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Every company wants to attract and win customers. And this is a complicated task, which requires a lot of commitment from entrepreneurs and their employees. To make this process a little easier, it is important to invest in marketing actions that will contribute to the promotion and exposure of your brand. At the end of this process is the newsroom […]

Every company wants to attract and win customers. And this is a complicated task, which requires a lot of commitment from entrepreneurs and their employees.

To make this process a little easier it is important invest in marketing actions that will contribute to the dissemination and exposure of your brand.

At the end of this process is advertising writing – technician responsible for conceptualizing the publicity campaigns and one of the pillars of Advertising.

Despite its name, advertising writing is not just about producing texts and covers the entire creative process essential for communication activities.

Thus, the advertising copywriter acts since the creation of the concept of a marketing action until the closing of the publicity campaign. An essential job for any advertising mechanism used by a company.

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The technique

A marketing campaign starts with defining a goal and identifying which audience you want to reach.

From there, the copywriter comes in, who will conduct research and create a concept that will guide the entire dissemination process. And it doesn’t stop there: it will also determine how the language will fit into the context and how will you approach people.

It is on top of this process that the designer will develop the graphic materials that will be used in the campaign.

Thus, regardless of the type of piece that will be created, the advertising copy is an element of great importance for the development of a broader work: the entire process of publicizing companies and brands.

No wonder that advertising copywriting is in all advertising media. You can find it at:

  • advertisements in newspapers and magazines;
  • banners;
  • busdoors;
  • displays;
  • flyers;
  • folders;
  • outside media;
  • billboards;
  • posts and arts on social networks;
  • TV commercial scripts;
  • websites and blogs;
  • radio spots;
  • texts for videos (online or not);
  • among other possibilities.

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The essential elements

To write a good publicity essay, it is necessary to pay attention to some questions necessary for the application of the technique.

Without them, it is very likely that your disclosure texts will not have the expected result, which can put your marketing planning at risk.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll present some of the essential elements to produce good texts and count on quality disclosure. Check out:


A good text is one in which people can understand the message.

If the reader-client cannot understand what you have written, your dissemination action will probably not bring results. This leads to a loss of time and money.

Therefore, an advertising copy needs to be clear and objective.


For some people, good texts are long and full of words of all kinds. But, in fact, the quality of an essay is measured by the author’s ability to express himself in written language.

Good publicity writing is concise, in which the writer can speak a lot using few words – which requires great writing skills.

Part of this is due to advertising products:

  • TV and radio commercials have little time;
  • newspaper and magazine ads need to be objective in order to be understood before turning the page;
  • and advertisements on social networks, websites and blogs need to draw attention before the sidebar scrolls.


As stated in the previous topic, an ad needs to attract attention – and, most of the time, at the first glance or in a short time.

To win the reader’s attention, it is necessary to produce a interesting content that stands out from the competition (other ads and texts that may come close to your material).

There is a maxim in advertising that says: “the important thing is not how you speak, but what you say”. That is, the way the ad will be served is not more important than the content of its dissemination.

That is why advertising writing is so necessary in marketing campaigns. And it always needs to be interesting.


That’s right! To write a good promotion, you need to know your target audience.

Putting elements in advertising texts that bring the reader closer to the brand makes your material gain credibility and win over your customer more easily. So no “guessing” at the time of writing!

Define who your ad will communicate with and develop an essay targeted to those people.

In marketing, there is the concept of persona, which defines an efficient public profile for a company. This information makes it easier to produce content aimed at people who relate to your brand.


More than well-written, interesting and well-organized, advertising copy has to be persuasive.

Your ad or disclosure text needs to convince people that your products or services are essential for their lives and, with that, make them look for your company to consume.

Advertising that does not arouse the customer’s interest in buying is synonymous with loss. The company wastes the time and effort used to create the campaign, and even the customer wastes time reading its text.

So, make sure your advertising copy is convincing and persuasive.

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Team work

The newsroom does not walk alone. Usually, it comes with graphic arts and work, which are developed by the designer.

Therefore, it is important to know how to work as a team to not to lose good ideas and create a bad campaign, which will hinder the marketing strategy.

Sometimes, a good text ends up being hidden or lost in the face of a sloppy art direction, just as a beautiful graphic production does not save bad writing.

The balance is in the interaction and dialogue with the professionals who work in the campaign or who can add something to the work.

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