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Linktree is a tool capable of bringing together links to external pages or websites on a single page. In the case of Instagram, which allows only one address in the biography, the option becomes interesting to disclose all the important channels of a profile.

If you’ve tried to add more than one link to your Instagram bio, you know that the action cannot be done. The tool only allows one address per profile, which ends up limiting many strategies. With Linktree, however, you can bring all those important pages together in one place.

To help you use the feature efficiently, we’ve created a guide that goes from how useful the feature is to practical tips for not overdoing the strategy and driving the user away instead of instigating it by clicking.

We will do this from the following topics:

How can Linktree be useful?

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine brands that have only one Internet channel. Digital Marketing is here to stay, and it is no longer possible to be left out.

Therefore, in addition to the website, it is common to be present on social networks – more than one – such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, among others.

In addition, there are those sites with the objective of conversion, such as landing pages for campaigns or publicizing some specific and dated action.

With so much information to be released, the need arose to bring everything together on one page. In the case of Instagram it is even bigger, since the social network only allows one link per profile.

Linktree, then, was created to conquer user clicks on all fronts. On a single page, he can get to know the YouTube channel, get to know a promotion or get in touch via “Fale Conosco” on the website.

Something interesting about the tool is that it turns a series of links into attractive buttons, with a clean layout and information that goes “right to the point”. So it is important to learn to use it intelligently.

How to create Linktree?

First, open the website and click Sign Up Free. As the call goes ahead, there are no costs for those who want to use the basic version of the tool.

The registration page is simple and intuitive and in a matter of seconds you can already create your account. To facilitate the process, it is possible to link Linktree to Instagram, excluding some steps.

When creating the account, you will have an overview of it on the dashboard, which prioritizes adding and customizing the links.

There, you can go to the configuration pages that allow interesting customization of the layout and image, for example. To go there, just click on Settings.

After customizing the main information and visual elements of the page, it’s time to go back to the Links section and add everything you find interesting. To do this, click on Add New Link.

Ready! After placing everything you would like, your Linktree is ready for dissemination.

Remember we talked about the free version up there? The platform also has a paid version, which delivers more robust features to the user. Some of them are:

  • support help as a priority;
  • measure the performance of the links;
  • possibility to remove the Linktree logo from the page;
  • more themes for customization;
  • link to all social networks;
  • organize links in order of priority;
  • integration with Mailchimp, Google Sheets and Google Analytics.

To guarantee these and other advantages, the cost is 6 dollars a month.

How to insert Linktree in Instagram bio?

Now that you’ve learned how to use Linktree, it’s time to integrate it with Instagram. To do this, just log into Instagram, go to the profile settings and, in the field reserved for links, add the address generated on the platform.

An interesting point is that the addresses generated by Linktree are simple and short, something very important to hold the reader’s attention. Highly polluted links lead to distance and may not be as effective.

Bonus: good practices for using the tool

Now that you already know Linktree and have learned to integrate it with Instagram, we have separated some golden tips for using the platform strategically and ready to reach as many visitors as possible.

Don’t add too many links

As much as the idea is to add a variety of links, keep only those that are really important. Avoid placing multiple addresses within the same website and know that the greater the quantity, the greater the chances of the reader getting lost and not completing the access.

Thinking about the strategy’s goals, gaining followers on Instagram is one of the priorities, so avoid those actions that can drive them away.

Also, update whenever possible. Old landing pages, campaigns that have expired, advertised promotions or any other page that no longer makes sense at present should be excluded from the tool.

Be objective in the title

As you already know, in addition to adding the link it is possible to customize the title of each one. Avoid long sentences and let the field be responsible only for indicating what the user will find on that link.

It’s not interesting to add mysterious CTAs like “Click here!” or “Don’t miss it!”, as well as campaign slogans or robust information.

Personalize your page

As much as the visual resources offered by Linktree are relatively simple, it is important to exploit them to the fullest. The look of the page already has a traditionally clean content, so it doesn’t take much.

Recover the main points of your brand’s visual identity and make a breakdown in the colors of the links and the background, for example. The action creates an important unity that must be established in all channels of a brand, without exception!

Above all the benefits mentioned, keep in mind that they are within an even greater environment: the ease of communication between the customer and the brand. The fewer obstacles are established, the greater the chances of conversion and satisfaction in the user experience.

If you enjoyed learning how to use Linktree as a link linking tool, learn other ways to optimize your Instagram profile!