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It is possible to optimize the sidebar for SEO by segmenting it, keeping it lean, always updating it and ensuring that it can be viewed from smartphones. Sidebar refers to the space present in the sidebar of a website where it is possible to insert texts, images, forms and buttons with calls to action.

The sidebar is a very important element in the structure of a website, as well as the header, footer, pages and contact forms.

It is also present on Windows or Mac computers as a function of experience and navigation. But, in this article, we will talk specifically about the bar present on websites or blogs.

You’ll see that optimizing the sidebar for SEO can generate positive results for a strategy of Digital marketing. So, to understand this feature and how it can help your site, read on!

The importance of SEO for the success of a website

When we talk about Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing is a very present figure in this area and SEO appears as one of the main pillars for the success of a website. But why?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) and it is a set of techniques for website optimization. These optimizations aim to achieve good ranking and generate organic traffic and authority for a website or blog.

Changes to the website are the main guidelines for an SEO strategy. Google alone, the most widely used search engine in the world, receives about 2 trillion searches per year, according to Search Engine Land.

Imagine optimizing your site to considerably increase the number of people who find it! That is the essence of SEO.

The elements that influence SEO

A website has several items in its structure that need special attention to generate maximum visibility and conversion. We can highlight:

  • header;
  • footer;
  • content;
  • CTAs;
  • sidebars;
  • capture forms.

Working on the optimization of each one of them can ensure that the sites stay up to date and follow the main Google ranking factors, so that they have good organic results.

The role of the sidebar and why you need to have a

Blogs are made mainly with a focus on attracting traffic and, later, converting visitors into people interested in your product or service.

And the sidebar plays an important role when the focus is on conversion, as it is possible to insert CTAs and lead the reader to perform an important action.

In the case of the example below, CTA encourages the user to create a blog for free, know the free materials or have access to the courses of Websites Are Us University.

sidebar for SEO

These calls increase the possibility of converting readers into different stages of a funnel, through offers of attraction, consideration and decision. But there are also other elements that can appear in a sidebar.

These elements, no less important, are able to help in your SEO strategy with capturing emails, directing to other pages and even putting the reader in direct contact with your company.

We will now see what these elements are.

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The fundamental elements of a sidebar


The banners are always linked to any offer you want to make to take your reader from point A to point B, that is, from one page to another. In this way, they will often help to increase the number of leads generated or products sold.

Imagine an offer that you make so that your entire audience knows about a solution or that product or service that needs prominence to boost your campaigns.

It will be temporary and can end at any time, because a very old banner ends up becoming an ornament for your website.

Capture forms

Now, thinking not only about selling and promoting the product, but also about receiving data such as email.

Thus, you can maintain a personal contact through email marketing or even send that product that is on sale and has a highlight on your blog with a banner.

Capture forms help to increase your contact base and expand the relationship with readers, not only by organic attraction but by email marketing.

And we know that, once the user grants his email, he is giving permission to receive a personal contact through his inbox.

capture form

Email has great power to make sales. There are marketing books that demonstrate this – especially the book “Invisible Selling Machine”.


It seems redundant to talk specifically about CTA, because in all the topics presented above the reader is invited to take some action, such as downloading an e-book or receiving news by email.

But we must not forget the possibility of creating calls for different actions, such as those that only you offer, such as testing a product, joining a community or a real example: the 30-day Challenge promoted by Hotmart.


So having your own call to action – in text form, not just image – can help you achieve specific blog actions and improve the SEO sidebar through content recognition.

But remember that there are sites where the sidebar will be present on every page. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful with the context of the content inserted so as not to cause negative experiences for readers.

The secrets to keeping the sidebar optimized

The conversion rate optimization is very important to have constant results on any website and with the sidebar it would be no different.

Keeping it optimized requires understanding whether users are taking the right action and whether that action is generating the expected results.

How would you know if the ebook Y banner is generating enough clicks to increase the total number of downloads? Or even if people are hovering over the mouse?

For this there are tools, such as Google Optimze, Google Analytics and Hotjar, that can help you in the search for the best conversion.

But there are other good practices that will help to ensure the smooth functioning of your bar.

1. Keep your sidebar up to date

An element that has been on the site for a long time without modification can become something simply decorative. Therefore, updating the sidebar with new content, updated offers and different calls will be essential to keep your reader engaged.

Performing A / B tests with colors, fonts, texts, sizes and images is always a great alternative to increase the effectiveness of a sidebar.

2. Create a targeted sidebar

To become an effective message, it must be delivered at the right time to the ideal person and location.

The same goes for an unplanned sidebar where a person accesses a page related to the top of the funnel to answer questions and, consequently, is given funnel-bottom offers.

In this case, the intent of the search is not being respected and the chances of a conversion happening are decreasing. Therefore, using plugins that can segment your sidebar according to pages, categories or posts can be essential.

3. Sometimes less is more

This is the most controversial point in the text, because after all, how many elements are there in the sidebar of the Websites Are Us blog? None!

And why did we write a text about the importance of the sidebar when we chose not to include it on our blog?

The answer is simple: because of the conversion rate.

Our blog historically has always had elements in the sidebar that helped in the conversion and dissemination of ebooks, but, after many tests, studies and changes in the structure of the blog, the conclusion that clean content pages and sidebar on the homepage brought a better experience to readers.

But that does not mean that this method would work on all sites, nor that it is right or wrong, but that, for the structure of our blog, less – or nothing – is more.

4. Think about mobile

A frequent mistake is to forget how the changes will be applied to the mobile experience.

It is common for banners to change in size, buttons do not appear, or forms become too large. Therefore, if the mobile traffic of a website is relevant and the conversion through that device also, never forget the experience of those who use cell phones.

According to data from CETIC (Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society), in 2018, the cell phone was used by 96% of people who have a device and internet connection, surpassing the accesses made through desktops.

As you saw in this article, it is possible to optimize a sidebar for SEO. Just make some simple improvements, like the ones you just saw. That way, your site’s organic traffic will improve, which will lead to more leads and conversions.

Now that we have explained the importance of the sidebar for your website’s SEO, we have material that will help you with the best WordPress information for corporate blogs, how about checking it out?