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Learn how B2B companies can produce videos relevant to a specific audience and understand how to leverage your strategy and improve your results!

Betting on quality content, regardless of format, has already proven to be one of the best marketing investments a company can make.

The results are long-term, and are not seen only in direct sales or leads generated.

After all, factors like market authority and brand strength also count a lot – just look at some of the top brands in the world.

But the market is evolving at the same fast pace as the digital transformation is advancing, and new tactics are gaining momentum in this scenario. This is the case with videos.

It is not about fashion technology. The point is that companies are always attentive to data, and the numbers of Video Marketing are impressive.

But knowing that a strategy works and getting it to work for you are two very different things, right? Thinking about it, we will help you.

See now how to produce videos for B2B marketing effectively as soon as possible!

Video Marketing

5 types of video that can bring good results

Have you already convinced yourself of the value of the strategy, already have a budget to invest in it, but still have no idea where to start or what types of videos to use in your content planning?

On the one hand, options abound. On the other hand, it can be easy to get confused and even become paralyzed in the midst of so many alternatives, especially when watching other companies bet on the most diverse formats of video content.

To keep it simple, but still give you a good amount of options, we have separated 5 types of videos that you can make and that bring good results:

1. Quick tips and market news

One of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to produce video content is by giving quick tips and important news about the market in which your company operates.

Because it is a short format and easy to consume, it does not need much planning or editing. You or another member of the company can even record with a cell phone and post on the brand’s social media.

But that does not mean that quality can be left out. Ensure that the image is not distorted and that the surrounding sound does not disturb your voice.

2. Interviews and regular programs

Another option is to create an interview program with references from your segment and experts on the topic of interest to the persona.

Several companies invest in this type of program, which can be done in a studio – just like a TV program – or in the form of a videoconference with the interviewees.

The type of content gives you more freedom in choosing the duration. Most content producers prefer to make programs of longer duration to get the most out of the interviews and offer great value to the public.

3. Webinars and courses

Webinars, or online conferences, are incredible tools for generating leads. Investing in creating such an event can be very good for your marketing and sales strategy.

You can do webinars on a one-off or recurring basis. What matters most is the quality of the content and how it is delivered to the public.

And if you want something even more complete, how about turning these conferences into complete video courses? The demand for online education is increasing, so this can be an interesting option.

4. Institutional videos

Institutional videos have more to do with Branding than with sales, directly – which should not be disregarded or seen as anything less important.

In fact, building a strong brand has a lot of value in the decision-making process of companies, and it can weigh in favor of your strategy to have well-produced institutional videos.

In some cases, it is even worth elaborating a series of short videos, which talk to each other to create a unique narrative and that communicate the main values ​​and strengths of the brand.

5. Explanation of products

A website with quality content and a clear value proposition serves as a channel for acquiring and generating leads for B2B companies.

Did you know that 94% of consumers have already watched product explanatory videos? That’s what highlighted a Wyzowl survey. Among companies that use this video format, 81% say it helped to increase sales.

And the ideal duration? For half of the consumers interviewed, it takes just 1 minute to explain what the product / service is about.

7 practical tips to follow when recording your videos for B2B marketing

Never recorded a video in your life and don’t want to waste money on low quality material? Great, we also don’t want you to do that.

It is better not to make any videos than to create content that will not be useful to your persona, or that will make them have a bad experience.

So check out 7 practical tips below that will help you record videos that will be successful among your audience:

1. Keep the persona in mind

It is true that selling to B2B has clear differences from selling to B2C, but either way, remember that you need to communicate with people.

In addition, worrying about aspects like video format and length, recording and editing techniques and tools can easily distract you from the main thing: the persona.

Your persona must be the north of the content strategy. Before taking any steps in creating the materials, think about it.

2. Use the marketing funnel

Considering the stage of the marketing funnel for which you will produce each content will make each video much more efficient, in addition to facilitating the integration of the videos with the rest of your strategy.

Basically, apply the same principles you already know about the funnel:

  • top: more general and superficial content, which removes common doubts from the persona;
  • middle: more in-depth videos that direct leads to the bottom of the funnel;
  • fund: material aimed at closing, made to help the sales team to finalize the deal.

3. Add new videos to old content

Updating content is one of the least explored marketing tactics, but it gives incredible results. The goal of your content strategy should not be to get instant traffic, but constant, through SEO.

And whenever Google is dedicated to updating content on your blog or website, Google understands that it really wants to continuously generate value for your audience.

How about adding new videos to old text content? In addition to taking advantage of all the benefits of videos, you will have yet another renewed and useful content for your B2B marketing process.

Ebook Content Update

4. Be natural and relaxed

Even if your audience is made up of C-Level executives from large companies, there is no reason to be overly formal and robotic.

Think of the main newspaper anchors you know, or the leaders in your industry. They are unlikely to speak like that.

People identify with natural, relaxed speakers who speak in a simple and engaging way. This should be the general tone of your productions, whether in the form of animation, narration or with real people on the screen.

5. Consider the most suitable audience length and type of video

“What is the ideal length for my video?” it may be one of your biggest doubts. The answer is: it depends on several factors.

We can give you some tips and basic principles, but only the knowledge about your persona and the type of content you want to transmit will determine this, in your case.

As a rule, simpler and more general content should be shorter, while in-depth and elaborate content may have a longer duration.

But again: test it, see what your audience prefers and adapt to the discoveries.

6. Think about distribution channels

What channels are you going to distribute your content on? If it’s on social media, it’s always better to create short videos, even if the content is deeper. Why?

Because the environment is very dynamic, users receive a lot of encouragement and may not have time – or interest – to explore their content to the end.

On the other hand, if the video is inserted in a blog post or is a YouTube program, it can be longer and transmit a greater amount of information.

The approach shouldn’t be too different on any of the channels. It is always important to maintain consistency in the way you chat, so that fans can easily identify with your content.

7. Be persuasive from start to finish

In the end, it all comes down to results. Your videos can be great, but they need to help generate engagement, leads and sales.

To ensure that this happens, be persuasive from start to finish, from the title to the choice of CTA. Every little detail will help to convince your persona.

Producing videos for B2B marketing is a challenge. Corporate customers tend to be more demanding in terms of quality and attention to detail. So follow these tips closely and continue to learn how to improve your video strategy. The results will show that the whole effort pays off.

And since we’re talking about learning more, be sure to download our comprehensive marketing guide on Youtube and use the world’s largest video platform to sell more!