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We always say here that a content marketing strategy requires time to bring results. But this time, we will show you how to create a blog and become a successful machine in just 1 year! That is, following what we will teach here, you will be able – in 2018 – to bring results to your company […]

We always say here that a content marketing strategy requires time to bring results. But this time, we will show you how to create a blog and become a successful machine in just 1 year!

That is, following what we will teach here, you will be able – in 2018 – to bring results to your company with a blog.


Follow the reading that I will show you how.

1. Platform and domain: important choices

A good platform for hosting your blog is important for a number of factors.

It is from there that your site will have a good navigability and appearance for the user, that you will be able to manage your posts with ease and still guarantee the security of your page.

In the process of creating a blog, many people have doubts on which platform to invest.

We strongly recommend WordPress. Although other platforms have their advantages, WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) available.

We made a complete post in which you can learn everything about creating a blog on WordPress (or on other platforms).

As for the domain, keep in mind that it will be essential for users to identify your company. In fact, we can make an analogy that the domain is your online address, while your blog is your identity.

Look for an easy name that is related to your business. You can use a subdomain or directory of your website – as is the case with the Websites Are Us Community – or use a strong name within your niche, as is the case with this blog, where we chose the term Content Marketing.

Remember: having these two elements (platform and domain) planned and defined from the beginning will bring great benefits to your business.

Have more questions about the process of a corporate blog? We have a complete ebook on the topic. Download now!

definitive corporate blog guide

2. Invest in SEO

Did you know that 59.8% of London companies already invest in SEO? If you are not familiar with this strategy, you better start now!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a strategy fundamental for those who want to have a corporate blog.

It is from these optimizations that you will be able to make your content rank, that is, appear in the top positions of Google.

You can learn more about strategy with this complete SEO ebook!

seo guide

And why is this important?

It’s quite simple: this is how people will find your blog!

3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google every day. If you offer content with relevant, quality information, it will likely be found by someone. This means hits and, in a marketing strategy, it can mean future customers.

Many people say that it takes time to see SEO results. And while this is true, I guarantee that with a good job and clear and realistic goals you will have incredible results in your blog’s organic traffic.


Look at the organic traffic from the Inteligência Websites Are Us blog:

organic traffic from Inteligência Rock Content blog

We created the blog in April 2017 and, in just 9 months, we got 58 thousand visits – 21,258 of them organic, that is, the result of SEO efforts! If you want to understand everything we did to get there, read this post.

3. Invest wisely in paid media

Invest wisely in paid media

Include in your budget expenses with paid campaigns, mainly for ads on search engines and social networks.

This does not mean exorbitant spending. In fact, with wisdom and a lot of analysis, it is possible to have significant returns with minimal spending.

The main platforms for investing in ads today are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

In the first case, invest in key terms for your business. In the second, think about campaigns that have a high potential for engagement.

In both cases, test and understand what works and what doesn’t, to better select your investments for the future.

Before investing in any of the networks, make an analysis of what your competitors have been doing and observe what deserves your attention and has the greatest potential to bring results.

Investing in paid media will bring results to your blog from the beginning, giving you the opportunity to appear among the first results of search engines and to more people on social networks.

4. Build an email base

Building and nurturing an email base is critical to your blog.

Email is a safe strategy that brings autonomy and even allows direct contact with your readers and potential customers.

If you think email is a thing of the past, make no mistake: 92% of adults online use email. In fact, it is the main form of business communication!

In addition to all this, the email will allow you to invite your contacts to the action, whether it is reading content or downloading material. In the long run, the email will bring a stable base of people to your blog, retaining readers and ensuring the health of your traffic.

And building an email list can be easier than it sounds. Inserting fields for newsletter subscriptions, creating rich materials or tools with landing pages and placing pop-ups are the main ones.

The only thing you can never do is buy an email list! After all, they are people who neither want nor asked to receive your contact, and probably will not like this invasion.

Build a base that really wants to receive that content and that has authorized the sending of messages. Otherwise, all the great potential of the email will be wasted and you will be hated by users.

After creating your base, it is essential to make good nutrition, that is, to offer interesting and relevant content and materials.

To learn how to do this, check out our lead nutrition ebook!

lead nutrition guide

5. Partner in your niche

Having partners is essential in every sector of life. This is no different when it comes to business – or blogs.

Partnerships involve a networking effort and engagement in the niche.

Staying active on LinkedIn, the main social network for the corporate environment, sharing relevant productions and making promising contacts is essential.

Other key tactics in the process are to look for co-marketing partners and guest posts.

With these practices, your blog will become better known and, in addition, it will have greater authority in the market.

But those are not the only benefits of having partners! Finding other brands that have authority, are willing to recommend your blog and your company and advocate for your brand will bring benefits to your business.

6. Optimize for mobile – and make it a priority

In 2014, the number of mobile users surpassed that of deskop users and, currently, mobile device traffic corresponds to 50% of total online traffic.

This means that if you don’t optimize your blog for mobile, you will be left behind for a very simple reason: the user experience will suffer.

