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Starting the operation of a company or making a business that has been in business for a while taking off involves many challenges, the main one of which is to stand out from the competition. This battle seems even more frightening when the entrepreneur does not understand marketing as much and finds himself competing with companies […]

Starting the operation of a company or making a business that has been in business for a while taking off involves many challenges, the main one of which is to stand out from the competition.

This battle seems even more frightening when the entrepreneur does not understand marketing as much and finds himself competing with companies with more experience and budget.

Fortunately, this concern can turn into relief, as there are simple – and cost-effective – ways to increase the visibility of a business.

From digital marketing techniques (don’t be scared, it’s easier than it looks!) To the most basic elements – like signs and business cards – there is a lot that can be done.

Want to know how to make your company stand out and attract more customers? So stay tuned for the following tips:

Produce quality content

The 1st strategy that you can – and should! – to follow is to bet on the production of quality content, which answers the most common doubts of your audience and creates a special relationship between them and your brand.

This strategy, called content marketing, is one that has the best return on investment. So much so that it has already been used by 71% of companies in London.

Why? Because most people are used to searching for accurate information on the internet before making a purchase. And, through content marketing, companies are able to supply this demand.

It is worth remembering, however, that it is not overnight that the results will appear. You need to be patient and carry out proper planning.

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Create an email list

After producing quality content, it makes sense to create an email list to send the latest news and cultivate the interest of your audience.

That way, your company will get away with the old tactic of just sending emails with offers and talking about products. This tires consumers, who can easily feel uncomfortable if they receive these offers at inopportune times.

By offering relevant materials by email, a strategy called email marketing, it is much easier to get an attentive audience that cares about your message.

From that point on, you will have people who are much more likely to buy and recommend your products or services to others in the future.

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Be featured on social media

Note that the tip is not to be present, but to be highlighted on social networks.

After all, networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are full of brand profiles, but not everyone really interacts as they should with followers.

The amount of information and distractions that exists in a social network makes the fight for attention to be frantic, that is, only those who do deserve to stand out.

Some rules for doing well on social media are:

  • find out which ones make sense for your brand;
  • create exclusive content for social networks;
  • be regular and have a consistent conversation style;
  • don’t just talk about your products, but also about topics that interest your audience.

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Prepare the guerrillas

Guerrilla marketing is perfect for those who need to draw attention and don’t have a big budget for it.

They are almost “artisanal” marketing actions, designed to attract looks, either by causing strangeness, causing unexpected emotions or appealing to good humor.

We made a post to explain in more detail what guerrilla marketing is and how to use it correctly.

Just to give you a sense of how powerful this form of marketing is, even big brands now and then incorporate guerrilla tactics into their big media campaigns.

Naturally, as it is more risky, it is important to be careful with the details of such a campaign and to avoid the negative impact of the action.

Have a flawless visual identity

The visual identity of a brand says a lot about it to potential customers and partners. So if you want to gain visibility in a positive way, you need to create a professional image.

What does that mean? First, don’t try to save too much on essential design services, like creating a logo.

This kind of savings will only damage your reputation if the brand has a low quality image. The same goes for signs, business cards, letterhead and other materials that you decide to use.

Also, remember that your brand’s website, blog and social networks will also need images, and all of the aforementioned channels (both online and traditional) need to look the same.

Thus, the public will easily recognize the brand anywhere, at any time, which greatly helps to create identification and generate purchase preference.

Invest in a recommendation system

If you already have customers who are satisfied with the solution you offer, they are likely to know other people who would also benefit from your solutions, right?

The best way out, in this case, is to create a recommendation program, which encourages satisfied customers to recommend your product or service whenever possible.

A good way to encourage this is by offering some kind of reward, be it a discount on next purchases, cash on recommendation that results in a purchase or any other advantage.

Until you find the best way to create an organized referral system, you can act the old-fashioned way and simply ask your current customers to recommend you to others when they get the chance.

Most will be willing to do this without delay, and you may be surprised at the results.

How to build advocates for your brand

Form strategic partnerships

You have probably heard that no one does anything alone, and that is the truth, whether in life or in business. A good way to apply this is to form strategic partnerships.

If you think about it, you will find several companies that sell to the same audience without competing directly.

You can form partnerships to create guerrilla content, tools or actions. But is it worth investing in co-marketing?

Just think that you will have twice the result – after all, the initiative will reach your audience and that of your partner – for half the work!

Invest in scalable ads

Online ads can be a great option to increase the visibility of your company, mainly because, today, the solutions are highly scalable.

This way, you can start advertising with little money and, as you see the results, you can increase the money in the channels you find most effective.

Among the options, we have both Google Adwords, the most popular sponsored links platform in the world, and social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Just see which of these channels make the most sense for your business and create your campaigns.

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Capriche in attendance

Service is, without a doubt, one of the most important points for the success of any enterprise. But what does this have to do with increasing visibility?

When thinking about it, you will see what it is all about, since good service can delight customers to the point of sharing the positive experience with others.

Gradually, this builds a reputation for the brand, which results in a powerful “word of mouth” effect and increases visibility.

Offer product / service demos

If your niche market allows, why not offer free product demos or versions to attract more customers?

Fear of change is one of the most difficult barriers to break, but presenting a clear view – or even experience of use – of your product or service easily breaks that obstacle.

From then on, people who normally wouldn’t even try to find out more about their solution may be tempted to use it permanently.

In other cases, even those who are not interested or are not part of your desired audience can indicate for others to test, expanding the scope of your message.

Participate in social initiatives

Social marketing consists of promoting changes in society while establishing an efficient brand positioning.

Thinking about it, choose a cause you believe in and think about some way to put the company to work on it.

You can even form partnerships with social institutions to plan and execute the actions in the right way and increase the credibility of the initiative.

It is important to highlight, however, that actions of this type should be done with the primary objective of helping a cause, and not using problems just to promote itself.

With these simple and straightforward tips, you have everything you need to increase your company’s visibility as quickly as possible. Some of the strategies mentioned here take longer, while others take immediate effect.

What matters is to apply the maximum number of them, because the benefits will certainly be worth it!

Did you like these tips and want to know more about how to leverage your company? Download our digital marketing guide for small and medium businesses now!

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