming interactive content suitable for each type of persona.

Understand which channels are suitable

The definition of the persona will also be important for understand the best dissemination channels.

If the majority of your audience is on Instagram, for example, invest most of the creative force in that social network.

With the analysis, it will be possible to enjoy the platforms in the best possible way. It is not any brand that matches Tik Tok, for example.

The social network that has been winning the world has a very specific audience and, when analyzing the users’ profile, we found that several brands can give themselves a chance to “ignore” the success of the network and invest in those environments in which they will be able to conquer real space.

Bonus: the best interactive content formats

After understanding the main information on the subject and recognizing the importance of working with the strategy in search of engagement, we selected the best interactive content formats for you to see its practical application.

Live Videos

Live content is a great way to answer questions and have a personal contact with the public.

With them, you are able to create a bilateral conversation – something difficult to do on social media, in many cases – and deliver personalized and much closer content.


There are several ways to work with interactive questionnaires. Using this strategy, you are able to engage the reader in a way that he continues to answer the questions, largely because of the different atmosphere offered.

A good example is the Orbitz travel platform. Through an interactive quizz, the reader is asked if his travel companion is the “perfect match”.

With fun and light questions, the reader is guided to the end of the quizz. To receive your answer, just convert it, leaving your name and email registered.

At the end, he receives the result with the contact of the company Orbitz and how it can be useful in situations of work travel.

Useful tools for your end customer’s work

A good example is the interactive calculators. Companies that have confectioners as an end customer, for example, can create resources so that each person can add the ingredients of the recipe and discover the best way to price them.

It is the example of the company Vigor, which offers the main solutions to its public.

interactive calculator

Interactive tools, when thought to facilitate the daily life of the public, become great allies, and not only in the direct moments of purchase.

Brand reinforcement and recognition, in this case, is powerful.

Interactive videos

Who has ever seen that episode of Black Mirror in which the viewer is responsible for the whole story?

Maybelline, a giant in the global cosmetics industry, ran a campaign using interactive videos, in which the user could learn a makeup tutorial based on their personal tastes.

When browsing through the options, the end of the video brought a complete tutorial within the style profile of that specific person.

In this case, interactive content also offers customization. Using the brand example, imagine how many people are not very fond of heavier makeup or how many like more colorful tones.

To please as many people as possible with static posts, you spend a lot more time and investment, when you could bring together the main topics in a single video filled with interaction.

Whichever format you choose, always keep in mind the importance of really getting to know your brand’s audience and finding the best ways to create an interesting dialogue for both sides.

Thus, good engagement numbers become a consequence of great work.

If you enjoyed learning about the best engagement strategies with interactive content, learn about Dell’s case and understand how to create a successful interactive strategy!