Users will leave their site aside, as their demands are increasingly greater, as online competitiveness grows. Google, in recognizing that your page is not optimized and user friendly, is likely to penalize your blog.

Therefore, invest in mobile optimizations, such as responsive web design and AMP (fast mobile pages).

7. Create an editorial calendar

Planning is the key in content marketing. Without it, you will hardly be able to devise a consistent strategy capable of bringing real results to your company.

The editorial calendar is one of the main points of planning.

With it, you will be able to view your content strategy as a whole, establish a posting frequency, control the consistency of each content and how they make sense in the strategy as a whole.

In addition, it allows you to control what has already been produced, disclosed, on which channels, among many other details.

The importance of all this lies in the ability to analyze your results. To understand the return on your efforts, you first need to have documentation of what was done, right?

You have no idea how to start an editorial calendar? Do not worry! We have a template ready for you. Download now!

Marketing calendar

8. Automate processes …

In marketing, process automation literally means creating task automation flows that enable this facilitation.

For example: it doesn’t make sense to send emails one by one, does it? This is not scalable!

For this there are email marketing tools, which allow the creation of flows, automatic and large-scale triggering.

Identify these points and invest in good tools to make them easier. Thus, you will have more time to control the strategy and pay attention to tasks that require greater dedication.

9.… and identify points that can be outsourced

In the same way that some tasks can be automated, some can be outsourced.

You (or your team) don’t have to do everything about the blog. It may be interesting to invest in review freelancers, for example, if that is not a strength of your team.

Likewise, not all text needs to be written by you. It is clear that key or complex content deserves more attention, but in general, it is possible to create a perfect content strategy by outsourcing production.

An alternative may be to hire a company specialized in content marketing to create your strategy in a professional manner, ensuring that planning, production and publication take place in the best possible way.

10. Ensure the security of your blog

Making your blog a safe environment, both for your company and for users, is a point that deserves a lot of attention.

Configuring and installing plugins that guarantee backups, prevent attacks and follow Google’s security guidelines makes all the difference.

The main points of attention to keep your blog safe are:

  • create secure passwords;
  • make periodic and automatic backups;
  • install only plugins from app stores (with the exception of paid plugins);
  • migrate your site to HTTPS (learn how!).

11. Create something that stands out

Create something that stands out

Create your differential. There is a wide variety of blogs out there on the most diverse subjects, several of which are excellent.

So it is not worth just making a blog. You have to have a different design than the rest.

Inspiring your competitors is interesting, but it is not enough. Set benchmarks, but strive to beat them.

This does not mean being first in everything, but doing something that is remembered by readers. When you set yourself apart from the rest or even choose a niche, people are more likely to remember you.

Being remembered makes you a reference in the market and that people read and recommend your blog.

12. Don’t be a perfectionist

Don't be a perfectionist

“Better done than perfect.” This old maxim can be applied to blogs.

You don’t need to have a blog with the perfect design, the best posts and the most consistent strategy in the world from the beginning.

In fact, these are things that are done over time from practice. It is in your routine that you will identify what works, what can be improved or even created.

After all, how do you know if the best design is the one you’re using if you haven’t put your blog up?

So start, spread, test and perfect!

13. Be visual

The world is visual. Videos, infographics, photos are widely shared content and investing in them is essential.

A Buzzsumo report with the most shared Facebook posts in 2017 shows videos occupying several of the top spots.

Therefore, producing visual content increases the chances of your blog being accessed, going viral and being in people’s mouths. Which brings us to the next topic:

14. Produce buzz content

We talked about the benefits of SEO, but here we have another strategy that works in a different (almost opposite) way.

Buzz content is content made for a specific moment.

Unlike posts optimized for ranking, also known as evergreen content, which are thought to bring traffic over time, buzz content aims to bring a large number of people to the blog at any given time.

But how?

Well, they use a theme that is on the rise (the famous trending topics) to attract people to your content. This is the case with news, for example, or content that talks about a series that has just been released.

We explained everything about buzz content in this post.

The idea is that you produce relevant content for the moment and, from a good publicity, get many accesses!

This strategy generated several traffic spikes for the blog in 2017, as you can see below:

Social Traffic Analytics

Graph of sessions originated in social networks

15. Plan for 2019

Plan for 2019

Yes, we are talking about a blog in 2018, but you already need to start thinking about 2019. Not necessarily now, but as soon as you put your blog on the air.

Why? For the same reason we started this text! Blogs and content marketing are long-term strategies. Start your first steps right now!

Download the content marketing ebook: first steps

Planning your future steps now will be essential to achieve your goals. Think about your main goal and what you want to achieve.

From there, set smart, achievable, but challenging goals. Guide your efforts to achieve them.

Study about it, look for trends and invest in tools that will take you further.

Having a blog allows incredible results, but they are not surprising. In fact, following the guidelines in this post, you can see that what is needed is organization, planning and a lot of hands-on.

How about starting right now? If you need help, talk to one of our consultants and start a professional content strategy with the largest content marketing company in Latin America!