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The Business Plan is a very important management tool, whether for a start-up company or for a more mature one. The main objective of having a Business Plan is to have help planning ideas, monitoring them and forecasting risks. For all of this to work, […]

The Business Plan is a very important management tool, whether for a start-up company or for a more mature one.

The main objective of having a Business Plan is to have help planning ideas, monitoring them and forecasting risks.

For all of this to work, the plan needs to be well structured. Therefore, you need to guarantee good credibility to him.

There is no single model, each entrepreneur must build what is best for his business. It is only essential that the Business Plan is made according to the profile of the public you want to reach – investors, financial institutions, potential partners, partners, etc.

What will define if what you’ve built is going to be read or not is your Executive summary.

It will be the showcase of what your reader can find in more detail throughout the entire document. Therefore, it is essential that it is done in a practical and objective way. Check out the main points that cannot be missed when making your summary!


This first topic will include a brief summary of your enterprise. The language to be used here is always more descriptive. Among the subjects covered may be:

  • what is your business;
  • traded goods and services;
  • what differentiates your company from competitors.

The aim is to be brief, after all, it is just an introduction to the business plan. You must also be able to “sell” the idea and make the reader interested in continuing to discover the plan.

Recalling that a business plan, in addition to helping to deepen in a project, can be used to win partners, financing and attract talent for the enterprise. Thus, increasing the chances of success.

Operating market

No company operates in a “bubble”, quite the contrary, it is part of a complex and constantly changing market. The plan needs to give a brief introduction to the market in which it will operate.

At this point, it is important to have reliable research on the problem you seek to solve. A company that develops solutions for Pets, for example, could point out that there are 30 million abandoned animals.

The plan, in the end, will also be a demonstration of how this problem will be solved in a profitable, efficient and scalable way.

It is still possible to speak quickly about how current companies approach the market and how ineffective they are in trying to solve the problem, and how the company will take advantage of this “loophole” to act.

Work team

As the name implies, you must introduce your team and the company’s partners. Who works with you to make this project happen?

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It is interesting to put information about the experience and attributes of everyone who makes up your team. The big goal here is to make it clear that you are prepared to accomplish what is being proposed.

An example is “Paulo is a partner and head of projects for the company, graduated in administration with an extension in project management. He has 5 years of experience, having worked for companies of different sizes ”.

As can be seen, the presentation must also be objective, showing only that those involved have the competence to deliver good results.

Financial Summary

It is time to highlight the main financial data presented in your Business Plan. It is more common here to indicate zero cash flow or initial investment, initial project costs, revenue projections, whether you will be looking for foreign investments, etc.

As this data will be presented in detail in other topics of the plan, make only compelling summaries. Show why the business is profitable and worthy of investment – time, know-how or money.

There are several tools that can help in better financial management and, with that, generate more security when presenting your business. It is important to know and apply them.

Plan objective and goals

Every enterprise is born because it wants to get somewhere. What are your company’s long-term visions? Where do you want to go and how long? How do you intend to achieve the proposal? It is in this section of the Executive Summary that you will present these questions.

It is important to define a central objective, which shows what is really sought and that resembles a purpose, then course and medium term goals. In that case, the goals will act as a step by step towards the goal.

It is interesting to follow a pattern known as SMART. It actually consists of an acronym for five basic skills. Goals and objectives must be: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Graph projections

No business or project attracts partners, employees and / or investors with just ideas. It is much more efficient to present concrete facts that ensure the viability of what you want to accomplish. This creates more transparency and makes the reader more secure.

In addition, the presentation of graphs and tables makes reading more attractive by not only presenting a block of text.

Among the main types of graph, it is possible to highlight: pie, bar, column and lines. They can be created in Word or cut from research published on websites or specialized magazines.

Transparency and credibility

Some entrepreneurs, in order to make the plan attractive, insert information that does not exist or is not well founded. There is a big mistake, which sooner or later will be discovered.

It is important that all information, even in the summary, is addressed with clarity, transparency and credibility. Getting people wrong – whether partners, investors or consultants – is a big problem. Thus, the foundations of the enterprise will already be wrong.

It seems like a lot for the summary, but it is not. It is possible to approach all the points mentioned here in an objective and attractive way, making the reader interested in the rest of the plan. Ultimately, the summary is an initial presentation, introducing what will be discussed in the next topics.

Did you see the importance of producing a well-structured Executive Summary? It can dictate the viability of your project!

Now that you already know how to set up your business plan, see our post with all the necessary information on the development of a business model.