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Think of the perfect customer and how amazing it would be for all of your customers to be like them. This mindset can transform the potential of your business. Understand everything about Hero and how to create your business!

Who is your ideal customer?

Possibly, upon hearing this question, some answers may come to your mind:

  • Ah, these are my personas: Mariana, 27 years old… Fernanda, 38 years old…;
  • Women, between 25 and 40 years old, living in the city of São Paulo…

And none of those answers is wrong.

In fact, as you may already know, the persona concept is a smart strategy, especially with Digital Marketing in mind, because it helps to better define some points of your actions, such as channels and language.

After all, as you might imagine, a 25 year old girl will be on different social networks than a 40 year old woman.

However, it is very common that, depending on the model of your business, you have more than one persona, maybe from different genres, with completely different interests.

For example: imagine that you are Havaianas. With that, your persona is:

  • The mother, who is going to buy her son’s first slipper;
  • The teenager who is always on trend and wants to have a collection of peers;
  • The man who is already 35 years old and always cherishes comfort, wearing Hawaiians whenever he can;
  • The 65-year-old man who does not give up quality and tradition, and with that he does not choose another brand.
  • And at least another 5 options with completely different interests, habits and consumption!

And how to prioritize? Who to choose? How do I know which persona is “most important” for my company?

Or even worse: who will I make my blog focused on? What portion of this audience will my site target? If I have to choose one of them to make an ad for ads, who do I prioritize?

That’s when Hero comes into action and can literally save the day and your business!

First of all, what are Heros?

We gave the case of Havaianas, but smaller companies – which often have a smaller budget and a leaner team – are also lost because they have many possibilities and do not know exactly what to do.

It is a common case for e-commerce, for example, depending on the range of products they have available.

And at these times it may seem impossible to define, among so many personas, which one deserves more attention, even if that decision is not final.

In this context, the concept of Heros arises, which is the person your business really exists for.

Unlike personas, Hero is the persona that has a total match with your product, that is, who you can best solve a problem.

Basically, the same product can solve different problems for completely different people.

However, among all of them, there is one that has the greatest purchasing potential for your company, which will make your sales process more agile and efficient, reducing costs and increasing return.

Do I really need to choose?

Definitely yes! And the reasons are diverse.

  • Less risk for your business, after all you will be making a safer investment;
  • More speed in the sales process, that person will go through the funnel much more quickly, due to their predisposition to buy;
  • Efficiency gainafter all, your marketing actions will be more targeted;
  • Cost reductionafter all, we know that most companies are not Havaianas and can make 987 campaign variations on 345 different channels;
  • More focus for your business, for your marketing team and your sales team;
  • Less chance of churn /cancellation / dissatisfaction, for increasing the alignment of expectations between your new client and your business;
  • Increased competitive powerbecause while your competitors will be shooting from all sides without hitting anyone well, you will become a sniper – in a good way, of course;
  • Differential, as you can focus on the points that most impact your Hero purchase decision.

I could consider other factors: brand identity, + ROI, – CAC, increase in Lifetime Value…. and so on.

But the most important (and what you need to understand) is: the less targeted Marketing actions are, especially in digital, the lower your chances of success.

And the reason is simple: to reach many people who are not so interested in buying your products is to spend your investments with those who will not buy. And most companies cannot afford that luxury.

Guide to creating personas

And what do I do with the other personas?

There you are: don’t worry, they’ll keep showing up. And this is a very cool aspect of Marketing.

Think for yourself for how many Marketing actions you have been hooked even without being the focus of that content was created.

The big question is not to stop attracting these people, but to focus on the people with the greatest potential, which are the ones you can save with your solution and that, at the same time, can save your business, for all those reasons that I have listed.

In this case, the focus will be: defining the language, tone, channels, actions, frequency, format and everything else from the profile of your best persona.

However, if you’re doing a good job, other people with different profiles than your Hero will still be buying from you, even though it is not your priority.

How to identify the Hero of my business.

The first thing you need to understand before identifying your Hero, is that the Hero is not simply the persona you like best.

In other words: the one for which you would like to sell more, the customer who is your consumption dream.

As stated earlier, the relationship between Hero and the company is mutual: you save it in solving the problem, and it saves you with all the potential and direction it provides.

With this, you have two possibilities:

  1. Really identify who your current Hero is;
  2. Work hard to change your Hero to the consumer you would most like to serve.

In the first case …

… it’s a little easier and faster.

You can start by doing an analysis of the customers you already have, understanding which are the most purchased from you and who are most satisfied with that purchase.

This is a good sign that you are really solving each other’s problems: it is bringing profit to the company and you are delivering satisfaction.

The job is really going to be detaching from the other personas who, as attractive as they seem, are proving not generating as much return as this Hero.

In the second case …

….if you are starting, and still has no customers, obviously it will be much simpler.

You can create an MVP – Minimum Viable Product – and adapt it until it meets exactly the need of that persona, which will be your market. Just remember to also validate how extensive this market is.

Now, if you already have a company and a customer base, but want to change your focus, the first step is to understand what needs of this portion of customers (of which you want to be the hero) you are not meeting today.

And this can involve several structural changes, from your product / service, to your team, your way of selling, to your delivery. Everything is important to really be the complete solution that it needs.

Please note that this may also affect the price of your services. After all, it can cost you more;

So it is essential to see if the ROI closes and if this change will really be worth it, generating as much or more return as your current Hero.

In fact, this decision, like any other decision made by your Marketing team, needs to be based on data, or the consequences can be dangerous for the business.

Some important details

Just to be clear: we don’t want to discourage you.

But you will only be able to redefine your Hero if you understand exactly what problems your product solves and at what points it fails, in addition to which are more important for one group than for another.

Here at WAU we have already made this change, more than once, throughout our business.

Worth it? Yes!

But did it take work? Much!

Because your product will need to mature and undergo a transformation so that it really plays the role of Hero for your persona of focus, ensuring that, of all your potential customers, it is the perfect match with your business.

And beyond that, it doesn’t mean you’ll have no problems, churn, cancellation or dissatisfaction on the part of customers that fit perfectly with your Hero profile.

But they will certainly decrease considerably. Otherwise, you are probably doing something wrong.

Did you understand how Hero can save your business?

It will bring direction to your Marketing actions, expertise for your sales team, which will specialize in serving the right people, and with that less costs, more return, more speed, more efficiency, and many other advantages.

It may seem that you will lose out by leaving aside many options, but more than ever the process of purchasing a product has become individual, personalized and personal.

With this, you will be more likely to attract and satisfy people, generating a mutual gain that will increase your profit and significantly reduce your problems.

Now that you’ve defined your Hero, it’s time to find out who your digital competitors are and beat them. Want to find out how? Check out our ebook on the subject:

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